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Amazingly, Tyler Perry has written yet another live stage production that will surely bring much needed laughter with all the challenges we face today. This 11th production touches the depths of our souls as it explores confusion versus an illustration of courage. A cast of veterans from former Tyler Perry productions will provide you with aclear perception to manage your own situations but on a lighter scale.

The story line is based on life’s struggles in the inner city. How does one understand and protect young people; how do you manage to keep a roof over your head when you lose your job; how do you separate true love from a deceiver? A family that receives redemption and a neighborhood that comes together with hope, love and respect are demonstrated. As all of Mr. Perry’s stage productions have been in the past, this entertaining experience is full of great laughter, high quality singing and you certainly will leave the theatre full of encouragement. As they say during difficult times, you have to "Laugh To Keep From Crying"!

The ensemble includes Palmer Williams, Jr.(“Floyd” of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and The Marriage Counselor) who gets involved in everyone’s business -this time as thelandlord; you’ll remember Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley, from previous stageplays and movies, as she portrays a single mother with 2 teenagers; D’atra Hicks, has been in 2 past productions – now who could forget her voice;Chandra Currelley, a very familiarface and talent in his productions; and Mr. Perry is bringing back Tamar Davis, Stephanie Ferrett, and Donnie Sykes from “The Marriage Counselor”.

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  • Yejide Wilmar, AR

    I Xan watch this play a thousand times!!! I Love Tyler Perry

  • Lois B Best chicago Illionis

    I am long time lover of Tyler Perry anything he writes, produces or STARS in...this was one of my all time favorites I use for young people when I want to reward them for achievements we do pop corn and KOOL AIDE

  • Miles Long Beach

    this play should have been called laugh to keep fom dying, I tired not kill myself watching this mess this was your worse play ever.

    • Danielle Pinconning, MI #1853856

      Miles, you need to stop being so negative. Some people (myself included) really enjoy this play. You don't need to be on here criticizing something just because you don't understand the message. This play was beautiful and people like you should just leave well enough alone. If you didn't like it then don't watch it and leave it for those of us that do. Thank you and have a nice day.

    • Tyanna ohio #1904266

      That is so ignorant. If you don't have nothing nice or POSITIVE to say than DON'T say it at ALL!!!

  • nikita charlotte north Carolina

    Hey again Mr Perry I love the movie laugh to keep from crying You can not count how many times I.have watched I have watched it like 27 times !!!!!!! PS BY THE WAY IF YOU LIKED CHINA ANNE MCCLAIN ON YOUR SET MY DAUGHTER LOOKS JUST EXACTLY FROM HEAD TO TOE FROM THERE SMILES TO HOW THEY DRESS THEY LOOK EXACTLY ALIKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Gloria. Moseley childrey Richmond virginia

    My name is Gloria Childrey , i. Love , your play and your news movies, send it to my email Think you . Your fan Gloria childrey

  • Shirley Kentucky

    Excuse my error on the name Maggie it should have been Hattie. Things like this happen to us old people .Lord help us all.

  • Darryl G.

    Tyler I will love to see this movie ''Laugh to Keep From Crying'' in theaters But if this play becomes a film can you kinda make it a little dark something like ''For Colored Girls'' cause that movie was really good in 2010 and I will love to see you make another film like that :)

  • Nathaniel Whitaker Portsmouth Virginia

    Tyler Perry can I please be in your stageplays and movies I love acting thats what I do Basketball and acting I have laugh to keep from crying I watch it all the time and it is funny please I want to be in your plays and movies

    • christiana page 32507chasseville #2120266


  • henry riiversid ca 92503

    I wish he put the names of the songs he wrote because I like old chool to I'm. 20 yeas old I want to know about donny sykes song tords the end of the play pleasse add the songs you wrote tylar perry please? From you bigges fan henry wyne young.

  • Nadia Muncie, Indiana

    I also can't find it, but it was hilarious when I saw it

  • Lakeshia Mitchell

    I can't find this dvd anywhere can you tell me where to find it other than on this site

    • Galia Banks Detroit #1794703

      Amazon or Wal-Mart

  • Keyana Webb

    I want to be in your play so bad I am 11 years old I have seen like all of your movies I really like laugh to keep from crying because Floyd is so funny when he says you ain't bad you ain't bad man and get to mouth off that your studio is beautiful I would love to be apart if your production to be a person everyone remembers because everyone has seen your plays even the occasions not to be races so read this and see what u think about the post have a great day

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