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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Patricia Macon, GA

    Thank you so much Tyler for this video. I know that everything you ministered about in this video is true. I have lived it all my life and am living it now. I sent this video to my son to inspire him to stay motivated about starting his on business. He's only 30 years old and is now going through some of the same things you went through. This video says it all. God bless you for blessing me and my son today.

  • Precious Lord,

    You've let me know "it's time" so I turn to You with heart in hand to ask for "wisdom" and "understanding". If he knows, I pray he cast down fear and bodaciously tell me so we can move on. For we've got a "work" to do with so little time to do it . In Jesus' name I pray. Amen

  • Fran Shoals Oklahoma City, OK

    May God continue to bless you Mr. Perry, in every aspect of your life! May He continue to direct your path and keep you in His loving care, as you bless others with your gifts God has given you!

  • Ms. Proverbs Owings Mills, Maryland

    Hi there Tyler, This message is soooooooo true and it bless me indeed...Don't you love it when God interrupts our plans and lead us in the way we should go because he cares and loves us so much. God wants only the best for us always....I love my Lord Jesus...I pray that as God gives you inspirational words to share with us from your heart that it keeps coming back to you 100 fold. Please allow me to say this "You are a man after God's Own Heart" and "The Steps of A Good Man are Ordered by the Lord" (smile) I'm looking forward to a new inspirational video (*_*) Oh I love your intro inspirational video with "The Little Rascals" picture on the wall...LOL! I am a little girl or big kid at heart as well...Absolutely love Teddy Bears (Well I Do) Thank You for Sharing , Caring Stay Blessed and Continue to Enjoy Life Ms. Proverbs

  • Tee MI

    Everytime I come back to visit your site....I always find my way to your inspirational messages...when there's very little encouragement around me.....the videos are a good reminder for me. Thank you for sharing and May God continue to richly bless you. p.s.--I look forward to viewing new ones....(smile)

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Hey Tyler, :-) Let's pick back up on the topic of my father. However, let's talk about he & my mother meeting. She was downtown S'port walking w/ Paulette on her hip. Paulette was a lil baby at the time. My mother wasn't interested in my father like that. Even though she had prayed that God would send her a good man. Well, little did she know he was that good man. So for so how long my father chased after my mother all over town. From one relative house to another. Until she finally gave him a chance & they hooked up & the rest is history. Lol... My father was a hard hard worker. Kind & gentle, thoughtful, serious man, father, husband. Keep in mind, he was an older man. My mother had been raised not by her mother(Madea) but by Madea's parents. My mother is the oldest of her siblings. Yes, we had assigned seats all at our dinner table. Lol... We had to say, "excuse me from the table, please" :-) LOL. And each day my mother cooked dinner etc... There was never a time that we could eat or SIP or even be at the table before my father sat at the head of the table to start off the grace as it went around the table to it got back to my father. Then we all could eat. My seat was between Momma & Paulette. I mostly stayed close to Paulette. She got married to Al on her 19th birthday, I was 6th grade at that time. And it was cold & snowing on their wedding day. That was 28 yrs ago on the 2nd of next month. Paulette & I used to be in our room & she would been singing & doing whatever & I would be right there with her. Every step she took, if she was in the restroom doing something to her hair I would be sitting right up there looking at her. That bond between Paulette & I has lasted all these many years. Each of her kids are grown now. And my two are getting on up there too. She helped out a lot. I mean a lot! Lol... That's my girl. I thank God for blessing me with her. Cause she's been more than a sister. She's been my friend. She's been a place where my sons could go & feel right at home. Oops was suppose to be talking about my father, mom, etc & ended up talking about Paulette. Lol... :-) Change subjects!!! :)

  • Pearl United Kingdom

    This is so true! My mother has always taught me now that where we are in life now is not the end of it and the same for anyone else. I appreciate her love and patience she has shown me. I have learnt that this in indeed true all my life well the 19 years I have been living people have always told me what I was going to be first a professor in physics, an accountant then a doctor. But whenever people would ask me what I wanted to do when I grew up I would say and still do say I'm going to be a performer, a dancer to be precise. I went through a tough time where I secluded myself and only looked to God. He helped me soo much and allowed me to develop into the better person I am today and I've come to realise the reason I've held onto that dream for son long is because its what I am mean to do. I no longer find pleasure in studying anymore because it feels like a chore so I am now seeking to learn about my gift because I too do believe I have something special and I can't wait to find exactly out what it is! I know I was born to ascend to higher heights to inspire and change people for the good, and you are a true inspiration for me also! I respect your work and life journey so much I named my nephew Tyler after you (I am aware this is not your birth name lol)

  • tyrone S. Eure Omaha, nebraska.

    Tyler your inspirational comments are great powerful. I just publish my book John Henry's Wonderful Marvelous, Magical, Marshmallows. amazon.com. Your words have truly helped me. ty

  • Kyra California

    Hallelujah! These video's are so encouraging, and inspirational. Thank you and God Bless.

  • Joanne Edwards Camilla, GA

    "Seasoned" - just know your best is yet to come!

  • Sharon United Kingdom

    Whether God is walking beside you or carrying you and there maybe times you feel he is not close by your side, however one thing is for sure he hears you!!

  • J AKESHIA Trinidad

    Tyler you are so right....I am experiencing this right now....I have just left everything up to Him....He is definitely in control of this situation...Every door is shut, everyone is turning me down....But God promised to make the impossible possible...to make a way where there seem to be no way....My faith is growing and I know that God has already opened up that door it's just a matter of time...