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  • Darnell Weatherspoon Chicago

    Wow, what an inspiration you are! Get you some rest and energize for the next phase because all those negative people are going to ask for your assistance in some form or fashion in the future and you have to have peace to forgive and wisdom to move forward.

  • Raa Philadelphia pa.

    Mr. Tyler Perry, Thanks for allowing GOD to use you!!!!!!

  • regina roberts atlanta,ga

    Mr. Perry I just want to thank you for bringing true stories that are everyday problems and issues in life. I have a 12 year old daughter who has been abandon by her best friend for his journey with a new life. Her father, I feel as though he has really lost his mind. He went from a caring and loving father to not. He would not except calls from her. Well she has this father and daughter dance coming up really soon and it has been paid for but I hate for her to not have a date so this is the question I am trying to ask If you had an invite to come as her date will you? I am asking not my daughter me her mom. The dance will be March 22nd Semi-Formal at Ivy Prepatory Academy in Kirkwood in Atlanta, Ga. Oh yeah!!!! 7:00pm sharp. Signed Off Broken Hearted Have a Blessed Day

    • Cynthia Augusta, Ga. #1932099

      Reading this broke my heart for your daughter! I truly hope and pray that Tyler reads this and takes your daughter in Jesus name.

  • Jennifer Lewis Costa Mesa, CA

    YOU ARE TRULY A GODSENT! THANK YOU! AGAIN... Love you Tyler! <:><

  • Patricia Kampala Uganda

    Hey Tyler, i am a huge fun of yours and your movies do inspire me and many more youth here in Uganda. Keep doing what you do because i believe God uses us in so many ways and trust me what you do yields great results all around the world. Temptations is a great movie and it's an eye opener. We all know about the choices we make in life. It's one of the things we've been hearing from our old folks BUT, it's very easy to forget. In Uganda, the youth are lured by money and all fancy stuff, some have lost lives, dropped out of school, lost their future all in the name of being rich or a celebrity. Do what you you do Tyler, i am your fun all the way.....

  • Vanilla Barrow raleigh nc

    Tyler Perry I have truly enjoy all of your movies they have been very inspiring. Keep doing what you are doing and I am so looking forward to seeing you at the Women's Empowerment this year in Raleigh, NC maybe I'll get to meet you. I have faith and I believe that GOD will grant me my hearts desire. I am a local female gospel rap artist and my songs are empowering for Women so what better place to motivate women than at Women's Empowerment. But, I am so glad you are going to do Women's Empowerment I am looking forward to an empowering word. Also I would love to be apart of you team and I am believing God that I one day will, you have not cause you ask not. So, I'll be expecting a phone call from you soon. I was talking with, well I call him the fake Tyler Perry online and he was like I would love for you to be apart of my studio all you have to do is paid a certain amount. I'm like this is not the real Tyler Perry he got all this money why would he need money from me. But, anyhow I am looking forward to hearing from you God Bless!

  • Brandyn Strongsville Ohio

    Mr. Perry God bless you. Thank you for all you do. Thank you for giving back. Your words are powerful! Please continue to post encouraging post. I am in broadcasting school right now. I am a single mother of two children. I am an African American woman and I am making it by the grace of God. I know that I am being hidden on purpose. Everything that I went threw in life was for a purpose! God is going to use me powerfully too. He is using me now! I can have" everything I want". I am walking in what I want today. I pray that one day I will meet you and work with you. I am also a writer. I have been writing since I was ten years old. I am not thirty two now. Lol still young! It has only just begun.! Be encourage Man of God! Continue what you are doing, may God keep blessing you and shining His light threw you! Thank you for not giving up! Thank you for pressing on! Thank you for not excepting no!

  • Tyron Simpson Prineville Oregon

    Your life has inspired me as if I was reading and seeing Heb11. Your devotional had spoke to me directly and the message of Madea has inspired me and even convicted me. I was abused in my past too, by stepdads. I have suffered with ADD and learning disability But God has called me into the ministry to preach the glorious gospel. Thank you for your ministry

  • BEAUTY United States

    I keep dreaming about you. You inspire me! Even though I have never met you, I am so blessed that you exist and that you are doing what God called you to do! I'm following your example. I'm going for it. I'm very creative. I have so many talents and gifts, I'm not sure where to start. I sing. I write. I sew. I have the gift of healing by the laying on of hands. I'm an encourager. I'm very passionate. God will help me to put it all together somehow. I'm going for it no matter how it looks or how it feels. I'm pushing forward. P.U.S.H. (PRAY UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS) and putting my faith into action because faith without works is dead!! I'm excited that you are who you are and I'm grateful for the dreams that I have about you. You are my best friend and confidant in those dreams and we laugh A LOT! And I feel so very close to you. I don't know why I have those dreams about you, but I'm always so inspired by you when I do. From my heart to yours! I love you so much and I'm so grateful to God for you! Keep on keeping on!!!! God continue to bless you real good as you bless others! I look forward to joining you in those ranks!

  • Debra Common Chicago, IL

    You are displaying the image and live that I believe that God intended for all of us to live. God bless you Tyler Perry I am praying for your continued success!

  • Donna Maryland

    The Lord bless you Tyler! I love your work! Continue to allow your gifts to touch so many people. You get right to the heart. I love your TV show The Haves and the Have Nots. This show touches on every struggle we all face at one time or another ... acceptance, forgiveness, repentance. I don't have the words right now to express how much I appreciate you. Thank you.

  • Sanea Smith Los Angeles

    God Bless you Tyler and your family for that your plays help me to strengthen my faith by believing all things through Christ is done. I too believe in paying it forward to those I've built small and big relationships with whether good or bad , lesson learned and living each day for greater tomorrows.