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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • C.Reynolds Austin,Tx

    Are you sure you're not supposed to be preaching on the side?(lol) But thank you for this, I need it, and not to forget about the piece about goal setting ( listened to that sometime last yr or the top of this yr, not sure & it has stayed with me); I need to pick one thing & slow down even though I feel like I am ready to take on the world. Not in my time but in his. Amen & Amen

  • James M. Orlando

    Thank You! Mr. Perry

  • Bianca A. Houston, TX

    Thank you for your wisdom :)

  • Treasure Atlanta

    Thank you for that. I'm very hidden right now. I knew I was, but I didn't understand why. I will stay the course and keep preparing.

  • Angelia J. Poole Charlotte, NC

    Good Afternoon, Sir. I'm so glad that I decided to browse through your site! This video was such a blessing. Thanks for sharing it!!

  • Elaine Cleveland, Ohio

    Thanking you Tyler for taking the time to post these inspirational videos. I love your work and the way you always give thanks to God. The videos are helping me with my depression. Keep them coming please.

  • Asha Trinidad West Indies (Caribbean)

    Tyler Perry, I'm not a super fan just a new follower, why? because 'Temptations' sparked so much talk with friends, on facebook, by the hair dresser, etc etc. These discussions made me realise many things, the truth is sometimes hard to see, some would rather pretend things never happened, that domestic violence isn't real that black men and women should be portrayed as successful people who go thru nothing. That's why it's good to suffer for a while, it's good for God to keep you in a bad place, whilst you watch everybody get out, because if we get promoted too fast, we forget the lesson of the journey and we are proned to make the same mistakes and become ungrateful, not understanding how far we've come. I thank God that i've been through stuff and now have the ability to relate to profound messages. I thank God that you never forgot what you went thru and where you came from, I thank him that in a time when people are obsessed with money and black men objectify women in music videos, along came you, you are but one in the likes of Bill Cosby and recently Steve Harvey, who give real foundation based advice to our people. Thank God for your critics also because that means you are hitting a nerve. God bless you , you are an inspiration to many!

  • TanishaB Atlanta, Ga

    I cannot say in words how this just moved me! I been struggling as a writer-it's all I know.A few months ago I call myself running from Memphis after being there five years-coming from St.Louis -my hometown. I ran looking for peace of what society does to me.When I got to Atlanta I was for sure being teased and ridiculed as I go into stores and stuff-would stop.It did not stop-it continues.Women hate my guts for no apparent reason. It lead me to writing a memoir called"ME" -the story of the girl who cannot walk down the streets. Well I do-i Just do now- I make it a point to laugh and sing and dance because I will be happy in self-crucial! I love what you just said Tyler Perry-would love to work with ya' one day! And God thank you for hiding me-Amen!

  • Candi Gumbs

    I just saw your video message: Maybe You're Being Hidden on Purpose. WOW, I never thought of it that way. Always just felt under appreciated while not being able to accept a compliment. Thanks for that. In other words remain humble, God knows what we can handle, when we can handle. Since I can't handle recognition. I will remain hidden and that's O.K. Cool!!!

  • Natalie Florida

    I love that you provide an opportunity for so many people. You are so talented, private and such a giving person. Thank you for bringing laughter to those that may just want to cry. Thank you for being such a great example, someone that many people can aspire to be just like. Your faith and belief in God id the foundation of your success and you have not hesitated to give God all the honor and praise. Thank you so much for reminding the world that God is the most important factor in our lives. Although, your plays and movies may bring laughter it also delivers a strong message; a message of hope, forgiveness and strength. Thank you for allowing God to use you. God bless you and continue being a blessing to others.

  • Madara

    God loves you so much!

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.


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