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  • shonie johnson pontiac

    I am a single parent of for children its been so hard but I know god wouldn't put me there it if I couldn't handle it, I just want say your story allways inspired me

  • Ellena Coleman Philadelphia Pa 19144

    Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry for all the great plays and movies you produced. Maybe one day I will be a good actor and have a place in the Tyler family. Thanks for being you. Have a bless day.

  • Toni Indiana

    I happened upon this website while surfing Facebook. A friend posted your video of "How to be successful" I was and am inspired by how God enlightened you with a gift of encouraging others thru your words and your work. I am not one to post things online but my spirit was stirred by your blessing to be a blessing to others. I laugh and cry with so many others while enjoying your talents and I just wanted you to know that God is doing a MIGHTY work in & thru you. I will NOT stop believing that "I can do ALL things thru God who strenghtens me" You sir, are the TRUE example of Jeremiah 29:11. God Blesses you in all that you do & He will continue to work thru you to bless us all. Thank you for being AVAILBLE to HIM!

  • B. A .......................

    Recently I lost my pet and I asked God why now? She was a comfort and a friend. Will you pray for me. Thank you.

  • marilyn baker landover md

    I have watch all of your DVD and they are very inspiring than I am having a bad day I go home and have a Tyler party it always lifts my sprite God bless you and thank you for being one of God's chooses one's.

  • eduardo mendez Costa Rica

    Hi Mr. Perry, thanks for incredible words you always have for people like me, let me tell you I want be successful but for you what should I do if you don´t see any results, It´s hard to keep faith while you are waiting for, however today I got a new job but I have many ideas about how to get money and pay bills and I am struggle and I don´t know how to star, can you give an advice, you know I admire you because you got a great balance among how to be a church member keeping your faith in Jesus and being an entrepreneur and actor, even I told my wife and want to be like you keeping a good balance specially to serve Jesus and show people How great to serve God. God Bless you and keep going. Regards from Costa Rica

  • tim allen Texas

    Mr. Perry, Thanks you for the inspiring words of faith. It both tears to my eyes for what I am trying to do. Over the past 2 years I been trying to promote a sports line that I know in heart will generate hundreds million of dollars. But it seems when I am right their, the door closes. For example a few months a go I sent sample of my product to one of the national buyers for Foot Action. She replied that the product that I sent her was the most innovate thing she had seem in years. But then she back tracked and said because I was a new vendor I need to generate customer interest for them to give me purchase order. All I wanted them to do was a test run because I knew the product would sell it self. So I am taking your advice, don't stop believing, staying focus and giving god the glory. My products can be seen at www.tapcosports.com

  • Denise P Blackman United States

    Mr Perry, sir I do have a question for you, do you personally answer questions that are posted here for answers from you? I do know you are overwhelmed with more pressing obligations but my queztion is so intricate and personal very close 2 me , I really will appreciate if can have control of it. Thank you so very much , I appreciate it sir ty.

  • Evang, Susan D. T. Corbett Orlando, Florida

    Mr. Tyler Perry: I see we have a lot in common. when I accepted the call to evangelism, the Lord taught me how to be a good listener. I know listening will help you slow down also, and hear that still small voice when the Lord is speaking. I do so much enjoy listening to your mind. Sister Corbett; GOD BLESS

  • Drena Sneed Chicago, IL

    Thank You so much !

  • Raa Philadelphia pa.

    Thank You!!!

  • shantae (shanz) jamaica

    Mr Tyler Perry I wish I knew you before you were famous or so busy then i would get to talk to you whenever I want but I believe every thing happens for a reason and god knows what's best for you even if you don't see it right at that moment. I would just want to talk to you for even one hour or less alot of people wish that too but I believe its gonna happen even if its never gonna happen I believe it will and faith always keeps me standing with the help of you and your inspirational words and thoughts. love always shantae

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