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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose

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  • maryn n Nuahn United States

    Merry Christmas Angel, you're amazing and my inspirational.

  • l. francis Fontana, California

    Hello Tyler Perry you are an extraordinary man. I appreciate your inspirational comments they are very encouraging. I have a question what do you do when you are hundreds of miles from home which is Louisiana where your only child is and living in another state in a horrible marriage where it seems like I'm stuck. He took me from my hometown Married me and bought me and my daughter to his town and neglected and then abandoned me. My daughter left and went back to Louisiana after seeing living in the distinction. I don't have enough money to drive my car back that far being that I need tires gas and hotel money to get there. Husband won't give me money to get back so I feel stuck. The courts said we have to share the exspences of the house even though he is leaving me soon as he gets the okay from the judge to keep the house and not help me get back home. Saving enough can take forever. Days I fee l good days I feel I can't take it another second. On top of it all I'm trying to finish bible college. They are not charging me til I get on my feet. I miss my daughter so much haven't see her in six months she's 19 years old. I hope I find my answer in the question. Love l.francis

  • Mira Ukraine


  • Rakenya Lewers Greenville,SC

    Confirmation! Thanks so much for sharing.


    Your a blessing to society, you have great insight and spiritual value, and I was feeling so out of it tonight trying to sift through all the filth of this world.and came across your sight. I have been on here for about an hour I have laughed and cried and feel like a brand new person with new hope to hold onto my dreams and remember that gods not finished with me yet. I cant thank you enough , I will look at the rest of your videos but will try not to keep commenting on all. But Please just keep on doing what your doing you are an inspiration. God Bless you with his Peace

  • Judith Mbadiwe Chicago

    I just want to say thank you.

  • Tisha R. Tallassee AL.

    Mr. Perry I thank you so much for stepping out and doing what god have call you to do. When I think there know more hope in me you step up with a powerful word from god .Thank you and you keep your head up and know JESUS got your back at all times.

  • Marlene Tucker Duluth, GA

    So glad I've been hidden for years until 2 years ago. There's were some things that I had to go through in uncharted territory that God wanted me to experience first. Not one to seek attention, but there were some things I had to experience that put me in a posture I never really wanted. However, in order to influence people for the sake of the Kingdom, some things had to start happening the manner in which they did and have been occurring. Stay tuned, more to come!

  • Simi Nigeria

    Hi Tyler, Thanks for the talk. I can relate to that, though i sometimes become impatient. I'll prepare, God help me to hold on!!!

  • Mary Hill Highland, CA

    Love the message.

  • #1 Fan

    Thank you!

    • Rosa Ridley Warner robin ga #1882836

      I am ask for help for my daugther that has cancle I know u be busy u call call me at that number r send me a message back pls

  • Shell Charleston, South Carolina

    I needed this today, I am not just saying this, I mean it! A lot of us (gifted people) we think/feel we are doing all of the right things and it still seems like we're still not there(where we desire/think we should be). The Bible says, "faith without works is dead." We put our faith in action and step out on things,however again, seems we're still not there. It can make us feel discouraged, want to throw in the towel, and can also make one question if this is Gods will. Even in the midst of all of that, I still believe in my mind, heart, body and soul, God has not forgotten about me or what He created in me to do. It's just like you stated Tyler, I have been hidden for a purpose! I will continue to remind myself of this each and everytime. Yesterday the Pastor stated, "some of you feel like you're trapped and there is no way out." Just know that's when God has us right where He wants us. It's simple, just Surrender to Him and allow the "Arrested Development" process to take place. I have stopped trying to figure this out because when it is all said and done I/we have to know only He knows the plans He has for us... His plans are to prosper us and NOT to harm us... In the meantime, I will continue to dwell in the secret place of the MOST HIGH! Thank you for helping me this day... May God richly bless and keep you in His perfect peace!!!

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