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When a wealthy family meets for Christmas at their posh Cape Cod estate, family arguments, and secrets cause quite a stir. It will take the almighty Madea to save this Christmas and make it into a foot stomping good time. Filled with great music, and enough laughs to fill your holiday season with joy, A Madea Christmas is a must see.

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  • amber San Diego,California

    i LOVE this one. one of tp's best plays yet!

    • Vicky San Diego, #1793795


    • jazzy fresh indianapolis,IN #1804346

      this movie was the best out of all his movies. he did a great job making this movie

  • Justin Ennis new jersey

    absolutely amazing i want all of you to know that even the white community loves all of your shows and movies

  • Monese new jersey

    i loooooooooooooooooove this movie from the songs to the jokes to the message behind it its awsome

  • Nicola Guyana

    I love all your stage shows and movies keep up the good work God is love.

  • noey

    wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love it. the voices are amazing not to mention the songs. they are powerfull continue to produce movies and plays you will get alot of support. have a wonder christmas

  • Lane Alabama

    We love all of your movies and plays. We have a suggestion for a movie how about a movie with Madea and Black Friday shopping.

  • Sherryjane Cooke League City/Houston, Texas

    Mr. Tyler, I have an entire library of Tyler Perry DVD movies, plays and have watched them over and over! When I really need them to remind me of God's unconditional love and truth and honor for family values - present and in reverence for my heritage and the morals they held so dear - your DVD's always keep me focused on what really matters - Our Lord Jesus Christ and family. I have watched the DVD play version of your "A Medea's Christmas." I've never belly-laughed so hard at Madea and the family. And I was so moved by the storyline's spiritual meaning and song delivery by the greatest artists I've ever heard! The cast members are spectacular. The performances and singing in this play, sometimes moved me to tears - "Mary Did You Know" was sung with the most soul-filling, passionate and personal renditions as were all the others. I couldn't help but stand up and raise my hands and sing along to them all! The Christmas and gospel songs and praise for our Lord Jesus Christ goes straight to my heart and soul! I adore Madea and her no-nonsense comedy always! (Actually, I had the same family - both sides so different...in fact, I truly believe my 90 year-old aunt/godmother is the white Medea who took me from a devastating childhood and two grandmothers who taught me to always trust in God and His will.) We are so blessed to witness your amazing comedic talent and your sincerest faith and bringing forth real issues in families through His messages. You have such meaningful, relative and uplifting messages to everyone's family dynamics and solutions - sharing through God's Word and his your own personal relationship with Him. I don't think we'll ever see another man like you who gives so much to audiences and walks the walk! As always, after this performance, I am still laughing, am so uplifted and energized by our Lord's hand in your work. Pure joy!!! Keep the plays and movies coming; we Tyler Perry fans can never get enough! God Bless you for all you do and may you and your family have a beautiful Thanksgiving and a blessed Christmas!

  • Zyair Cooper 1634 3rd street Madison, Il 62060

    Hi Mr. Perry I love your plays and movies. I have just abot all your plays and movies until someone took them without asking me :'( bye see you when you come to Stl for you next play:)

  • Jalen ORLANDO

    I heard about your plans to have a madea Christmas movie realeased December 13. Says LIONSGATE.

  • katie lewis laurel ms

    my and my family love that movie.it is very funny

  • Peggy Brown Warren, MI

    This was hilarious. Love it! Bought it last year and this will be one of our family traditions, watching Madea. Christmas is my birthday and this year is my 60th. Even though I have a gun (retired cop), I am not as bold as Madea. LOL


    So I purchased all your DVD's that I could find whilst I was on holidays in USA, and I can't play them on the dvd players here due to international coding.. aaaaaaaaaaargh.. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do something about trying to sell your movies internationally cause your messages through your plays/movies are a roller coaster of emotions that everyone of all ages can enjoy and learn form. LOVE absolutely LOVE your work, you are truly blessed with this gift of Directing, Acting and writing!! And you put to GOOD use.. Keep up the GREAT work of art.. #1AUSSIEFAN

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