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Truth Be Told

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  • Carolyn Harshaw Roseville Macomb County, Michigan

    What a day and what time we still live in as African Americans; even people that just have skin of color and are not pink or pale . While watching television a news alert came that Oprah Winfrey for the 2nd -3rd (that I remember) had endured Racsium" in a Public Retail Establishment. That ole dog-gon famous word Racsium#; one of the most famous words in Americana. Before you Tyler and your fans, past the wrong judgment, allow Miss Carolyn to explain. I'm speaking from a fourteen year work-experience in Retail Sales and what happened to your friend is Racsium with no strings attached. In the 1970s and 1980s God opened the door for me to work at Sac's Fifth Avenue/Original Casual Corner Retail Establishments. Had to take the two jobs because I didn't want to be on welfare,but they did give me a few food stamps. Moving on while working and a shady or nervous looking person came to my station, immediately I contacted Store Security' or would ask another associate to assist with this would be customer... These are good retail guidelines and have been established for years.... It's just all this new crazy-stuff they have insinuated is not working and that's also the reason for so much theft. Tyler you know we have been taught, if something is not broken ' why are you trying to fix a thing. Now new inventions I welcome as long as they work. I would think after 25 years on television and in the spotlight who has not heard of Oprah Winfrey? Unless you live in the back woods, poverished outbacks, no public literature to read, never to school etcetera. Come on people"this is Racsium at its best. When someone came into the store that I new was trouble I would just pass on the sale and call-on another Sales Associate! Because no matter what form of retail you work in" you will sooner or later that day get a few IGNORAMUSES''... And because I could make $4-5 thousand as a Contingent in sales at Sac's and sale 12 Coats for Casual Corners; you had to learn people. If their parents beat-the-hell out of them' you can only imagine what they will be-like as adults. And we live in Americana so you know when you got a real fool in front of you. Well I'm done fussin , but at least I've been informative! Have a Happy Truth Be Told Day!!!

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