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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • Janette Simmons United States

    Yes, I agree with those statements 100%. Lord please hide us :) Thank you. We love the gifts you and Oprah bring to the table.

  • Cynthia Terranova Las Vegas Nevada

    Hello... Mr. Perry. I just want to start by saying that I totally love everything you do! And for Madea the rough tuff crash yet kind hearted--she's saved me lots of times too. I appreciate your perspective and the way you described that it's ok "not to be seen" yet! That entire piece you speak of is something that I am just now learning. I'll have to admit it's been and still is very dark and I really thought and still get a little worried that God has forgotten me. I've never been or ever will be perfect and don't want to be....but I am worried that maybe I have or am still doing something very wrong. Please and forgive me, it's not for pity, it's that I am so lost and have never felt this way in my life before. I guess I'm scared and don't really know where and what to do. But I am searching and waiting as patient as I can. I love Mr. Deeds and wish everyone could be like that. Just a little goes a long way. My fault is I get taken and hurt lots of times because I just want everyone to be "better" and "happy". Well sorry for the ramble. I just felt this very strong need to speak with you...as I do many others like yourself, and like me! I really do care, but right now I just can't get it together to crawl out of my dark place and help. I am really worried about this, I have lot's of plans that I am not fulfilling. So I guess it's alright not to be seen just yet! Your statement made me feel much better about others and myself. Praise the Lord't' as Madea says... please let the Lord't' bless us all as well! Well your web site is beautiful with you and Oprah--I love her too! Well take care and thank you for sharing your heart, you are a great person! Love you very much you know as brothers and sisters--in as one "Big Happy Family".... like US, the entire world should do! Sincerely, Cynthia Terranova

  • Tiffany K. Georgia

    Thank you so much for your insight. I have been chasing my dream to become an actress and more for many years. Sometimes I become frustrated with not being recognized for what I have to offer. However, God reminds me that He isn't finished yet, one of those ways of reminding me was directing me to this video. Thank you and God Bless!

  • natasha celestin-civil United States

    I have watched this videos over and over again. I enjoy them. I feel I learn something new everytime I watch them.. Please add more videos

  • The one WHO got AWAY! Palm Springs, CA HATERVILLE, USA!

    Huh? Whaaaaaa? I don't know what you're talking about, Kevin! You okay? Are you sure you're not crazy nor delusional like that one who never wrote you a "thank you" note for helping you win your one and only Emmy award, even though Kevin Roy wrote, produced, and hosted it. All that one had to do was sit it the booth while Kevin Roy Anchored the Emmy Award Winning half hour special produced at the incredible 190 N. State Street Studio (also Kevin's original idea that Emily Barr none null and void, former GM that she/he/it, g** husband and all, stole from little ok' unsuspecting naive, foolish Kevin Roy). And to think -- that special never aired on abc7chicago, or more simply put, "Channel 7." I know I could go on and on with this but since you're all reading this as I'm typing and readi g my mind, too...then F******* YOUUUUUUUUU!

