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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • Mary H. Clay Lucama, NC

    I was a little disappointed today, attempting to post a video audition and finding your site was not currently accepting them. Then I 'fell upon' this video of you speaking of being hidden for a reason, and years of struggle were acceptable and almost seem beautiful. I was reminded that there IS a purpose for all things! I will not discontinue the pursuit, but accept his timing during it. God Bless you- Mary

  • Kathrine East Harlem NYC

    I Want to Start Out by Thanking your Mother for Raisng an Amazing kid! For giving us you. Your the Ultimate role Model for finding inspiration and I as an actress who as you say Am Under the radar ...I listened to every word you said and it truly makes 100% sense . Thank you Mr Tyler Perry . Xo

  • aaron MD

    Thank u, and i wll

  • Anne Kerry Swank Laguna Beach, Calif

    Early one morning 20 years ago, I was resting in bed looking out at the morning sun shimmering through raindrops. The light was an exquisite shade of blue gray, with silver streaks running through. This color of light only appears when rays of sunshine shine through a light rain. I started to pray , thanking my Father in Heaven for giving me the gift of understanding light. This gift had provided me with a good living as a photographer. As I was praying I heard God's voice ask me to create images of angels. God then showed me how to create the images of Angels, these divine messengers, and in prayer, gave me their names: Faith, created in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior; Serenity, representing the Holy Spirit and God's peace within. This journey has not always been easy, but God has been faithful, sustaining me through it all. I give the Lord praise for this. I sold my home in order to create these images. I have given many away to people in need of healing of being brought closer to God. Two of the images were chosen last year to be given to His Holiness Pope Francis, hung at the Vatican. Another image I named Freedom was chosen in 2001 to be hung at the Pentagon to bring healing to a broken nation. It is an images made in the memory of our fallen heroes and civilian workers. may we never forget the sacrifice they endured for our freedom. It has been a struggle financially and still is every month. But the blessing of how these images with their message of God's love for us has touched so many. I have no words to tell you how it has touched my soul. As your messages did today. I found you as I was looking up Christians and a way to connect to keep spreading the message. was trying to find away to contact Vivica Fox as I photographed her years ago. Instead I found you. thank you for sharing the word of God. With great appreciation and love in Jesus Christ.

  • Autumn Texas

    Thank you

  • nakisha roberson DENVER COLO

    I have always had a issue with feeling like I'm not seen or heard, or sharing a idea with a person and that idea suddenly became the person I told idea and or vision. I never thought I was hidden for a reason. Over the past few years I have gotten a better relationship with God and he has sent several prophets to tell me that God has greater things for that I have gifts given to me for my true purpose. I feel this is conformation of what has been spoken in my life. God has me hidden for his use, not for mans use people may have run off with my ideas and push me to the back so I wasn't seen or heard only because Gods not done polishing me. When Gods has me polished to his standards his light will be so bright through me I will never go unnoticed again!

  • angela williams cleveland, ohio

    I really needed this video, you put this in a perspective that I could relate to. I do understanding why I'm being hidden, but it isn't always easy. There have been times lately where I have seen where God has pointed me out to some, but also again keeping me a secret, but I do know that the day is coming where God is going to put my name in someone's mouth and my face on someone's mind for that coming out and I know that it will be for His glory! I really know this much. God bless you and thank you. Angie

  • Alexio Lusinga Johanneburg South Africa

    Wow!! Mr Perry, you my inspiration sir, thank God for you am fully inspired. I have been going through these inspirational videos, you are a God made. I am a self-made Graphic Designer its more of natural I never went to school for anything that I am doing, photography etc. I have got a zeal of acting and directing movies, I have sent application to the USA and UK got couple of promising calls but no one has ever really called me in, I watched 2 videos where you mentioned that at some point I am not suppose to be recognized by anyone for the glory of God. I am definitely taking a relaxing step for God to do His work, this helped me a lot because I have been getting a lot of denials and that has been a challenge to embrace, but thank you Mr Perry for opening my eyes.

  • Maria Ramos Philadelphia PA

    God bless you Brother. This is not the first time that I listened to this message. THIS TIME the musical chords in my 'soul ears' touched something so deep in me... I got to get up and do this Halelujah dance. I mean I have to go dance... Right now. Gracias hermano. Que Jesus te bendiga!!!!!!!!!

  • Maudarica lewis Valdosta,Ga

    Wow... I stumbled upon this video, I know not by accident but God purposed this to video to cross my path to confirm what He spoke to me. Thank you Tyler for this inspirational message.

  • Mildred Whitson Abernathy

    I AM the REAL miss Mildred from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, celebrating my 60th birthday, born on 5-25-55live near six Flags on 20 West would love to give birth to my 21 year old inspirational dream called " ZION TRAIN" a 30 minute dance show for small children 3-8 years old using upbeat life sounds with positive lyrics for kids website: www.zion-train.com

  • Lisa Wenninger Denver, CO

    It was amazing timing to watch the "Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose" inspirational message. As I strive to share God's glory through sharing my personal story, and advancing in the the inspirational speaker arena, it often feels as though I am nobody. I will stay the course, I will prepare. God Bless you and your journey.

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