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  • Dartrisha Wheeler Huntsville, AL

    Thank you so much for your detailed information. Yes seeds have been planted and I continue to wait for God to do what will be done in his time. This time I have waited have taught me patience, to use my time wisely and have taught me to appreciate all that has occurred while I wait. Yes God gave me words to write down and them continued to come. When the words stopped that was my time to place them on cards etc. While I continue to wait it allowed me to place them into the hands of many. Yes fear came around and the thought of the negative statements that were given by a few made me wonder should I continue; then here you come with details....Thank you, Thank you.....

  • Portia King Nassau Bahamas

    You are simply AMAZING.I am so proud of you.You have inspired me.One day we will meet and I will share some of the stories God encouraged me to write.Have a blessed day

  • Temi

    Still at ur lively spot?..without doubt, am sure the scripts will be top notch. Pls...am still waiting on you for new post here and most especially on giving ur shoulders. I always always love to read you.. hear you..learn from you. More grace xoxo

  • Hadassah(Temi)

    Thank God for HIS GRACE... your doggedness, your focus and all. And thanks for your good counsel. please could you talk more on...giving your shoulders...?pls? and post it here?... thanks and xoxo


    the two of me-the gangster and the poet. Im the first published author in history to write an autobiography completely in poetry and short stories. Ty;er i got some deep stuff in there. for example, page 232 "you are blessed"Your mountain is high but your valley is steeper, its ok if u cry but lets dig a little deeper. Relationships and Marriages dont fail people do, they will make your life h*** and blame it on you. Your dreams abandoned like a car thats rusted, dedicated to your man but still not trusted, jealousy like zealousy makes a sane man mad, faults and blame are plain to see but still it makes you sad. So when you feel life crushing you, turn to GOD HES Trusting you. I dnt know what the future holds, all i can tell you is what ive been told. And ty\the story is you r goin to make it, your life is yours let'em bring it you can take it.Dont let no man or woman put a rush on you, because GOD HIMSELF has a crush on you. So heres to u n your success, just do what u do in CHRIST YOU ARE BLESSED. I HAVE OVER 10,000 JUST AS PROFOUNDLY HONOST AND INSPIRING AS THIS ONE. Go view my book or just call me directly. Tyler my anointing to write is so strong i even wrote a poem about writers block. i look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to contact me any time day or night

  • william merle butler newport n.c.

    Tyler Im planting my seed in your ministry right now in the name of Jesus. i know your story and it has been the one thing that kept me going, it got so bad for me i tried to kill myself, but GOD had other plans for me. i feel the Anointing of GOD on me right now, im tore to pieices because God just confirmed that you are gonna contact me. Tyler ive truly suffered n this life, i went to my momas funeral in shackles and chains, i lost everyone and everything i ever loved and GOD told me to write about it in poetry. i did that for many years, then HE said to write a book about it in poetry and short stories and i figured out how to do that with no money. My book is on amazon, its titled "

  • Takisha Carter Lake City,FL

    Amen Amen Amen

  • Reiko United States

    I love your inspirational messages. I also loved your interview on A****** Hall and the bit about your small beginnings. I know it takes time to create and post videos - you probably have not had the time to do so since your last one (dated 2 years ago) - but I would love to hear more your recent thoughts. Your words of wisdom gives me courage when I'm struggling to make our day to day living possible by just hustling and connecting one freelance job after another. It's like running the circuit but I see no end and at times I lose the faith. So.... please keep sharing your thoughts. Thank you.

  • Coffee Free North Chesterfield, VA

    Thank you so much Tyler, as usual you have blessed me with your prolific words...I am amazed and motivated by the simplicity of your message. I will take it and soar. I have serveral things going on, but I must center myself and focus on perfecting one at a time. I praise God for you. And again you really helped me through my seperation, divorce and current day situation. The Diary of a Man Black Women mirrored my life...no we were not rich, but my husband did drag me through the house and then sit on me. That day back in 2003 if finally had a chance to call the police. They came and he got hisself arrested. He voided then to do th same to me and did so on June 1st. I even stayed in jail over night. Now my testimony is tell every woman who is being abuse to run and not walk, call the police, because this same abusing man who harms you will lie and say you abused him and have you locked up. Our God is faithful. Thanks for all you do to help encouarage us sisters!

  • Sherlene Stevens DC

    What I have learned it that when you offer a sincere message to your audience it's meaning becomes timeless and inspires your newer audience.

  • Cynthia Newman Philly

    It was a winner the have and have not you are bless.

  • Mary Montgomery Talladega, Alabama

    I really needed to hear those word. I feel broken inside. Sometimes when enough people tell you to give up, sooner or later you intend to believe it. If tried everything but now I understand my mistake after listening to your video. I learned to just focus on accomplishing one thing at a time. I was trying everything at one time. Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to try and help and encourage others. I surely needed it. Thank You!! Mary Montgomery

    • Lauren, Temple of Hiphop In GOD #1955822

      glutens, heathens, cross dressers alike false power, false success money buys friends u better hope these christians are wrong cause u and ur afro american labeled friends are goin to h***