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Amazingly, Tyler Perry has written yet another live stage production that will surely bring much needed laughter with all the challenges we face today. This 11th production touches the depths of our souls as it explores confusion versus an illustration of courage. A cast of veterans from former Tyler Perry productions will provide you with aclear perception to manage your own situations but on a lighter scale.

The story line is based on life’s struggles in the inner city. How does one understand and protect young people; how do you manage to keep a roof over your head when you lose your job; how do you separate true love from a deceiver? A family that receives redemption and a neighborhood that comes together with hope, love and respect are demonstrated. As all of Mr. Perry’s stage productions have been in the past, this entertaining experience is full of great laughter, high quality singing and you certainly will leave the theatre full of encouragement. As they say during difficult times, you have to "Laugh To Keep From Crying"!

The ensemble includes Palmer Williams, Jr.(“Floyd” of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and The Marriage Counselor) who gets involved in everyone’s business -this time as thelandlord; you’ll remember Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley, from previous stageplays and movies, as she portrays a single mother with 2 teenagers; D’atra Hicks, has been in 2 past productions – now who could forget her voice;Chandra Currelley, a very familiarface and talent in his productions; and Mr. Perry is bringing back Tamar Davis, Stephanie Ferrett, and Donnie Sykes from “The Marriage Counselor”.

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  • Anthony Frazier Springfield, Illinois

    Great idea Mr. Perry, laugh to keep from crying is an excellent idea for a stage play.

    • ashantti nc #1608969

      i know flod was so so funny

  • Marquita Pierre Plaquemine,La

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! Laugh to keep from crying was great.. But when you have Cheryl Pepsi Riley in your play its always good, sorry Palmer Williams, but that's my girl. On the real that play real lifted my spirits. Can't wait until I see Madea's Christmas....... Love you Lots!!!!!!!!! Be Blessed

  • Michelle Ware Gary,IN

    Well there nothing to say but as always another fantastic production BIG UPS LUV U and ur work Mr.Tyler Perry may GOD keep blessing u

  • Cynthia Houston

    Pleaseeeeeeee tell me the name of the song Cheryl "Pepsii" Riley sanggggggggggg "Lord I Give It All To You" the original artist! GREAT JOB once again Tyler.. I loved it!!

  • cj chicgo

    tyler this play was excellent i got to give you your props you did your thang

  • Narkita Jackson cleveland, Ohio

    I can not wait to see the play!!!

  • j** nc

    it tyler was awesome keep being blessed and do what you are doing god bless u thanks

  • Denise Richardson W. Bloomfield, Michigan

    To God Be ALL The Glory, God bless you Tyler, Staff and crew. This play was so phenomenal it touched my heart in more ways than you'll ever know for all the haters all I can say is "Let God break up the hardness of your hearts." Tyler you have done it again this play was so funny, moving ,touching, funny as well as a blessing to my spirit. I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved it! And for Mr. Wes Morgan. thank you for such an awesome performance of the song "You Gave Me Hope" mannnnnnn you sang!!! that song I love it and looking for it to be on a future CD or soundtrack it needs to be heard around the world again and again. The entire cast was just truly awesome I loved them all and Tyler my love is with you forever as well as my prayers for you and all that you do for the people of the world giving us hope in Christ as wel las discipline in MADEA! Love you and keeping blessings the world with your marvelous talents and fret NOT of evil doer's you already know God will take care of them. God Bless.

  • Gwayne

    it was hilarious!!!!!!

    • Opaline grandview,mo #1563587

      It was a great and hilarious movie :)

  • Linda M. Hargrove Bryan Texas

    May "God" continue to inspire you with every play every movie that you produce. God, you just do not know all of the millions of people that you with your productions, give so much hope! Do you think at some point and time, maybe you could bring something out here to the country, meaning Bryan Tx? I am originally from New Orleans, have been in Bryan, since Hurricane Katrina, but there are a whole lot of us New Orleaneans, and others that would so enjoy you and your work if you were ever to come here. May "God" forever Bless you, in all that you do! Thank You, for the "Laughter" !!!!!!!! Love Ya, Mama Linda

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