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When it started it's tour, this show played only five select cities. It was at this time that the show streaked it's claim as the one to see in 2000.

This comedy is the story of a woman, Vianne, fighting to hold on to her husband after being hit with divorce papers, not knowing that he has moved in with her sister and they are planning to marry. Vianne later comes to the realization that her hurt has consumed most of her life and that she needs to change. A shocking family secret is later revealed and the two sisters must come to terms with their family's dark past.

The motto of this show is "We Fight So Hard to Hold on to the Things that God, Himself, is Trying to Tear Apart". Mr. Perry calls this the show and character (Madea) that he has the most fun with. It is wrapped in a million and one laughs and has been called the perfect follow-up to "I Know I've Been Changed".

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  • Isaiah Williams Denver Colorado

    I'm watching this right now.

  • vernell indiana south bemd

    A part 2 is needed to the stage play i can do bD all by myself. Bobby and vianne return wealthy and happy with 2 kids and Anthony and maylee somewhere. Just like stage play why did i get married stage play.

  • Lynn Miner Bon Aqua, Tn

    I LIVE all of your movies and plays. Your an amazing man!! Always have a terrific message in everyone, and I learn something everytime. So thank you for all you do good in this world. May God bless you and yours forever!

  • Trey duncan Macon ga

    I just love Tyler Perry all the way tamela Mann even David Mann one day I won't 2 met them

  • Blessed by Tyler Indiana

    I love All of your plays Tyler, but the most important part of your plays I really and truly love is when you start to tell your stories, that's when I really have to just sit back and think about Everything. You see Tyler, let me just talk to You for a minute, I was at the point to where I was just gonna give up, just throw the towel in, it seemed like my Whole world was turning upside down, my daughter has been on life support 10 times, Im the youngest out of 14, I lost one of my sister's a few years back, one of my oldest brother's died in 2008, another brother died in 2010, my daddy died in 2012 and my mother just died last year on Mother's Day. But Jesus has never failed me yet, yes im struggling to make ends meet im on disability but Jesus didn't bring me this far to leave me. And I just want to say Thank You Tyler for Every word of encouragement that you give to me, suicide wasn't for me because I tried it three times, and I still say to this day, the Lord is not ready for me yet, the same thing I still tell my daughter, the Lord is not ready for you yet either we still have unfinished work down here to do. And with all that being said, I love you Tyler and may the Lord continue to Bless you in Everything you do and thank you for being 'In my life'.

  • Tumelano Selebatso Botswana

    Hi mam l am Pastor T.Selebatso the founder of Spiritual Armor International Church i wrote a book called How to Walk In Hard Times Of marradge so i love your movies they give me strength to write more about my life and God.I wish to meet you one day and i know God will make a plan.

  • Michaela New jersey

    i love your movies and plays i feel even though that Madea is a crazy character in every single movie and play she teaches a lesson that is valuable for all ages no matter what nationality she gives you a lesson i believe no matter what genre that movie or play is it has a lesson to it and its important to realize what that message is.

    • Mrs Needa SW Atlanta #1973833

      "...and all ages" I agree. One day, I am sure a kids movie will come out. Shucks, wouldn't be surprised if there was a TP Cable network with children and adult shows one day. One day...one day. Waiting on you Tyler.

  • Merry-Christmas Seuseu

    Your movies and plays are very inspirational. From the story to the characters, it just seems perfect in every way...I truly believe that every message you are trying to convey through the people are definitely heard and felt for...I hope you'll still keep up the work, and I am looking forward to future films/productions...by the way, I also love the music you input in each production of yours...take care and God bless...

    • michaela new jersey #1973600

      very good message for tyler perry im pretty sure hes going to love and hopefully he'llreply to all of our comments so that way he can get advice from us and make some new ideas so that way MA TO THE DANG DEA'S crazy legacy will live on for ev er for people to remember.

  • Botshelo Gaborone,Botswana

    U'r an amazing man Tyler,may d favor of the almighty kip u & stay assure Marbella always...lv u & whenever m down & watch any of ur movies,I is get up & remember to step forward against all odds,big up Tyler

  • Kenadae Alanta,Georgia

    I haven't see this play and laugh from crying but you put some words in it to help people solve problems and save life ,and I love your plays and movies cause their so funny<3

    • Aidan Jonesboro,ARok #2075696

      Klink Klink lock down. Hahaha

  • angela deione crennel college park, ga 30349

    when will you make a movie or play something like this one pretaining to getting rid of a man who do not know what he wants in life and at the age of 63 just want to drink and have sex knowing the one he claims he love is about the be evicted out of her home, no gas, and about to go to court do to that, plus she is disable and waiting for workers comp to be settle, and the income tax is pending. What should she do kill or just leave him alone, her feeling is real and wants to get married again, and the friends she did have left her alone and she has a wild side to her which mens like to be with.

  • Shanaaz Chutel Johannesburg

    OMG! This movie is just simply amazing Tyler most of your movies have an emotional side of it love it.

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