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  • Tyron Simpson Prineville Oregon

    Your life has inspired me as if I was reading and seeing Heb11. Your devotional had spoke to me directly and the message of Madea has inspired me and even convicted me. I was abused in my past too, by stepdads. I have suffered with ADD and learning disability But God has called me into the ministry to preach the glorious gospel. Thank you for your ministry

  • BEAUTY United States

    I keep dreaming about you. You inspire me! Even though I have never met you, I am so blessed that you exist and that you are doing what God called you to do! I'm following your example. I'm going for it. I'm very creative. I have so many talents and gifts, I'm not sure where to start. I sing. I write. I sew. I have the gift of healing by the laying on of hands. I'm an encourager. I'm very passionate. God will help me to put it all together somehow. I'm going for it no matter how it looks or how it feels. I'm pushing forward. P.U.S.H. (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS) and putting my faith into action because faith without works is dead!! I'm excited that you are who you are and I'm grateful for the dreams that I have about you. You are my best friend and confidant in those dreams and we laugh A LOT! And I feel so very close to you. I don't know why I have those dreams about you, but I'm always so inspired by you when I do. From my heart to yours! I love you so much and I'm so grateful to God for you! Keep on keeping on!!!! God continue to bless you real good as you bless others! I look forward to joining you in those ranks!

  • Debra Common Chicago, IL

    You are displaying the image and live that I believe that God intended for all of us to live. God bless you Tyler Perry I am praying for your continued success!

  • Donna Maryland

    The Lord bless you Tyler! I love your work! Continue to allow your gifts to touch so many people. You get right to the heart. I love your TV show The Haves and the Have Nots. This show touches on every struggle we all face at one time or another ... acceptance, forgiveness, repentance. I don't have the words right now to express how much I appreciate you. Thank you.

  • Sanea Smith Los Angeles

    God Bless you Tyler and your family for that your plays help me to strengthen my faith by believing all things through Christ is done. I too believe in paying it forward to those I've built small and big relationships with whether good or bad , lesson learned and living each day for greater tomorrows.

  • Adrienne Bailey Covington Ga

    Mr Perry you are the true blessing of the truth shall set you free may God bless You always

  • Jalisa Crawford Hazel Crest, IL 60429

    I am forever encouraged by you. Thank you for being who God called you to be and not allowing the negativity to pull and keep you down, but you continue to rise. That alone encourages me to continue following my dreams keeping God first and not giving ear to negativity.

  • George Byfield Lakeland, FL

    Thank you for reminding me that a Apple seed has everything inside to be a Apple Juice, Apple Pie, Apple Jelly - baskets of apple. Just sometimes I stop believing that success is possible when failure is my companion everyday. So thank you for challenging me to Think Up and Speak Up. One Love, George

  • Mira Ukraine


    • Shane A. Lee 200 Victory blvd-A-4,Staten Island NY,10301 #1929149

      Hey Tyler, i agree with the way you said the answers are already in you . For years i worked 9 to 5 jobs just Over broke! For real and that was all i got was just over broke. Then i remember telling tico wells from 5 heartbeats fame to go to la and keep auditioning. But i was too afraid to go there myself and keep auditioning my Singing Talents! .now im middle aged and once again im writing too many songlyrics and singing here and singing there in new york . Then last aug5,2013 ((((this 11 year old girl was raped))))) and i was outraged into writing a song about it ,to help change the way kids think! Please take a look (SUPERSHANELEE)-childrens song-(SAY SOMETHING)im a Singer/Songwriter who lives in staten island new york .aug5,13 last year i read an article about a 11 year old girl who was raped by her 38 year old snake of a CRAZY teacher in the school parking lot . i had to calm myself down from reading this story in the paper. So i figured that i would write a song about it. i use to teach swimming to kids and the kids would say i aint no snitch! Mr Shane!The reason i wrote this song.

  • Beverly Cosby Fort Lauderdale Fl

    I feel in love with you the fiest time or first show i saw of you. You are a very funny but sincere person you care and love everyboby i would one day just love to see you face to face as well as be a part of something with you. There is so much evil and hate between myself and other siblings my father is dead as well as two brothers i had a son who was in military who lost his life on way to work went int a pond couldnt get out and died please just a conversation would help thank you

  • Shaneker Woodside Nassau Bahamas. 3rd street the grove

    Watching your movies made me drop the anger and negativity. I got vex when my mom died but you changed that. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  • Charmaine Martin Germantown, MD

    Hello Tyler, I am totally grateful for your plays and shows. They are very inspiring, motivating, encouraging and uplifting. I've come to believe that when the doors close, God is trying to get our attention b/c He alone open and closes doors and I thank you for reminding me of that. For the past year, all of the doors have closed on me and it's really been rough. Nonetheless, I have faith and know that God is still on the throne and in control. What I get from your message is, let no feeling of discouragement prey upon me and in the end, I am sure to succeed. I ask that you keep me in your prayers as I move forward to rebuilding my relationship and commitment with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! Thank you Tyler and continue to be bless to be a blessing.

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