    • Kevin Roi Cathedral City, CA #1983442

      Forgive me, please, Ms. Winfrey and Mr. Perry for swearing. Excuse my French, as they say. I'll refrain from pointing fingers or blogging about anything having to do with.....ummmmm....zipping it. Catch my drift? As for my favorite Oprah theme song, it would have to be the one that goes: "Bu bu BAAAH bu bu be....bahhhh ...ba be buh......" You know the one...classic! Gurl, I know you got my card I dropped off at your castle in Montecito and such. And I know it wasn't great timing, sorry. How could I have known the great Ms. Angelou would leave us on the same day I made the little itsy bitsy effort of showing you how much I actually care and delivering a card. Your security detail gentlemen were very polite and helpful and how dare I leave my Lindsay, Chocolate Lab, in the car over at the egress driveway so as not to cause a scene. I sure hope no one would have the audacity to hold that against me, thank you Brit but NOT my so-called Aunt Madge who has so NOTHING TO do with me, I get it! But there I go again. I digress. Once, a man from Palm Springs suggested something in a blog entry about running for President of these here United States of America. And then, about five minutes after publishing that entry in November of 2011, the EXPLOSIVE DIARRHEA NEVER ENDING S*** ON A HATED BY HIS FAMILY AND EVERYBODY ELSE QUEEN AND WINNER OF 6 EMMYS WHO ONCE CARED FOR OTHERS AND EVEN A THING CALLED "STIGMA" AND WORSHIPPED MADONNA BUT AFTER THREE-PLUS YEARS OF BEING KNOCKED DOWN AND OUT LIKE A WHACK-A-MOLE ROB ROY/ERWIN WALKER/TYLER PERRY/PRESIDENT WHAT'S HIS FACE, NOW I'M "REGGIE," NOW I'M "GO GET YOUR MONEY KEVIN" AND WRITING IT ON YOUR BARCELONA CHAIR AND NOW I'M ROBBIE MENDEZ AND THE OTHER ONE SAYING "YOU'RE GOING TO RUN INTO A LOT OF MONEY SOON. A LITTLE BIRD TOLD US..."TORTURE FEST began and still hasn't stopped. Make no Like A Prayer mistake about it. The B**** is Madonna and she is my relative whether she'll ever admit it or not. And I'm the poor fool in this f***** up a****** family who figured it out first and gets my dog stolen from me and the rest of the jerks lying and pointing fingers AT me as if I'm the problem. No, no no! They are and so are you -- for not replying to my many kind, begging for your help messages. Not one reply, Oprah? Do you remember our first interview from 1986? www.KevinRoi.com. You should watch it again. And you should hire me because I'm very talented, funny, good looking and "hot," as "they" keep telling me. I'm not schizo, sorry Glenn Close. And you can shove all this s*** and shinola up your Bring Change To My Hot A** . org. Bar and Grill. Now living in the second smallest apartment in the world known to mankind at 37-250 Bankside Drive Apt. #5, Cathedral City, CA 92334. Return Lindsay pronto. The "or else" is I'm FUNNA GET ALL OF YOU AND YOUR LITTLE AND HUGE PETS, B******* NOW! I MEAN IT.

    • Kevin Roi Cathedral City, CA #1988796

      Not funny. Not doing anything. Waiting. Not blogging. Just sitting here until someone who apparently thinks this is funny wakes up and stops it. Return Lindsay. See how not profanity laced and patient I can be? grrrrrrrklasjl;kfjas;ldfjds;algjoriegj [o3fw

    • Kevin Roy Forest Park, IL #2193989

      I apologize. I never should have written any of what I sent when I lived in Southern California. I take full responsibility and won't do that again. Your work, Mr. Perry, is truly remarkable. Thank you. I've laughed, cried and always enjoy your stories. I hope you can forgive me. I am such a big fan! You remind me that love conquers all. That's the best gift of all.

  • Tonya Traylor Miami, Florida

    Thank you for another great message. I always thought we might be hidden to be protected from things that we may not be able to handle. "Success" when you are vulnerable or not prepared to handle it can be a very dangerous thing.... Thank you for giving me another outlook.... Now that I am ready it's time to work extra hard while under radar. Sending Prayers and Love to You and Yours

  • Sheneith Hawkins here

    Lol!!! All I'm gonna say is, LoL this morning! LOL!!! While u on there showing out. SHMS SMH!! Oh, and that's a first for you - announcing what u were going to be doing on last night. :o !! You know it, too! Alright, gotta go... Ttyl... LOL :-) SPECIAL!

  • shirley crawford pennsylvania

    Don't know if you Will read this but if you do, the day you're in Philly please call me a call.. I would like to cook you a meal to show you my appreciation towards you. I can only share with you what Jehovah has given me, that is my cooking, making somethin out of nothing and knowledge of his words. Lots of people says they don't eat from strangers but if you're eating in a public you're eating from strangers. Remember years that are number on this earth is not important. What is important is the everlasting relationships relativity the creator.

