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Maybe You're Being Hidden On Purpose


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  • Abenah St Petersburg, FL

    Hi Mr. Perry Thank you so much for those words of inspiration, I needed to hear that, most importantly, my soul needed to hear it. I have various skills/credentials but My Passion is Natural Medicine, however, I have not obtained a credentials declaring me as such due to one circumstance or another. I am fairly knowledgeable and would very much like to be able share this knowledge with the community but without the proper credentials to do so I am limited to helping just friends and family for now. With God's help recently I have managed to arrange my work schedule in such a way that freed up some of my days so I can explore returning to school. Now I plan to work on obtaining a substandard license that I can use as a jumping board to get started, which I hope, will help me to be both flexible as needed for study time and allow me to set my own work schedule so I can generate the income I need to maintain thus giving me the opportunity to return to an awsome school I was enrolled in last year to study neurosomatic therapy once again. Again thank you and I will work on my inner discipline to stay the course. May the Creator continue to bless you.

  • Selita Bennett Los Angeles, CA by way of New Jersey

    Amazing message! Thank you!

  • toko Morgantown, WV

    Hello Tyler, This message came to me at a time when I needed it. Today I was all in tears, beaten down by life. I was asking myself why I was so invisible yet I put so much work into things. When I heard your message, my heart was lifted. It reminded me that all things work for good. It brought me back to a point where I trust in God once more. It brought back the patience to wait on God. I am filled with hope and happiness now. Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom

    • Kima Albau OKC #1943570


  • Evang. Susan D. T. Corbett Orlando, Florida

    Mr. Tyler Perry: I am really loving having this chance to converse on your web site. I have been in Ministry for more than 15 years now. My husband & I have been married for 7 years. in our 1st year of marriage the LORD established Corbett & Corbett Praise & Worship Ministries. This is a beautiful outreach music ministry; where the LORD uses us to take the love of GOD in our communities, but we believe the LORD will open the door for us to grow in his good time. HE has already connected us to a new Gospel Recording Group Called Power & Victory. Pray for us!!! G O D B L E S S

  • Bridget Surprise, AZ

    Hi Tyler, It has been such an honor to be able to receive the blessings and pearls of wisdom from your work and all of your characters and coworkers. Truely, a gift to know you know my name and have a face to place it. One of my biggest dreams was to have direct communication with you. And even if it isn't face to face, person to person, I can say for sure heart to heart. Receiving your message truely filled that special place of knowing I have and did make a different to you and your life. If today were my last day would I have known how much I have loved and been loved by others. Yes, Yes, I have. I've had several dreams that I would become pregnant at age 44. As this event has transpired, and I recently lost a dear friend this age, God has further implanted in my soul how short and precious life really is. As I was getting ready for work, I was thinking The Baby Within ~ What is being birthed in and through me. I don't know where this will lead, but know this for sure. The amount of greatness already in each one of us is already there, waiting to grow, nurtured, and developed into something beyond our imagination. Looking back on my life I know if I had done things the easy, safe, or always the right way, I would never know the other side of life. Now having an opportunity to set things straight, it's within my power now to own my life and the will God has for it. Blessings always, Yours truely.

  • Drena Sneed Chicago, IL

    Thank God for Mr. Tyler Perry !

  • Lorraine UK

    Thank you Tyler, your words speak to my soul and in that divine timing I trust I will be seen. One of the things I realise on my journey is that first we have to embrace our God-given gifts and embrace them before they can be revealed and realised by others. Bright blessings to you. Lorraine

  • wanda bronx ny

    Im on utube ive been singing 20years when im tied of foodstamps and welfare lord help its your daughter wanda howell God bless u tyler p i sing please call

  • Raa Philadelphia Pa.

    Thank You!

  • Ritta Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

    Dear Tyler, You are truly an inspiration to many many people (myself included) This I will always proclaim. The way you connect with people so greatly through your movies and plays - I believe people do learn by them - with these real life situations that all human being go through ...in these movies and plays, there is preaching, there is education, there is how to go about when you are stuck in a bad siuation, how to deal with it. Thats how I really see and learn (dont know about others) ... continue to be a blessing to many of us, to encourage, to take time and time again to show them you care (As you have always been) ...Tis is a God given talent and God looks from the heart and he saw fit, to give you that alent of inspiring people. Iam especially feeling it because I am an inspirational person and I write messages on my acebook wall ...to inspire, to encourage, to build a broken heart and so I know the feeling...One has to feel good to release something equally. God bless you in abundance for all that you do and may He refill you alot with what e sees you need the most in your life. I always am on the look out for anything new that you bring and now, looking so much forward for The Single Moms Club coming soon -- I just cant wait!! Once again, God bless you much. With Kr & Best Wishes ''ALWAYS'' Ritta Aziz from Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania (East Africa)

  • Adrienne Crump Los Angeles,Ca

    WOW, Mr. Perry I know all is done in The Lord's time not ours, thank you for reconfirming what I needed to be reminded of. I know my son and I are close to achieving our goal which is to bring all back to "The Word", this is our journey.

  • Denise K Cincinnati

    Mr. Tyler Perry, I have learned in my life, there are givers and takers. You are a giver. My prayer is all that you pour into people, you get it back double.

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