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Amazingly, Tyler Perry has written yet another live stage production that will surely bring much needed laughter with all the challenges we face today. This 11th production touches the depths of our souls as it explores confusion versus an illustration of courage. A cast of veterans from former Tyler Perry productions will provide you with aclear perception to manage your own situations but on a lighter scale.

The story line is based on life’s struggles in the inner city. How does one understand and protect young people; how do you manage to keep a roof over your head when you lose your job; how do you separate true love from a deceiver? A family that receives redemption and a neighborhood that comes together with hope, love and respect are demonstrated. As all of Mr. Perry’s stage productions have been in the past, this entertaining experience is full of great laughter, high quality singing and you certainly will leave the theatre full of encouragement. As they say during difficult times, you have to "Laugh To Keep From Crying"!

The ensemble includes Palmer Williams, Jr.(“Floyd” of Tyler Perry’s House of Payne and The Marriage Counselor) who gets involved in everyone’s business -this time as thelandlord; you’ll remember Cheryl “Pepsii” Riley, from previous stageplays and movies, as she portrays a single mother with 2 teenagers; D’atra Hicks, has been in 2 past productions – now who could forget her voice;Chandra Currelley, a very familiarface and talent in his productions; and Mr. Perry is bringing back Tamar Davis, Stephanie Ferrett, and Donnie Sykes from “The Marriage Counselor”.

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  • tyler sprawling 4732 stacey

    watching laugh to keep from crying now loving it

    • ladarious jones new orleans,ga #2173110

      I know right

    • luvly tyquesha kitty cat wonderland #2184921

      tbh like yo crazy and yo a gooda acta and i be lovin yo shows boo (pats weave) yassss yo hold it down boo

  • Cynthia Martinsville va

    I love this movie so much I want to go with your on these shows and movie and plays please

  • Barry Jones Modesto

    Hi Tyler, Is there a way to buy a download copy of this movie? And if there is where do I go to buy one?


    Would LOVE to see this play come to INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA

  • Glo Nelson


  • lanija MI

    Love the movie play it on bet

  • B

    Love this play

  • R. Donaldson Jamaica

    I have done this before but just like the saying goes " for if at first you don't succeed try, try and try again. I am writing you from the island of Jamaica in a small town called Borobridge, I have taken it up on my self with the assistance of family members to provide the town of much need education facility and as much as possible clean entertainment. Friends & Family Social Network, would like the opportunity to bring you and your grope to Jamaica to perform one or two of your productions hear in the bowels of Jamaica's country side, then second to give you a vacation in the lush green country of ours. It would be an honor for me and my company to be the first to have you come to our small island. You could easily take it upon your self to contact one of the large and established production houses hear in Jamaica but, I do believe, that as your movies and plays depict that the small man should at least have a chance. accommodations, transportation and your meals are no problem as our company would have all of that taken care of as per your request or needs. It would be good to hear from your team if this is any at all possible. I have no other means of getting a message to you, that I can find at this time so I hope your team will find this interesting enough to at least check it out. thank you, R. Donaldson. CEO F2SN

  • Sandra TX

    I recently watched this play and enjoyed it so much that I had to buy it. It really deals with the issue of being a single parent and dealing with a teenage girl. I wish that more teenage girls would watch this and realize that all the glitter is not gold. Thanks, Tyler.

  • shanice hughes Jamaica

    Ive watch this play over 10 times on dvd..... The music is fantastic, the characters were great. Keep doing the good job Tyler Perry. Im a huge fan, God will bless you continually.

  • amira Mi

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this movie have a great day

  • Shania strickland Deland Florida

    Mr. Tyler perry and his amazing cast that he has had along the way. I am 15 years old just turned on December 12th. I love acting and singing but my whole family has let me down and told me that I will never be good enough. I am in theatre class now to help my future but I was told I am never going to be anybody. I have seen every single one of your movies and plays. I watch them over and over again. I love how you put life problems in them that happen everyday. It also teaches me about what I should look for in my future. I love cheryl pepsii riley so much she is my inspiration. Her voice is like an angel. I want to see one of your plays or at least meet the both of you. I maybe young but all I listen to is oldschool, r&in, and gossble music. I have been raised up around it by my best friend my grandma. You and cheryl has inspired me and I need to say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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