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  • Rose Alexandria, La

    I felt like this message was meant for me I planted the seed but was not focus on the one project that I know was a gift from God. A book call Pressures of a Black man. This project started in 1998 got the finish product in 2012. Website www. Pressuresofablackman.com done, book on amazon.com. I tried to get the book out there years ago. You are so right focus on one project at a time and by the Grace of God because that the only answer. Thank you for the encouragement. Continue Favor

  • IMSC Pam California

    What an incredible message! I needed to hear this and it is a blessing that I happened upon one of your videos which led me to this site. Thank you for giving me insight this morning to plan my week and know exactly what direction I need to move.

  • Michelle United States

    When God places a dream in your heart, no one or nothing can stop you. For many years I had a dream of being a flight attendant. In 2005, I decided to take action and pursue that dream. First, I needed God to take away my fear of flying. In 1984 at the age of 15 a dear friend of mine was killed in an airplane crash. I put my hand in His and He instantly took that fear from me. Next I had to stop listening to the ones that said, "Its impossible, you'll never get hired, you're too old, not enough experience, too short, too shy, blah, blah, blah, you'll never make it! Eventually, I did get hired with a commuter airline. Its the lowest on the scale but you have to start at the bottom and work your way up to the top, major airlines. Its been a long road and a lot of hard work but a week ago, I received a call from a major airline. After a drilling personality screening test, 2 phone interviews and an extensive online application, I have been invited to ATL for a face to face interview. It has been stated, its easier to get into Harvard than it is to get in with this airline. Well, I almost made it but unfortunately, I probably will not be able to attend the interview or accept the position if offered, due to health issues. However, Im still not going to give up the dream God has placed in me. I dont believe God places a dream in you then closes that door if He isn't planning on opening another, usually better.If someone, er hum, would allow me to work on a corporate jet like "one flight" even once a month per se, it would make an awesome testimony, especially for all the ones that tried to stop me and told me, it was impossible. "You have not because you ask not", dream BIG, we serve a giving, loving, caring and nothings impossible God!

  • Brian Roberts Sr. Cleveland, Ohio

    Once again I appreciate you for sharing your words of wisdom and inspiration. I feel that you are touching on some of the same things that Mr. Jim Rohn spoke about often when it comes to planting a seed. Also you spoke on having a firm and strong belief Mr. Claude Bristol also spoke about this in the Majic Of Believing. I just want to tell you that to hear your story of how things were going horrible for you and that you were able to keep the faith and believe just speaks how powerful faith and belief really are. For you to come from homeless to being where you are today just lets me know that through GOD all things are possible if you believe. Thanks again so much for sharing this I have literally listened to this video quite a few times. I think that each time I hear it that it just drives it into my subconscious mind that I make all my goals and dreams come true in due time.

    • Brian Roberts Sr. Cleveland, Ohio #1917544

      That I will make all of my goals and dreams come true in due time.

  • Fred Moore Urban League San Diego

    Con't The work I do is that of a Motivational Speaker. My partner and I have created a program we call Expand and Explode. Tonight I am aware of the truth you offer when you say do not stop and water with focus and intent on one thing. As I close out this Thank You; let it be known that you and the World will be exposed to Fred Moore and Harold Neal and EXPAND AND EXLODE. May God continue to bless your every move. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

    • Regina Barbour baltimore #1918862

      I have been inspired to write my own books, It has always been my desire to publish my journals of my life experiences. You have proved to me that dreams can become a reality. I have been writing since the age 11, but unfortunately lost my writings. I have been working on a bio about my life and how God has got me through my test and trials, although some came as a result of my bad decisions, yet he still was merciful making a way of escape. God gave you a gift that you increased even in the midst of your storm, which tells me God is with us in the storm making sure it doesn't over take us. Your healing came through you making plays, but I know God has other plans for my journey. Thank You for surrendering yourself to be used by God, and I pray that you remain focus and continue to avail yourself to those who need hope and belief in God's unconditional love. Remember what your mother told you in secret, when it was just you and her having your private moments of seed sowing in your life for that's one of your strengths. Just one of the gold nuggets I want to leave you. Much love sweetie

  • DeWayne Wilkerson Monroe, Michigan

    Last night I was feeling very frustrated about where I was at in my career. So I started to search youtube for inspiration and ran across this clip. You see Tyler I been followinging your story while I was incarcerated on a 135 year prison sentence, so after studying screenwriting I was paroled after almost 12 years and convinced a former factory worker turn filmmaker to produce a script I had wrote to inspire at risk kids. For awhile I took the film around here locally, and just knew I would make it, but here I sit broke, but not gonna give up, thank you sooo much for these inspirational post cause you didn't have to do it, God is good!

  • MiKO Overland Park, KS 66207

    Yes, being focussed is a way to bring fruition to a dream by watering it well. When you focus a laser from a broad beam, to a refined, narrow beam, - it yields a lot of power! Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Sandra Stanley North Carolina 28164

    I listen to your comments on How to be successful and it really did me a lot of good. I know I have to plant a seed and do my research and open up my upscale consignment shop, but I know I have to search for the resources I need and the knowledge to put it all in place. I worked in retail for 20 years and I want to be able to now do it for myself what I have done for the company, I came out last year and it was a good move for me. Thank you for all the advice that you post it helps to keep me motivated. Keep the Have and Have Not's coming.

  • Debra Common Chicago IL

    Thank You!

  • Gail B Williams United States

    Every time I watch this I am brought to tears. Today I sent you an email about my new Fiction Novel OH HOW THE MIGHTY FALL being turned into a movie and as I clicked to other areas of your page I came upon this video again. I usually find it on YouTube or other pages but I always find it when it's needed. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are truly an inspiration.

  • marquetta bossie

    Every time i listen to this it makes me smile . Just to kno words of experience can encourage and mean so much to people. i can listen To this every day all day and it means more then the last time . Its crazy how you can really love someone you never met . I love yu tyler perry

  • J. Dalal Richmond VA

    1999 must have been the year things started to change. I was stationed in Italy and I heard about your plays in 2000 !!! Italy !!! How awesome is that?! I hear you, Sir, and I understand ; that recurring feeling, that recurring idea, the dream you are too embarrassed to speak out loud even to yourself. I will continue to water this seed with training and practice... Thank you so much!!!