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  • lorie postlewaite Montgomery, wv

    I truly believe this. I think God always test us with such things to see if we truly have the faith that he demands us to have. I think it's great because it keeps us on our toes for the most part. God bless

  • WILLIAM MUSTAPHA 987 lawton atlanta ga.30310

    this is a book about a man that was in prison back in 1930,he was jailed for taking his own money from his boss .the name of the book is bottomless pit .by Alvin baker.

  • Brianja Warren Cleveland, Ohio

    I watch this video over and over and I just can't find myself like I ride the bus to work and sometimes I cry because I know I'm pose to be farther than I am and I think bout every different way of how I can get there just hard no one understand me and I have no support I don't know what to do I really could use your help.

  • Hazel Little Orlando Florida

    Mr. Perry I need help..

  • wisner Etienne Hallandale Beach ,Florida

    I do have a lot to say ,but right now, Mr Tyler after i'm done watching your clip. I can't stop crying, this is exactly what i'm going through right now .GOOD BLESS YOU Mr Perry.

  • Mistress Marilyn/ Angela Varner Atlanta, Georgia

    Just wanted to let u know that you do inspire people of all walks of life. Also, I am into the BDSM lifestyle. I'm thinking that this could be very educational if you are willing to broaden ur audiences even more so into my lifestyle. Kind of like 50 shades of grey, but even better. The movie was ok but with your talent, along side of my experiences could be so very educational and inspire people in my lifestyle to come out and be happy instead of ashamed in this lifestyle that I and so many others live. Everything you speak of is the truth. I've had my YouTube page for quite sometime and followers from all over. My followers love and adore me as yours do, together with my knowledge I think we can turn this into something comical, dramatic, inspirational, naughty, as well as educational for all of the world to see but in many dimensions. There are so very many fetishes that need to be let out of the closet. I so truly believe that u can do this in your films. Please consider this and all I've told you. I look forward to educating people all over, not just through my YouTube page.

  • Kylan Dalton


  • B A

    I cannot imagine life without the knowledge of you. Thanking God and your mother for your birth! I was praying this was the best birthday ever! I hope so! God bless you and your family!

  • Dominique Marion College park Ga

    Hi Mr. Perry I know your are a very busy person and I have been watching you from the very first show, and I have just watched you grow and grow to become so very successful and i wish i had that encouragement that you have. I am a undergrad student going for my Masters in Business management, A mother of four young boy's 12, 9, 7, 1 & as a single mother I try to find strength to move forward everday preying i will have enough money to wash cloths, to pay for sports and to keep a house over my children's head, and I pray and pray but everytime i get to feel like I'm in a good place for my family i get pulled back down with no help or support from family i sometimes don't know where my children next meal will come from. I don't have a father and I have a mother that is just coming off drugs i don't know what to do or where to turn in my life or how to go on but i know that I have my boys and i can't let them down i do know i am a very smart women, i have my faith and as long as i have someone that is special like you to keep me laughing then i know there is hope i am a stong women i am a victim of domestic violence. And I am a survivor I'm from florida and and i relocated to Atlanta from domestic violence but trying to land a job has not been in my favor and now an eviction notice post.on my front door what can i do stay positive for my self and be a great rolemodel for my little men i dont want to them down. I want them to believe that anything they put their brave little minds to they can do just that Mr, Perry i am not asking for a hand out but i need wordz of encouragement to get me through i feel like I'm failing the only men i have in my world they are depending in me their mother the one person that wi never leave their side how do.i go forward.

  • Nevaeh Neal Greenville, S.C.

    I am 11 years old. My grandma lives for Tuesday night to watch Tyler Perry show. She does all that she can for her family. She loves children and I wish her dreams would come true. To own her business. Continue Success

    • Richard Bailey Columbus, GA #2140746

      Dear Mr. Perry: I count it an honor and privilege to be able to reach out to your foundation...with this in mind I offer a prayer for your constant blessings and future opportunities. ...and a sincere thanks for sharing them with others. Mr. Perry, I am looking for a sponsor to help with the publishing of a new, "Find a word," magazine...entitle: BRAINSCAN; The next phase to crossword puzzle. Brainscan was created from a hobby to help relief stress, encourage concentration, and improve mental focus for social interaction between family, friends, classroom projects, the elderly...and virtually anyone willing to accept the challenge for the maximum reward from finding words. Brainscan...also have the potential to be developed into an online interactive game for -find a word enthusiast...and the curious individual. ...Needless to say; I am sure you have got a lot to attend to within your social network, so I am making no demands...but would truly appreciate your help. Respectfully, Richard Bailey Ps. My project is available for personal review and professional opinion. Thanks in advance, and God bless you.

  • Brandon Foster Baltimore,MD

    Hello to everyone whom this letter may be in concern too! My name is Brandon Foster & I am a African American who currently lives in the area of Baltimore, MD. I will be 23 next month on August the 12th! HEIGHT:5;9 WEIGHT: 180. The only thing that I can really say to you guys is that I believe in my heart that I am too talented to be at home hiding my gifts. I have decided too face my fears and to get out there and to do what it is that I have been dreaming of all of my life which is being out on the stage front and opening up my heart to those that will be watching whatever it is that I will be apart of, giving the viewers the opportunity to feel and connect with my role. If I am awarded the opportunity of working with some of the most greatest and corageous Actor/Actress a promise to you all that I will come with my best attitude knowing that the job that has been set out for will be accomplished with every being of my soul. If you are interesting in meeting with me please feel free to contact me at you so much for your interest.

  • Carla Pittsburgh

    Please make a movie soundtrack for Madea's big family, I love the way the young lady sings heaven waits for me. Love you Mr Perry and thank for the joy you keep giving with your movies of love and family.