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  • Kimberly D. Atlanta

    Hi Tyler! A few months ago I was surrounded with people I considered my friends. We'd fellowship together, hang out at each others' place, do impromptu sleepovers and encourage one another. We just had so much fun. Then me and a mutual friend from the group got into a huge argument. It had to do with business. Well, this friend was so upset with me that they went and blasted to all our other friends and pretty much got them to turn their backs on me. I was deeply hurt. I reached out to one of my friends and told them I felt betrayed and didn't understand why they chose sides without hearing my side of the story. It's still taken me some time to heal. To attempt to forgive, to restore relationships. Now that the air is clear it's allowed me to see people for who they are (imperfect) and it's helped me to forgive. It's hard I must admit. But what I'm seeing is that everyone that is around you may not be around you because they like 'you'. They may admire you for what you are, have, or may potentially become. Seldom do you run into those people that will love you for you. In the valley, when you're down, when you're looking rough, when a lot of people are rejecting you. But one valuable thing I've learned is how my Father (Jesus) continues to be MY friend. When I'm upset with Him, when I don't understand His plan, when I'm impatient, when I willfully go against Him, He Sticks. Closer...than...a...brother. His friendship teaches me how to be a friend to others. And based on what I went through and knowing how it feels, appreciating the value of true friendships. I no longer seek out or complain about having 'real' friends. I just become that. A real friend. Because at the end of the day...we all shall reap what we sow. Cheers to real friends invading our lives! I bless God for you Mr. Tyler Perry.

    • Carolyn Harshaw Roseville Macomb County, Michigan #1863769

      This incident has a very simple solution!!! My question is why are a lot of women having slep-overs? We are not in a College Dorm or Primary Schooling". This was bound to happen, because people disagree, Okay!!! The only person that should get the victory is the Savior of your soul; and a lot of women donot appeal to this type of outing very well. Sides will be taken. Find another way of socializing,or and just have fun with fewer friends/associatesfrom Church. It's not a bad ideal: you just have to know who you're traveling with. Because some women are very out-spoken and are in Management Positions. Then there are controlling individuals that just don't know how to walk-away. Laugh-Out-Loud" Been watching too much Madea" OKAy!!!

  • latece johnson Atlanta ga

    Good Morning, Mr.Perry you are a great man of GOD.I know you are the real deal my 4yr old watch's your movie's and play's over and over again meaning all day long.I am amazed by him and he acts out all the people in your play wow!!! When I'm down he will come and do or say something from your play and put a big smile on my face and say it's alright grandma so with that being said you know you have made an good impact on our youth .keep doing the dew because you do it so well. And yes I do need your help and I'm not asking for money or to be in a show NO!!!! It's something you said in one of your video's that hit me in my head hard.I know you are a very busy man but if you could just listen for a moment it would mean the world to me. THANK YOU BE AND STAY BLESSED. ................PS if we don't talk I still have much love you.

  • April Kight rome ga

    My Pastor Dr. Terri Mayes yrs ago and Todd Bridges wife wrre in a play of yours. God has shown her that He will reconnect you guys. Her husband is a county commisioner here. She is a lot like you Mr. Perry.. b/c her straight forward raw way of ministry has changed lives of thugs, addicts, adulterers, backstabbers, like yourself ... despite those who oppose the gospel fight her left and right. i have one wish... and that is to treat the both of you to dinner... in Jesus name... I love you.

  • Tyesha Peak Monroe ga

    Hello My name is Tyesha T. Peak I am a 25 year old woman that has had her trials and tribulations as I am sure we all have had. I have been homeless in a time in my life and I have had the biggest dream since the age of 12 years old. I want to know and try and receive grant help to make this dream a reality. There are a lot of shelters in the city of Atlanta but not many that treat individuals that have come across hard times with a sense of dignity. They do provide shelter temporarily but they do not provide the means for an individual to better ones self so that the possibilities of homelessness become limited not increasing. I want to open a shelter where I can add rehab and ged and highschool diplomas for those who do not have education. Also credit counseling for those who have poor credit in addition to providing employment to those who have experience in this nature of work. Any help that you could provide I would appreciate with the deepest of my soul. Thanks for even reading this. J My home phone or cell is . Thank you so much

    • Mrs. Fran #1857542

      Hi, have you thought of linking up, working with one of the shelters to implement your ideas for now? Hope all works out for you. Be blessed

  • Carlisa Green Cleveland Ohio

    I want to be an actress .I can sing too.should I go to school to be an actress .or is there a Another way . I know I can act I did that so Many times to people family how dont want to know the real Carlisa.Im trying I need help knowing how to do This Tyler Perry please help me and I hope and pray that one day we will Meet. Carlisa Green

  • Esther Nkhoma Malawi

    God bless you Tyler for taking time to inspire us. You are heaven sent may the good Lord bless you. Esther

