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  • amhogan Florida

    Thank You.. It is in my opinion that the other producers that are hating on what you do, just wish that they had done it first.... Spike Lee for an instance... He wants to say that you are degrading blacks in what you are doing... Well this is what I have to say to him... He did the same thing in J***** Fever... He put the black crackhead on film, the white woman who slept with the black husband.. So what in the bleep is he talking about. You show how we have come up in the world so that we can have the 40 Acres and the the mule, cows, horses, goats, hay and the whole nine if we wanted to. You have shown what also true in the black and white community in your films and if they don't like it, it is simply because they don't like the truth of where we came from and how we act. They don't like to see the real world and how blacks and whites act. Yes you have great actors and actresses and they are playing the heck out of somebody's life for real. So I say Hollywood, Bollywood and whoever could; get a grip on what you are showing, because it is for real. Every person in the world like it or not can and does see somebody that they know. I love you and will keep supporting you, " cause I'm witcha when ya right!"

    • Kathrine Narducci East Harlem Nyc #2165040

      Being an Italian American From NYC and an Actress I remain To be limited to what Casting agents think I am and what they think I can do so I have to fight Twice as Hard and not Complain but be Grateful at the same time for any work I get I thank God no matter what. But it's very Hurtful and it gets to you after a while when People see you as one Thing and one thing Only . So my Struggle is I don't ever waste time complaining I'm just trying to figure out How does one Go about getting other to see what you have on the Back Burners especially in this Business. By the way Under the radar is Brilliant

  • aaron bannerman pikesville, MD

    GOD has been using u in my life lately tyler, to encourage me. u r an inspiration foreal foreal yo. u have no idea. if u ever stop doing what u do, i will personally kick ya butt, lol Peace yo, Brother in Christ (notbymight.biz)

  • Sophia Bloomington il

    I love you Tyler Perry, I know that you have heard this many times but I mean it. You give so many people hope that dreams can come true. Iam so amazed when I look at were you came from and how much God has blessed you to be the great man you are now. I can watch your comedy movies and laugh every time like it was my first time seeing it. Stay strong and continue to make us Laugh and cry!

  • Pamela Harris Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Keep up the Amazing work King Tyler Perry...God bless you Always..We Love You. Thanks for Inspiring Me

  • lorie postlewaite Montgomery, wv

    This an amazing message and I do agree with you when you speak of things not coming your way until they are supposed to or that they may not because you just aren't meant for them and that God knows when and how or if you're have it and that things to have to be earned and I also do believe when God closes a door he opens a window I have seen this in my life. So thank you for all these inspirations and positive messages because they really stick. God bless

  • Arnetta Green Philadelphia

    I've just decided to speak about your films. They are great. I own them all. I wish I could sing for you, but I'm handicap. Your ending for the Have & Have Nots was superbly outstanding. God Bless

  • Rhonda Yvette Jackson Michigan

    Tyler is an incredible man. He's an awesome director, actor, comedian and writer. He's an inspiration...every time I write into my second manuscript i think of Tyler. I know that just like God blessed him, He'll bless me. I deal with a lot of haters because God's glory is on my life and whatever i put my hand to but I know that I haven't experienced the amount of haters he has because I'm not on his level of success. Tyler is going to keep it moving and do what God would have him to do. Thank you Lord for the inspiration of your child ...Tyler Perry. #Minister Rhonda Jackson

  • Stephanie Green South Boston, VA


  • Angel Ortiz Tampa, FL

    I love everything about you. You're a light in the dark world. You're a beauty and you've overcame... You are grace and love. Keep being you.

  • Enid Bennett Rochester, New York

    Tyler, I am so grateful for your plays and movies. I can connect on many levels of your lessons that you teach through your plays and movies. Through you I found my spirituality through your shows. I wish you could be a preacher because you are so dead on with the worldly topics that many of us go through daily that our government seems to lose sight that we are real people in all walks of life that go through true life's obstacles. I always feel that you have took what I have wanted to say and feel right from my soul. I find myself crying and relating to what you are expressing. I want to thank you for giving me a light and knowing to hold onto faith. You have inspired in me to go to college. I am working on my second degree. The play The Haves and the Have Nots is my favorite play. Could you please extend a very special thank you to Patrice Lovely who plays Hattie. Maybe I can give you some suggestions for new shows. I was born in the system. I love to write. Everyone has a story.

  • oluseyi chanai winterpark,Florida

    You are truly a great motivator ,everything about you is really inspiring.I must confess you are truly a blessing .

  • Antonia Winters Sprinfield,Il.

    I have been inspired by your works for many years. Your plays,your movies, and T.V. shows,and your giving has made me see that all things are possible. Your story and testimony has given me the encouragement I have needed to continue with living for myself and others. Watching your has gave me the courage to be Me. With GOD and your words of encouragement ,I'm a much better person at being me. THANK YOU!!!!!

    • Darlean Richardson Newport News #2129277

      Oh Tyler it is always an amazing experience to read about you, listen to you, be inspired by you, and even to laugh at your amazing attributes and talents; however by farmost, it is a blessing that you have allowed God to continue to use you in a mighty way. At this time, 5:01, Saturday morning, the first of August. I sit in my bug infested apartment, cramped with my son, daughter-inlaw, and cat. I am newly on Disability due to kidney failure. I use to be a Special Education Teacher. Mr. Perry I tell you all of that because, I have not gave up on any of my dreams. I have started to practice to sang once again. I believe that one day, Darlean Susann Richardson, Betty Jane Richardson, and Truman Eugene Richardson's baby girl, will sang, act, and star in your plays by the Grace of God. I have followed you for years. Tamela Mann and her husband , David Mann, at Sixth Mount Zion, in Hampton, Virginia. even came to the church, in which I was in the choir. Mr. Perry I just want you to just watch how God works. Until we meet, I continue to practice my gift of sanging. I send you prayers for your continued growing family and alllll your successful endeavors. Always remember Mr. Perry the Best always continues to come!

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