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  • Grace Baton Rouge La

    Thank you Tyler Perry so much for showing the world about real life. Waiting on a new story about the young people with this Non sense music they are singing . It has no meaning at all.what happen to real music love and happiness lets stay together. Ill be.

  • Marian Aviles United States

    Mr. Tyler Perry I remember the first time I saw your movie "Diary of a Mad Black Woman" in stands and I said to myself, Nah! doesn't sound interesting. For some reason I

    • Marian United States #1985779

      Got the movie, I saw the movie and since that moments I wait for your movies to come out to be the first one to watch them. I love that there movies and can sit and watch with my kids. They always have a message, they inspired. I wish one day I can tell you my story and how God has being blessing my life.

  • Mrs. Suad Sharjah, U.A.E

    Dear Mr. Tyler. Since your movies came out i have watched each and everyone. True my horrible life i found connection & truth in your movies. I somehow found pieces of me in everyone of them. Each movie specks to my soul, the problems in your movies are so real and happening in a real world not only in your movies. I start to respect you even more and more every time i saw you helping people in need after hurricane Katrina , after building new home for an old lady, for simply helping anyone who needs help. Your so humble, funny and you have never forgot where you came from, how you have suffer while growing up. I respect you so much. Thank you that you have never changed.....

  • Carolyn Hawkins Atlanta GA

    Hi, Tyler a man with a Devine purpose . Today is my birthday and my dream is to tour your studio to renew my being, Thank you in advance.

  • Takisha Carter Lake City,FL

    You are indeed a living testimony!! Thank You for being the man that you are, sharing your gifts with us, reinforcing hope, and knowledge from lessons learn. Continue to soar above the foolishness; If God be for you who can be against you.

  • OliviA Mitchell LaGrange Highlands, IL

    That was so inspiring! It made e want to cry. As I was watching it you can just feel all the love coming from it. I honestly believe that everything you have done was done for a reason. You have become apart of Black History. Thank you for everything Mr. Perry you are truly a inspiration to everyone.

  • Johnathan Sargent Pine Bluff ,AR

    True be told, you and Rickey Smiley could make a good movie together using the two old women together.

  • Brenda Luckett Clarksdale, MS

    Thanks for inspiring me to dream again!

  • Faith

    Thank You Mr Perry you are truly an insirational gentel man.......

  • Wade United States

    WOW! I never knew there was so much negativity, but just like in the message, the light shines through. Good stuff, real inspiration.

    • Ms. Shayla Wright Hampton, Virginia #1958476

      Happy Memorial Day to you Mr. Tyler. I am a young female whose at a tender age of 24. I am originally from Fulton County Georgia, but I now reside here in the state of Hampton Virginia. I am a aspiring student of Hampton University that will be traveling back home in October. I would love to visit a tour with your studios & also reap as much positivity that I can to put towards my dreams that are currently in the works. I am a single mother to a wonderful little girl whose name is Layla, and I pray every single day that my boldness will be one day heard. Wearing an armor of faith is the key to a successful outcome. If you are reading this, I hope to sit back with you in the days to come as I share the wonderful things God has given unto me. Remain Humble, and always know that the real meaning of life is to touch someones heart & save the souls around us. Id also like to apologize for all the loving hearts of you for the experience you had with your stage play here in Hampton, Virginia. It sadden my grandmothers heart at 81 to hear the rumors of mistreatment to you and your cast members. Lots of love to you and your family. Keep treating people kind; no matter what stones they try to cast. !

  • Yes

    Tyler!!! ***...you can be born into a whole lots of nightmares and GOD can usher u into a dream***... am dreaming my dream Tyler... Am not where i was born to... am not even where i was yesterday...infact !! not just me but my whole family... We are living a dream.... my grand parents lives and living is poles apart from our current state. God is faithful... God is able.... i CALLED HIM ONCE IN A POEM.... THE Director of our Destiny... THE Custodian of Our Future ... I rise... I salute HIM... Eternal God.. who makes impossible possible, breaks limitation and set our STAGE ..... I pledge Allegiance LORD.

  • Monte Dixon Lilburn, GA

    All I can say is....WOW! I'm currently going through a challenging time. I've experienced three losses within the past five months, so I've been doing some self-reflection. However I know that I am right where God wants me. He has called me to the place where I am, so I count it an honor that He has chosen me. He obviously knows I can handle it. Your Inspirational messages have confirmed what God has been dropping into my spirit. Thank you for the confirmation. May God continue to bless you!

    • Kimah Albau #1953373

      Keep your eyes on the prize, not on the pain. He will bring you through. Hang on to Him.

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