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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • Drena Sneed Chicago, IL

    Thank God for Mr. Tyler Perry !

  • Lorraine UK

    Thank you Tyler, your words speak to my soul and in that divine timing I trust I will be seen. One of the things I realise on my journey is that first we have to embrace our God-given gifts and embrace them before they can be revealed and realised by others. Bright blessings to you. Lorraine

  • wanda bronx ny

    Im on utube ive been singing 20years when im tied of foodstamps and welfare lord help its your daughter wanda howell God bless u tyler p i sing please call

  • Raa Philadelphia Pa.

    Thank You!

  • Ritta Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

    Dear Tyler, You are truly an inspiration to many many people (myself included) This I will always proclaim. The way you connect with people so greatly through your movies and plays - I believe people do learn by them - with these real life situations that all human being go through ...in these movies and plays, there is preaching, there is education, there is how to go about when you are stuck in a bad siuation, how to deal with it. Thats how I really see and learn (dont know about others) ... continue to be a blessing to many of us, to encourage, to take time and time again to show them you care (As you have always been) ...Tis is a God given talent and God looks from the heart and he saw fit, to give you that alent of inspiring people. Iam especially feeling it because I am an inspirational person and I write messages on my acebook wall ...to inspire, to encourage, to build a broken heart and so I know the feeling...One has to feel good to release something equally. God bless you in abundance for all that you do and may He refill you alot with what e sees you need the most in your life. I always am on the look out for anything new that you bring and now, looking so much forward for The Single Moms Club coming soon -- I just cant wait!! Once again, God bless you much. With Kr & Best Wishes ''ALWAYS'' Ritta Aziz from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (East Africa)

  • Adrienne Crump Los Angeles,Ca

    WOW, Mr. Perry I know all is done in The Lord's time not ours, thank you for reconfirming what I needed to be reminded of. I know my son and I are close to achieving our goal which is to bring all back to "The Word", this is our journey.

  • Denise K Cincinnati

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I have learned in my life, there are givers and takers. You are a giver. My prayer is all that you pour into people, you get it back double.

  • Tyler Salters The Poet Kingstree Sc,

    I let the words of my poetry define me not the words of other people

    • SSG Hannah Quinn Anchorage, AK #1931632

      @ Tyler Salter The Poet---WOW!! Thanks 4 the encouragement this morning. Make it a Grateful Day...

  • Veronica Walnut Creek, CA

    I've been told that those are the "Silent" years. When God is getting ready to bring you up, "your Surrounded" and satan attacks you in major doses. I truly tell you, that certainly has been the case here. As Tyler says, learn as much as you can. God is getting ready to bring you out! Amen. TO GOD BE ALL THE GLORY!

  • Suka Schwenke San Jose, CA

    Thank you Tyler Perry for being such a huge inspiration to me. Every message you've left I feel like you know me so well.. It was directed to what I'm going through in my life. God has truly spoke through you & to Him I am eternally grateful. I now have a new vision of the blessed direction I will walk. Thank you my brother, thank you! Respectfully, Suka Schwenke

  • Shondolyon Warner South Bend, IN

    Thank you, in Jesus Christ's name! Amen

  • Octavia M. Grambling, LA

    I believe I just received the answer to one of my most frequently asked questions and feelings to God which is "God, why do I not seem important to people. Sometimes I go unnoticed and looked over, not valued, and invisible. I'm 6 foot and 3 inches tall and the least I should be is invisible, and unimportant." Today in church I learned that we have learn to see the good in people, and basically enhance their potential. For example, the w**** that was caught up in the act of adultery was stoned, and Jesus came to her rescue and said "he that is without sin cast the first stone". However, a judgmental society wouldn't see that she can communicate with people, or can have the talent of persuasion. Another example is Moses. Moses had a speech impediment. When he was called to do God's work he was going through a lot! He just murdered someone, next, he was judged trying to be a peacemaker, moved to a new land as a foreigner to start a new life, now he's about to lead the people of out Eygpt to the promise land....but he couldn't speak well. With all that being said, no matter who you are, what you've been through, if God has called you to do something sometimes you have to be hidden in your purpose to realize your true potential. We won't know sometimes why were hidden, or why we cant hide, but someday God will show you your worth, and how powerful your potential will lead you to go.

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