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Questions Bring Answers To Get You To Your Goals

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  • Cohann Uniontown, Al

    I love this video. I would say this about all your video honestly..lol. I'm fascinated by the way when you said you love when GOD asks questions. He already knows the answer he want to see if we knows the answer. I have a question for myself at the this point. "Why is my life in stand still mode." My answer, "well, i'm not pushing harder to strive for what i want." Another question i have. "What does it takes for me to get a chance to meet you one day?" My answer. Striver harder then i ever did to get closer and closer to that point i eventually will get there. I sense and believe that one day i will get my wish to meet you one day. Be blessed tyler love you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Miss P. usa

    Hello Tyler... OMG...I need your help now,,,im sooo tired...I wanted to attend Woman thou art loosed 2014...but my pastors convocation starts on 8-6-14 and im required to be present in Macon GA. then too...my money is tight...my rent here is due...I have no help...I don't know what to do...I don't want to insult my pastor...plz. can you help me be apart of both without being in trouble when I get home...im so desperate to get out of here...rescue me plz. tyler...I cant wait any longer.

  • Deviant A, Actress

    How the h*** do I strip to my bra and panties in a chapel...? The fate of my newly formulated plan looked in jeopardy. I follow 'Boss' down a very long, dark hallway. I had hoped to be uplifted, literally -- not forced to follow a narrow, spiritual path...to reach a much-hyped, glorified, sitting room. We entered the room. I looked around.The room was made from polished brown wood. The chapel was quiet, lit by dim electric lights. Honestly, my high was fading. I started to feel...sober. I realized then, there was no way I was going to strip in a church-club. "Why did you build...this place," I asked? "Do you like this place?" "I guess..." "Why don't you like this place?" The Boss turned towards me. "Is the room too dark and quiet? Are you afraid to be alone with me," he asked. "Alone...with a male like you...impossible." "So, you like my company." I connect better with you than with Jesus. I teased by nibbling my bottom lip. I moved close to my boss. "Uhhm...I don't know what you want me to do. You were hired, yet..." "Establishing rules of contact," I whispered seductively. "Are you afraid to be alone with me?" "No. I believe you are a talented, beautiful woman." I tilted my head, cheek touching my right shoulder. "I want to know how close I can get..." "Because?" "Because I need a guide. Because," I whispered, "I can better satisfy my expectations near the side of a strong man like..." "Me," he finished. "Right." "Interesting. I was told to build this chapel. I was told to hire a priest...for quick marriage ceremonies, or mid-day confessions. I want you to meet a man who works here." "I do. Yes, Yes, Yes!" I screamed...jumping with joy. I hugged Prince Charming, feeling waves of warmth caress me. I was coming alive. His arms wrapped me in a tender warm cushion. I wanted to stay in this gentle embrace.

  • Look at the lovebug SC

    Wisdom God can give through another person. We are all capable of being used to help save one another! Love thy neighbor! Tyler loves!

  • shonie johnson pontiac

    I am a single parent of for children its been so hard but I know god wouldn't put me there it if I couldn't handle it, I just want say your story allways inspired me

  • Ellena Coleman Philadelphia Pa 19144

    Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry for all the great plays and movies you produced. Maybe one day I will be a good actor and have a place in the Tyler family. Thanks for being you. Have a bless day.

  • Toni Indiana

    I happened upon this website while surfing Facebook. A friend posted your video of "How to be successful" I was and am inspired by how God enlightened you with a gift of encouraging others thru your words and your work. I am not one to post things online but my spirit was stirred by your blessing to be a blessing to others. I laugh and cry with so many others while enjoying your talents and I just wanted you to know that God is doing a MIGHTY work in & thru you. I will NOT stop believing that "I can do ALL things thru God who strenghtens me" You sir, are the TRUE example of Jeremiah 29:11. God Blesses you in all that you do & He will continue to work thru you to bless us all. Thank you for being AVAILBLE to HIM!

  • B. A .......................

    Recently I lost my pet and I asked God why now? She was a comfort and a friend. Will you pray for me. Thank you.

  • marilyn baker landover md

    I have watch all of your DVD and they are very inspiring than I am having a bad day I go home and have a Tyler party it always lifts my sprite God bless you and thank you for being one of God's chooses one's.

  • eduardo mendez Costa Rica

    Hi Mr. Perry, thanks for incredible words you always have for people like me, let me tell you I want be successful but for you what should I do if you don´t see any results, It´s hard to keep faith while you are waiting for, however today I got a new job but I have many ideas about how to get money and pay bills and I am struggle and I don´t know how to star, can you give an advice, you know I admire you because you got a great balance among how to be a church member keeping your faith in Jesus and being an entrepreneur and actor, even I told my wife and want to be like you keeping a good balance specially to serve Jesus and show people How great to serve God. God Bless you and keep going. Regards from Costa Rica

  • tim allen Texas

    Mr. Perry, Thanks you for the inspiring words of faith. It both tears to my eyes for what I am trying to do. Over the past 2 years I been trying to promote a sports line that I know in heart will generate hundreds million of dollars. But it seems when I am right their, the door closes. For example a few months a go I sent sample of my product to one of the national buyers for Foot Action. She replied that the product that I sent her was the most innovate thing she had seem in years. But then she back tracked and said because I was a new vendor I need to generate customer interest for them to give me purchase order. All I wanted them to do was a test run because I knew the product would sell it self. So I am taking your advice, don't stop believing, staying focus and giving god the glory. My products can be seen at www.tapcosports.com

  • Denise P Blackman United States

    Mr Perry, sir I do have a question for you, do you personally answer questions that are posted here for answers from you? I do know you are overwhelmed with more pressing obligations but my queztion is so intricate and personal very close 2 me , I really will appreciate if can have control of it. Thank you so very much , I appreciate it sir ty.

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