  • Thuda Keys Houston, Texas

    Hi Mr. Perry, How are you? I pray that you are well. I pray for you to keep moving forward, because you are an inspiration. I am asking for prayer. Our church is having a bully rally on August 10th. Mr. Perry this is something that have hit me and my son. I can't believe some of the comments I am hearing. People are talking about it and me. Bullying is serious. I have read up on it and watched videos. Plus a couple of youth have shared stories of what have happened to them. Mr. Perry, our kids needs to know more information about bullying,. Whether they are the bully or they are the one being bullied. But most of all to let them know that God is with them and have not left them. So if you would say a prayer for us. I know God will get the victory. Thank you, TRK

  • drucilla charlotte, NC

    Hello MR.Perry,I worked the fourth of july ,all is well .Very proud of you and all your success,when I was achild I use to sew all my clothing ,now at the ripe old age of soon to be 61,ive started back sewing enrolled in penn foster dress &design courses,right now trying to find someone to photograph my garement ,so I can get final grade.wnated to send you a photo of it but unable to find a mailing address,i know you are a very busy person,and probably don't have time to respond,but should you ever read this ,rememberGOD BLESS ALL YOURSUCESS YOU INSPIRE ME A LOT. JUST LOVE MADEA.LOVE ALWAYS DRU

  • Raymond James ATL

    GOD is working through you!! Thank you

  • Tonya Traylor Miami, Florida

    Thank You for not only inspiring but for teaching. Can't wait til the day I work with you. Thank you for Guidance!

  • Kevin DC

    Mr. Perry, You may or may not read this, however, I wanted to say thank you for being an inspiration to myself and most importantly the African-American community. I started watching your movies when I was in high school and now, the progress that you have made with your craft is tremendous. I don't consider myself an aspiring director, producer, screenwriter and actor, it IS what I am. Mr. Perry, the moment I found out you were African-American some years ago, it gave me the chills. I told myself if I work hard at what I do and stay focused, I could create films as well. I'm writing this to let you know that film has been the only thing that keeps me moving when I don't feel like moving; I feel like filmmaking is what God sent me here to do and I will pursue it to the fullest. Unfortunately, being in the military, I'm constantly tasked, shipped and managed like hardware to accommodate the Army's needs. In my world, it seems as if all hope for me in this business is lost, but that doesn't stop me from writing, researching and perfecting my craft the best and only way I know how. When it seems as if there is no way to accomplish you goals or live out your dreams, how do you create a path for accomplishment? Thank you for your time Sir, may Gods will be done and you be blessed.

  • Sade' Eastmond-Brown New York City

    I don't know if you will ever read this but it's worth a try. The first time I watched your success videos I cried. I was searching for answers my entire life and you answered them all. The people in my environment act as if the live to adapt. But Tyler I know I was born differently, I just can not sit at home, and do what everyone else does. I want to help people, I want to be successful and I want to leave my mark on this earth before I die. I am not looking for fame and publicity. I am looking to help the lives of hundreds-millions-billions of people. I want to help change this trend in society today. I already started talking to a few youths, since I look young for my age they are not often intimidated. I am working on opening a free workshop in my community to get young men off the streets and in trade school or college, and to teach these young women how to love and respect their bodies. The media and gatekeepers are using entertainment to distract youths and people in general from becoming successful, but I feel like no body is hearing me. One day I will like to meet you, because I watch these videos everyday to keep me pushing. I feel weak at times, but I remember in the beginning you too failed, but you kept pushing. Thank you so much for changing my life. I recently graduated College. I started my own Photography business. I am a wife and a mother of a 1 yr/old. Everyday I pray that God leads me in the right direction, and I know he will. I will meet you one day Tyler, I know it.

    • Rob Chicago #1845141

      Sade, Thank you for this. I understand. What you wrote is beautiful. And to save even one life is enough. God Bless you! Rob Chicago, IL

    • Kim Baltimore Bel Air, MD #1845595

      Dear Sade', I want to thank YOU. Your transparency is very uplifting. I am in graduate school and chose to write a leadership paper on Mr. Perry as an authentic leader/visionary. Truly he is that; and while I have a deadline of midnight tonight, I want to take time out to post this response to you. By the very fact that you took the time to post such a heart-felt message to reaffirm your passion to be a moral agent of change for this society, you have already confirmed this for yourself. Sincere congratulations. If you never meet him personally, he has done his job. HIs words of encouragement have empowered you to stay focused. Be encouraged. Trust that the Lord already has a plan for your life from the foundation of the world. You saying yes, is just the beginning. God Bless you and if the Lord's will, I will see you from afar on the big screen and cheer you on as I remember this day.

    • Yola John-Weekes Trinidad and Tobago #1913962

      Hi Sade` I am Yola, I am not in any way connected with Tyler, other than being on his mailing list. You said that you want to be able to help others, to make a positive difference in this life; and this is why I have chose to reach out to you...I work with a group of successful entrepreneurs who are all about helping others. If you are truly interested in helping others, please contact me as we are always interested in working with like minded individuals... Looking forward to hearing from you, Yola.

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