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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Cherra Lee USA

    Wow! Exactly my experience. It's like a David in a Goliath world, no one believed this young man could take down the giant, but he did, or Joseph in prison for years for something he did not do, yet came out and was second in command ruling over a nation. Yes, it can be quite overwhelming when you work so hard and doors are constantly being slammed in your face with a "NO" we can't help you. It takes everything you have to keep the faith and persevere. I'm thankful for people like you Mr. Perry who understand the plight and sharing inspirational messages. God works in mysterious ways. Much Love & Respect! Continued Peace & Blessings to You & Your Family!

    • Deswin Engelbrecht Johannesburg , South-Africa #2073716

      In Life God gives us guidelines to follow , and also sometimes God makes us go through difficult situations in order to get our answers , when you feel like you are at your weakest its time to shine and show that you are meek and strong ... To Mr Perry Much love and respect each day I would watch a movie even if i watched it 100 times already I still find a new teaching in it...

    • Sis. Alyce Razor-Bey Det. Mich. 48227 #2121867

      "ISLAM" Mr. Perry, I Must Agree ,There Are No Accidents . Law Governs All Events There Is Order To This Madness, Everything At Its Appointed Time. Our Time Is Not Always "HIS". Our Course In This School Of Life Is Already Laid Out For Us , It Is The Choices , Our Free Will That Guides Us In Stead Of Being Still Inside For The Still Small Voice Of Our GOD WITHIN to Lead And Direct The Course. When We Take The " I" Out And Let God In and Let HIM DO WHAT HE AS A FATHER DOES BEST LEAD AND DIRECT OUR COURSE.WE THEN LET HIS WILL BE DONE AND Right ALWAYS WORKS AND IS ALWAYS ON TIME!!!!!!! "PEACE Sis. A Razor-Bey

  • Hilda Mendoza Phoenix

    Hi Tyler, Congratulating you on your success and many blessings to you. I love your videos there such an inspiration. I've done many plays at were I fellowship. I just know that is one of my gifts and do it for God's glory. I just want to say thank you, your videos have helped me through some good times and not so good times. Your amazing god bless. Hilda Mendoza

  • Shaqunda Lakeland, GA

    I'm so soooo Happy u just really lift my spirit up for couple years now I've had it. Felf like giving up -still do but thanks again tyler u have been a blessing

  • Joyce Fairman San Bernardino, CA

    So often we search for answers externally in trying to accomplish a dreams, but lose sight that God in His appointed time will make dreams a reality. Tyler Perry you talking about your grandmothers quilt brought me to this site today. I wanted to find out more, not sure what, but something. The two quilts I hold dear are gifts from my godmother (died 2012 at 107). Trying to find help is frustrating, but the message you gave in The Appointed Time made it clears as to why God closes doors. Bless you and thank you,

  • Maria Ramos Philadelphia

    Dear Brother, I just finished listening to 'The Appointed Time'. It makes so much sense to me. I can feel a memory coming to me that I said something like that to someone. Wow! I thank God that I logged onto your site. Thank you for putting it there so I could hear you say it to me. God bless you and your family and 'Happy New Year!'. Thanks for the song.

  • Kenton Pate Madisonville, Texas

    Dear Tyler Perry, Thank you for taking your time to post this revelation that The Lord has given you. I found this information while preparing a message called "The Appointed Time." Thanks again! KP

  • michael gray Lancaster cail

    I like your movie and how you help a lot of people I need some help with putting together a cartoon for TV NEED help thanks for helping the world

  • Mary MacVarish cape cod

    Laws of Attraction....i have had one dream for so long. I am very good at what i do, and i help people while doing it. I want to have my own studio and do what i love. Physically.mentally,and spiritually help people live life to the fullest and be healthy while living it. "I have a dream"

  • Maxine Hemet, CA

    Good day Tyler, I want to say thank you for your messages of inspiration. I know that I have a purpose in this life the Lord has made it abundantly clear what it is. I have been trying to stay on the path to keep the Faith. I have no doubt as to the outcome of the task that the Lord has put before me. It seems like the door to get where I need to be is locked, the key is in my reach but I'm to old and to weary to pick it up. I won't quit because with each rejection, with every disappointment is a testimony to inspire someone else to say to them like you are telling your online family. You can achieve your Dreams, your Purpose in life through prayer and faith in what you pray for. Tyler, my family is the most important thing in my life and I love them enough to never give up on us all coming together to help other families do the same. So thank you sweetheart for being obedient. You are a true inspiration to me. I am 61 years old and I am still learning. Keep being true to yourself and the Lord. Know that you are loved. God bless you. Sincerely, Maxine

    • Unknown~Di #2034104

      I know how you feel Maxine. Sometimes, I pray that God gives you the strength and courage to go on. Grace abounds.~Di..

  • Mrs Jackie DeWitt Atlanta, Ga

    Thanks for your messages . I will share with my daughters as confirmation of what the Lord has been telling me about their paths in life. They have passions for catering and film and educated in those areas but find themselves in other areas to survive...customer service jobs, making money but not in the field they want to achieve. Sometimes we are led down a different road for a reason....hidden and waiting on that appointed time..as you mentioned in your inspirational comments.. Whenever they reach their goals ....they will remember their hoops and hurdles as a necessary path.......I tell them they are just being marinated for a delicious life ahead. Thank you, Sir

  • Karen Haygood Columbia, sc

    I listen to this video and was truly blessed by it. I am the one who keeps trying to make things happen in my life and I know without a doubt this message was for me. I rest. Thank you so much for those words of inspiration. What is meant for me is for me and no one can stop the plan of God. Love you my brother!

  • Linda CA

    Tyler, Thank you for sharing your stories with us. You are a gift to the world by sharing your knowledge and faith and I am forever grateful to god for leading me to your website. You are such an inspiration through your messages and your movies. I am a loyal fan for the rest of my life.

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