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  • Reds Holland pa

    During a business meeting tonight I asked my friend "where he got all his drive from," because I'm so impressed with his willingness to succeed no matter who stands in his way. Mind you, this is new business venture for both of us. My life was going in so many directions that God literally took my singing voice from me and made it very hard for me to speak, probably so that I would really listen this time even through most times where I could barely breathe from some personal issues. My friend took a moment, opened his laptop and asked me to sit down and watch your video. I feel you 100% and the best part about watching and listening to your message is that only late last night I got down on my knees and asked God to lead me further and he answered me clearly. I was there, I just wasn't sure. I'm just so glad I listened to you confirm that it's all gonna work out and I'm going to be as big as I want to be. Thank you and God Bless You! Reds

  • Ken Owen Midwest City OK

    Mr. Perry, Thanks so much for your advice and words of encouragement. I am an artist trying to make it in an economy that barely has the cash to buy bread. I have been thinking it was time to give it up and get a real job. I love what I do and believe God put me here to do this. Thank for confirming that when I was in doubt. Ken

  • Ron Jackson Detroit, MI

    Thank You. I just saw myself in that video. Bless You Man of God.

  • Natalie Florida

    I love your inspirational corner. Great job and I pray the Lord will continue to bless you in every aspect of your life.

  • Ennie Law Atlanta,GA

    Thanks for sharing, I always get so inspired anytime I read your post.Hope you post more videos in the inspirational corner very soon!Cheers.

  • Mildred Llanos

    I love this video ur awesome. Be bless

  • Thalia Toronto, Ontario, Canada

    I thoroughly appreciated this inspiring message. Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to spread light on us aspiring professionals. I agree with everything you've said. NOW ... I'm off to focus on one solid thing. God knows how much I needed this. Thank you. :)

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Tyler, :-) Hmmm.... How u doing, T? :-) Tyler Perry's #TEMPTATION .... LOL! .... :-) :P

  • rebecca taliaferro pittsfield, MA

    Just writing to say hi and hope everything is well with you. Looking forward to seeing "Temptation" God Bless you man. You are such an inspiration!

  • Shirley Sloan Los Angeles, CA

    Tyler, your message is for me. I'm a single parent raising 2 adopted children and have spent my last trying to invest in a online business. I love the words of wisdom you gave in the video. I don't know how I got to you this morning but, I believe it was the grace of God. These thing: *Where ever there are dreams believe *Don't stop! Narrow your focus and believe *Plant your seeds *Anything you want is possible I will use this as my paradies for my dreams to stay focus. My site will be lauched soon, look for me My first self built site is: www.proinstyler.com Thanks & God Bless SSLOAN ENTERPRISES, LLC

    • Natalie Florida #1811396

      Hi Shirley, It was brave of you to step out and start your own business. I pray that God will keep helping you that it will be a success. Stay strong and be blessed.

  • Joan Nelson aks Saphire Illinois

    Black Sex In The City,my life could be inspirational for a society. It would be ? You choose the word.. God Bless you in chooses made.

  • stacie Redlands,CA

    Tyler, I knew very little about you until yesterday when I saw this video of you on a radio talk show's blog. As I watched it I was moved to do a bit of research on your work. Yes, I knew about your Madea movies but never saw one though I didn't know you wrote plays and books and had your own studio. Then I watched your interview with Oprah on YouTube followed by her show featuring 200 men in audience who courageously stood together and voiced their experiences as abused children. All I can say is - wow. Your story was riveting and heartbreaking but mostly - inspiring. For years I have floundered not really "going for the dream" and then spent many, many years mixed up in a very over-the-top religious organization that I recently stepped out of. As a result, I don't care much for religion - too much damage, too much pain there - however, I also know it is a double-edged sword and that there are many trustworthy religious people who have NOT used it to manipulate or coerce others. As for getting back to following my dreams - what you said that impressed me most was something I already knew but it took hearing it articulated by YOU to really sink into my psyche. ""Focus on that ONE thing...don't stop. Narrow your focus to one idea and make it work, that will give birth to others." See - I've been one of those people who becomes ADD when it comes to getting things done - lol. I also carried a load of guilt and shame from religion that told me that to express fully my dream was not a dream annointed by God. I love art and writing and so I had it in my head that to pursue both would distract me from God and my church. So I worked as a content manager for several years providing daily blog articles and such but there was so much more I wanted to talk about. Now I know better ;) Thank you for letting your light shine before all of us - it gave me a lift to desire to do the same for myself and for others. Warm Regards, S. Belmonte -- Redlands, CA

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