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Questions Bring Answers To Get You To Your Goals

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  • Deanna Hayden Lorman, MS

    I am a 17 year old high school senior living outside Fayette, MS. I have worked hard to get good grades and work to help others in my community. I spend my time in the church choir, tutoring, acting and studying and working with senior citizens in my community. I do take time to enjoy hanging out with my friends. Although my parents want me to attend college in MS, my lifelong dream has been to attend college in Atlanta, but the financial strain will be too much for my family. Someone said a dream is worth doing everything legally possible to get a positive result. I have started a campaign to address the successful individuals I hear, admire and take advice from to request support and/or direction. Some of my achievements are listed in our local paper. Please take time to view the site: www.natchezdemocrat.com/2014/01/22/bright-future-cathedral-junior-is-ready-for-the-gavel/ I look forward to receiving a kind response, even if it's just encouragement to continue striving towards my dream. So that you know this is a serious request, I have been featured in our local newspaper on several occasions. If you or your staff has time to search it, I am sure you will see my accomplishments and my drive to make a dream come true. Thank you. Fulfilling a lifelong dream, Deanna Hayden ()

  • Michael Marrio Los Angeles

    Thanks for sharing Tyler.

  • Sharon Deneenbrister Irmo ,SC

    Hi Tyler, happy day smile and laugh look yes nice it , the Have and the have not seen Reader to buy books pay not much no money nothing not have no ticket will have a good time not funny I Love it one my Tyler and Oprah Winfrey very good own and TV shows Tika summer I like that you just prayer my huge

  • Sharon Deneenbrister South Carolina, SC

    Try ask you Tyler , l Remember with you little boy 6 old year 1965 not truly Longtime miss you want see you never come my home at south Carolina , l know you Tyler and Oprah Winfrey my Friends l Love you Always Time Tyler Perry and Sharon I am deaf leaned future no jobs by just prayer

  • Sharon Deneenbrister South Carolina, SC 29063 h

    Hi Tyler Happy birthday to you cake on Tuesday good night forever l Love you Always miss you see you my hug just prayer

  • Cynthia boydton va

    Hi Tyler u are my inspiration but I just wonder why is a 46 year old mother of three single it seems l like I can't get a brake facing eviction and electric disconnect. What can I do to make my family life better

  • Rhonda Jackson, MS

    Ask questions of myself... Mr. Perry, [deep breath] I didn't leave earlier- housing market wasn't for the seller and I needed the money to get us to our next destination. I created Talk, Walk & Learn Center, LLC/SHIFTS Night Care Center, LLC 24/7 learning care service for ages 6 weeks-11 yrs. www.twlsnc24hr.com or www.twl24.com and its Beta sprouts on same site. I wrote my businesses as a 24/7 franchise. 429 parents in 39 states need my services. 16 person/churches in 10 states contacted for consultation- 1 internationsl, 2 businessmen in 2 states for business travel 1 being international, 1 parent in 1 state used us while vacationing ("Honey, We Need a Date Night!" program, they found us online). I look 20-40 yrs into future for these children and their decision-making abilities. My parents are enthused that their children are advanced. see www.twlsnc24hr.com/partners/ MS Dept. of Ed. released "...2/3 of the state's youngest learners enter school unprepared to learn." What I didn't expect: this city doesn't want it. It's been shown through denial, numbers, humiliation by a bank representative) even a higher city official stated, "I don't want to see your web site." and "If you haven't gotten the license in 7 year, (sound of inhaling a long S out of corner of mouth) and more. It has left me 'financially disturbed'. i am 'financially disturbed' as I stayed within the legal confines present by the state childcare licensing. My background in Family Reunification (subprogram of Family Preservation) and Family Resource Center working in elementary education. There are too many stories of greed in childcare that cause damage to the children. I want my headquarters in Raleigh, NC and start branching out to franchise a 24/7 childcare with the top 10 states. I asked myself to let your voice be heard. Hear me!!! someone. This observationally personable woman has these things to give to the future, now! Thank you Mr. Perry.

  • Maria Ramos Philadelphia

    Thank you for that bro. I have recently developed the habit of praying when I have questions. Stay blessed.

  • Brittney Bailey Atlanta, GA

    I really needed that, Thank you.

  • Patresa Alabama

    Mr. Perry, Thank God for your existing here on earth. You have done so many great and power things. Your movies and plays have showed many in so many ways how to live again. I am a huge fan, to the point the guy I date don't want to take me to see your work. It's ok I can take myself. God has allowed you to touch so many lives. Every play or movie you have presented I can always find myself in the message. I know one day God will allow or paths to cross, I just need to shake the hand of the man that said in a lay, when you get in your 40's your light bulb goes off. That has stuck with me for a long time. I can relate to the The Diary of a mad Black woman. People will treat you bad, but they never know the same people you mistreat , will be the same one's you will need later on. Your movie Mr. Deeds, I have never slept in a car, but I have sure come close. I know what it feels like to raise kids alone, no food or not enough food. I know what it feels like to clean bathrooms. We all have a story to tell. I just wanted to let you know, I love you in the Lord, I pray God will continue to move you forward, thank you for the How to be successful video. I'm the one who is always encouraging others, but no one is there for me. Your inspirational video's are like a breathe of fresh air. Mr. Perry keep building your foundation on the Lord. One day I will be able to tell my success story and help someone else. God Bless!!!

  • Robert HOARD, IV Hiram, GA 30141

    Mr. Perry, You are so right about asking questions will bring us to answers that God has ALREADY given us. Sadly, many, many people don't even see the questions clearly, because they live in a darkened state of being. BUT GOD...in all of His awesome power has given us people like you, to be a light that reveals the things we're tripping. You also reveal the blessings right before us. Thank you for showing us that, God always gives us the joy to replace the pain, beauty for ashes, and the answers to our questions. All we have to do is ask...like you do! Thank you!

  • Marilyn United States

    My heart feels blessed after hearing this message Tyler. I will continue to ask questions of myself and do all I can to come up with answers. Love you!!!