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Tyler Perry's, "I Know I've Been Changed", toured exclusively from 1998 to 2000.

This hard-hitting play used comedy and drama to tell a story of two adult survivors of child abuse who became the people that their abusive mother said they would be. It is also a story of how they overcame through the power of God with a shocking twist at the end.

Mr. Perry plays the lead character, "Joe", in this show. The Washington Post gave it rave reviews, saying that it cannot be compared to anything of it's genre.

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  • Sonda Anderson Coupland, Texas

    When will the play, "I know I've been changed", be available for DVD? I have all of your movies and plays. I would love to add this one to my collection. God bless you, Mr. Perry.

    • Panessa L Johnson Brandon Mississippi #1954658

      How can I order this DVD, I know I've been changed, need to add it too my collection. Thanks

  • Meosha Boyd Morton,MS

    I have never seen this play but I really would like to. I have seen all of your plays. I am a huge fan. You is my inspiration. Keep up the good work and may God bless you to make more.

  • latosha chicago ill

    it would be better if you post all your plays on your web site so people can watch it

  • constance wallace Baltimore Maryland

    Hello mr perry I have all your movies and plays but I can not find your very first play I no ive beeen changed I would to buy that play to go with the others I have please get back to me thanks

  • Regina Pontiac, MI

    I may have seen this play, but I can't remember. I have all your plays and movies, except this one. All originals no bootleg copies for me. How can I purchase a copy of the stage play "I Know I've Been Changed"? I love how all your plays deal with real life and how there is a message in each one of them. Oh, can't forget about the singing sessions....love it!!! And the one where you sing as yourself and not Madea...outstanding. God has blessed you Mr. Perry and I pray that he continually pours out his blessing upon your life. Oh....please let me know how I can purchase this play. Thank you.

  • Phyllis Bennett Columbus, MS

    I would like to see "I Know I've Been Changed" as a stage play. The title itself has me interested.

  • rochella United States

    I have looked every where for this play where can I find it. Thank you Rochella Johnson

  • Pamela Lucas- Henry United States

    Love all your work. But I want to buy collection of you plays so please have your staff call or email info how a nd how much .I watch everything thing you do over and over you surely and inspiration to me and my family my children also love your show the say Made a remind them of me. Please let me know how soon you return to the NY area

  • Daryl Cincinnati,OH

    I've been looking for this play and cant find it ,is their some way I can order one .I would love to have this to go with the other plays I have of yours,its just something about your plays and movies that touches me every time I wacth them

  • renee clairton,pa

    Where can I get this plays

    • sarah baker Fairmont, nc #1930104

      where can i get this dvd? I have all the other plays and movies.

  • Marla

    Where can I find this dvd I have everyone that has come out movies and plays but not this one.

  • paula kent katy

    I love your work and collect every piece of it!! Stay encouraged always God bless you !! Much love!

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