  • Rhonda Miller Louisville, KY

    Mr. Perry, I understand what you are saying but that's not my problem I don't think. I have always tried to hide myself all through my life. As a child I didn't have nice things or a good family life. I was abused mentally, physically, and sexually as a child. I felt very ugly, worthless, ashamed, because I was told I was those things growing up. I was raped by a man I call my sperm donor and was told by him he couldn't accept me as a daughter only as a lover. He never paid for it but I was beaten because I told someone yes by my mother. I was taken away from her after I went to school with a broken arm and n*** with many bruises on me. From the age of 13 to 18 I lived in a group home my mother never came see me or even called me. I met a man who was many years older than me and done thing and stayed with him even though I didn't love him but I got pregnant so I married him we have 3 kids together, we are divorced my children are older and all have moved back home to Houma, Louisiana where we are from. My marriage wasn't great but the last draw was when my youngest son had to help get his dad off of me and save me from him. I moved here to KY. Hoping to start over and live a better life. Many things has happened since 2005 when I moved here. My grandson died in 2010 at the age of 2 months, I tried to end my life but the God lord said no no I'm not done with you yet. I gave my life to the Lord, I don't feel like I want to be dead any more but here lately the struggles have been making me feel as if i'm at my ropes end. I am 800 miles away from my kids I haven't seen them in 3 years. I work in a dead end job making only 12.50 an hour in debt up to my ears. My daughter is pregnant again and I can'tt go down to see this grandson come into this world because I can't afford to miss a day of work and I don't have the funds to go down. All these things I hide to myself and so much more. I have remarried and my husband and I live separate lives it seems he doesn't share his life with me and I struggle daily to make ends meet, I don't get no help from him, he has a house we live in that is still in his and his ex-wife name. I have nothing to show for myself but I car I can barely afford. I never tried to put myself out there and I most certainly don't believe notice me. I hide my darkest fears and I cry daily and don't feel as if anyone really knows my heart or me. My scars are deep my heart is shattered and the only thing that gives me hope is my Love for God because when I sat home alone while my husband was out with his friends partying after my grandson died he was here he saved me. Sometimes I go without eating just to pay my bills or help my kids when they need it. So scared to let it out and be notice do you have advice for a woman who has been lost for so many years.

    • Angela United States #1844133

      Rhonda, my prayers are with you and your family. You do have a lot going on in your life. I can relate although my experiences are different. What I have found is that I had to stop looking to others and look within myself. It sounds like you've done that, but go a little deeper. The only way to get there is to ask God for help in knowing your true self, spiritual self. If there is chaos in our life then there is pain within. Take the steps to heal yourself; heal your soul. Forgive everyone that has hurt you; forgive all the unfair things done to you; forgive all the people who have betrayed you and know that love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. Love yourself. Take time to meditate - sit quietly letting go of all thoughts and be aware of the silence in your mind and body and just breathe - do this for about 10-15 minutes a couple times a day. Start using words that will speak good into your life. Read books by Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra and others like them - The Four Agreements is a good book to read, too. You are loved more than you may realize.

  • zahir simmons philadelphia

    that was the most inspiration I have ever received Mr.Perry.I always told myself the reason the world wont hear my story is because GOD is keeping it from me. but now that I am nineteen I have realized that GOD didnt want me to partake in certain things that would taint my soul more than I have been lately, I would have been blind if I had started in my youth. I can see clearly now and I pray everyday for GOD to send me someone who will help me because I can sing, I write everything from songs to movie scripts but because of my environment and financial situation I find myself stressed out. My goal is just to have something really good to present to GOD on judgement day as far as the good works I have done and the lives I have helped in the name of Jesus. If there is anyway you can give me tips that would help I would gladly appreciate it. GOD bless.

  • Angela Dallas, Texas

    I am so inspired by you, so many things have gone wrong in my life and listening to your stories and words of encouragement is like turning on that little light bulb. I can make it, I can do it, I can achieve it. I am running after my dreams against all odds. God bless you even more.

  • C.T (MD) Maryland

    Enjoyed inspired words referencing been hidden. Thanks for sharing.

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