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Questions Bring Answers To Get You To Your Goals

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  • Arthur

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  • Angela Sacramento

    I watched your interview with Oprah last night as well as your segment on "Visionaries." I think my dream last night was set at TPS when I went to sleep. I woke up with you, Oprah, and Maya Angelou on my mind [checked out Dr. Angelou on Super Soul Sunday]. Continuing the reflections, I started going through each page of your website and found "Inspirational Corner." I seek out people like you guys to stay positive; to keep my dreams fresh; to apply the spiritual salve on my soul that longs for the fulfillment of the dream. I can't say that it is delayed, because I keep learning more of what I need to be spiritually whole; and to mend emotional fences in preparation for my dream's premier. My escort is my spiritual teacher, Jesus. Praying for you all, because all of you are spiritual gifts that just keep on giving. Be blessed.

  • Kristi Florida

    Hello. What is the first step to taking the stories in your heart & head to becoming a writer for a book and movie? Are there 2 different methods depending on which goal you have? I am wanting to write a book, but do not know where to start. Thank you for your time. Stay in peace & love.

  • Mychael Cleveland , Oh

    Watching this man grow gives me great honor to be black. Growing up i watch my mother raise my three sister and I by herself, But she never stop at just us she rasied our friends, her neices, nephew , cuzens anybody that needed a parent. she was a parent to the parent less. my whole life and im only 20 i been waiting for something good to happen just so that i could be like you. i just wanna give people a chance at a better life. I want to help women reconnect and heal, my calling is to inspire, I have story that i always been scared to share but i never made excuses for my life. I just keep pushing every day, The system made me stronger and being broke gave me my hunger. Thanks for inspiring! call me some times tp lol

  • BAnita 2Kings 2:1

    I will need these monments of inspiration. I have a new mountain to climb. I know He can move mountains, however sometimes we have to climb them. I hope you will find time to add inspirational moments. All this work and anger will need the word of God and faith to disarm these weapons. Sometimes humans get too busy to hear the small stil voice of God. Thank you for these monments of inspirations and I look forward to more. God bless you and keep you safe. We love you very much. Hugs and kisses.

  • Sand Collier Atlanta, Georgia

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  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Hi Tyler!!!, :-) With Mother's Day coming up, I hope you will be encouraged. Yes, and thanks cause Peeples (Movie) will be in theaters as of Mother's Day Weekend. So, hopefully, you yourself will be comforted during this time. Bless you T, in Jesus name. Amen!! #Love

  • Bianca A. Houston, TX

    Thank you for sharing!!!! I love your posts....

  • God is The most high is our God and he is love

    I think some contests will help alot of struggling writers and hopes for their dreams. I think questions allows for hearts to be searched boundaries analyzed. God bless you. I donot understand the anger of so many. I think it is an indication of how speacial she is. God bless your team. everybody needs more love and kindness. If people say they love God, how can they be so angry and want to hurt innocent people. Some love is selfish.

  • Elaine Cleveland, Ohio

    I feel Tyler Perry's greatest work will be the story and movie about his' life. I'm so looking forward to seeing it. I know it's coming and it will be powerful.

  • michelle

    Love the cars in the background. I have a few too. They are called phat cars. Just thought it was cute.

  • Debbie Utah

    Something I wanted to share with you. Life The purpose of life is to discover your gift. The work of life is to develop it. The meaning of life is to give your gift away. =D I know I have a purpose. I believe in my gift. I am here to give. When I am in doubt, I give more. I'm not sure who said that but I love it, it inspires me.