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Tyler Perry's, "I Know I've Been Changed", toured exclusively from 1998 to 2000.

This hard-hitting play used comedy and drama to tell a story of two adult survivors of child abuse who became the people that their abusive mother said they would be. It is also a story of how they overcame through the power of God with a shocking twist at the end.

Mr. Perry plays the lead character, "Joe", in this show. The Washington Post gave it rave reviews, saying that it cannot be compared to anything of it's genre.

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  • Darlene Fernandez Baltimore Maryland 21220

    Hi Tyler I need to know where I can get a copy of I Know I Been Changed play. I been dying to see this play.Lol

  • Tiphanie Drakeford Aberdeen, North Carolina

    I would love to see this. It's this available on DVD? Or even VHS? Please Make It available.

  • Jacqueline Butler Griffin GA.

    Mr Perry I am a very big fan of yours I just love all of TV shows, my best one is The Have and Have Knots. Keep blessing us with your movies and plays. I want to know how I can get a copy of I know I've been changed. Keep doing what you do, God is blessing you. And congrats on the coming birth of your child, I know you will be an amazing father.

  • Crystial Thompson Coatesville, PA

    Hello Mr. Perry. My name is Crystial and as I'm sure you heard a million times but I must admit I too am a very big fan of yours. I thought I had your entire collection (bought, not bootleg. Even updated some of my regular dvds to blue ray. Must have the best quality because you put out the best quality. ) Before I get to my question, i must say you are such an inspiration for myself and my family. My children love you as much as I do. Please continue (God willing) to be that light for me so I may pass it on to my children. My question is I just found out about your very first play and was wondering where can I obtain a copy. Please let all of us, your faithful followers in on the mystery. As always, may The Almighty Lord continue to bless you so you can continue to bless others.

  • Sunday Flinner United States

    Hi Mr Perry. ...How can I buy get I know I've Been Changed Play to add to my collection?

  • yolanda herman ATLANTA GEORGIA

    Hello Mr. Tyler Perry, I love your plays. God has giving you an awesome talened gifts. I'd like to know where can purchase your very first play "I know I've been Changed"?. I have all of your plays and movies accept for this one.

  • Margery Richardson Danbury, Ct

    You would be doing such an enormous service by bringing back "I know I've Been Changed". Please give it serious thought!!!

  • Pam Toano , va

    Do you have. I. Know I've. Been. Change

  • Shataya Jersey City,NJ

    Mr. Perry, Can you please bring this play back and release it on DVD? I would love to add this to my collection, Thanks so much

  • Katrina G Riverdale, GA

    I need to know where I can get a copy of this play?

  • Pamela Baptist Memphis, Tenn.

    I have all your shows but this one , How can I get a copy of this one. thanks in advance

  • Cherlene mangum Tulsa, Oklahoma

    Mr. Perry, I can watch you all day long and I just have to say "Thank You" for all the plays and movies you have done. They all have been an inspiration in my life. Some to make me laugh and some to cry, I have heard a lot about "I know I've been changed" but never got the chance to see it. In Louisiana they have all your movies including Madeas Christmas which is a different version than what I have now. Mr perry my question is, when are you going to bring back " I know I've been changed" for those who have not seen it yet? I can't wait to see what you have in store for us because God is not threw with you yet. I'm praying for you as always just let him have his way! Amen love you with The Lord.

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