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  • Ursula Rattliff St. Martinville, LA

    Tyler, I am proud to call you "friend" in the purest sense of the word! I realize that the message was spoken over a year ago, but I receive my confirmation today! Your message on "How To Be Successful" was inspiring and uplifting! April 26, 2011 I became paralyzed after a motor vehicle accident; however, I made a conscious decision to not let my disability become my obituary! I decided I WILL NOT LET GO! I WILL NOT GIVE UP! CAN'T STOP, WON'T STOP! THANK YOU TYLER, FOR REAFFIRMING MY CONVICTIONS! MAY YOU CONTINUE TO BE AN INSPIRATION FOR MANY! MAY GOD'S GRACE, FAVOR, & BLESSINGS CONTINUE TO BE UPON YOU!****LORD GOD, WE THANK YOU FOR YOUR GRACE!!!!

  • Danielle United States

    Thank you Mr. Perry for this special message. I just watched you on Oprah; I don't watch much day time T.V. and so I missed the episodes you had appeared on in 2010 regarding your abuse. I want to thank you very much for sharing your story for you truly are an inspiration. I was an abused child, who is healing from the pain as an adult, and your story gave me strength. My dream was always to be in film and music, but as a child of abuse I never thought it possible. This year, after years of being an atheist, I have turned my life back over to God. I have planted the seed of being a screenwriter and since then God has, of course, done some amazing things regarding my healing and my dreams, including bringing your story into my world (with the help of Oprah). I want you to know that I find you to be and incredible gift to this earth and I plan to work with you one day. Many blessings. Danielle Rodriguez

  • Princellae Ohio

    Are there any videos more recent than 14 months ago? THANK YOU for what you have shared. Thank you. I am looking forward to more in the near future.



  • Rene' California

    Things have been so difficult that I felt like giving up on my dream. After seeing your video, I feel inspired to get back on track. Lord knows I've been low on encouragement lately. I was in church and this beautiful older lady came up to me and told me "encourage yourself." She went on to say that sometimes there's no one around to do that for us. I must also admit that I have been guilty of trying something, then jumping to something else, then back to that. Thanks for letting me know what I've been doing wrong. I'm going to focus on one thing and give it my all. When it comes down to it, I know I'm here to inspire others through my writing. I can't see myself doing anything else with my life. I've tried to let it go but it's always with me. I was watching the movie, "Eat, Pray, Love" and there's a scene where two women are walking down the street. One tells the other, "you are a writer and you should be writing something." I sat there, mesmerized by that statement and held on to it as if she were speaking directly to me. I know I should be writing something. I do love GOD and I know with His help, I can do what He put me on this earth to do. Much love to you and those who surround you Tyler...

  • Lillie Jefferson New Orleans LA

    God bless you. I just sent a plea for help on your online family. I just noticed this section and listened to your inspirational thoughts. Each word spoken word was true. I began to cry because I could hear the Holy Spirit confriming everything you said. Many time I've wanted to stop believing but that spirit within won't let me. Thank you for being an instrument in encouragement. Keep up the good fight.

  • Tshepo South Africa

    Hi Tyler, it's inspiring watching your videos, was thinking when I'm on my feet, I'll actually record some thoughts to remind me where I've been and where I am at that point. Keen on seeing Temptaions, not sure when it will screen in south Africa but thank you for all the good work you do. Somewhere, it touches and inspires someone. God bless you.

  • stacy memphis

    I really have enjoyed all of your movies and plays and some of them make you really take a long hard look at your life i have actually learned a great deal and it has inspired me in my own life i have ernt through some of the things personally i know you hear this from thousands maybe even millions of people but it seems you hit the nail right on the head every single time never missing a beat i hsve been trying to put a few lines to paper and i thought about maybe sending you some of what i was writing but then i get nervous and say i know this man gets tons of people with the same udeas i might have but ill get the nerve to send it to you one day love the temptation movie touched me in many ways thank you and i hope you get this message.

  • Loling Thornton United States

    You know, that has been one of the biggest problem in my life. I'm so anxious to do something with myself. My mind goes in so many different directions sometimes. Now, I'm trying to focus on one thing at a time BUT looking at my TALENTS and directing them to one thing and it finally makes sense to me now.

  • LLatricia Williams Knoxville TN

    Thanks for the advice, i believe what u said. I use to give up on everything i did, but i stop that when i seen this video. I feel that god is pushing me to do more in my life i want to purse my career as a excutive pastry chef, but school is so expensive and i dont have a scholarship.But just keep me in your prayer and i will keep you in mine

  • Reds Holland pa

    During a business meeting tonight I asked my friend "where he got all his drive from," because I'm so impressed with his willingness to succeed no matter who stands in his way. Mind you, this is new business venture for both of us. My life was going in so many directions that God literally took my singing voice from me and made it very hard for me to speak, probably so that I would really listen this time even through most times where I could barely breathe from some personal issues. My friend took a moment, opened his laptop and asked me to sit down and watch your video. I feel you 100% and the best part about watching and listening to your message is that only late last night I got down on my knees and asked God to lead me further and he answered me clearly. I was there, I just wasn't sure. I'm just so glad I listened to you confirm that it's all gonna work out and I'm going to be as big as I want to be. Thank you and God Bless You! Reds

  • Ken Owen Midwest City OK

    Mr. Perry, Thanks so much for your advice and words of encouragement. I am an artist trying to make it in an economy that barely has the cash to buy bread. I have been thinking it was time to give it up and get a real job. I love what I do and believe God put me here to do this. Thank for confirming that when I was in doubt. Ken

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