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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • sharon davis valdosta ga

    To everything there is a season a time to sow and a time to reap a time to plant and a time to pluck up a time to laugh and a time to cry WAIT I SAY ON THE LORD!!!!!!!! He will show up at the appointed time he never failed me yet I may not be where I wanna be. But I'm sure not where I used to be he's moving but at his OWN timing thank you god for the knowledge to know that contentment and wisdom is something everyone should grab hold too,and. Know that everything work together for the good of those who love the lord

    • Dwayne Ayres St.Louis,Mo. #1774149

      ATTENTION; Mr. Tyler Perry, I Have Something AMAZING To Show You ! I Captured Michael Jackson's Face In The Clouds 6 Days After His Passing,You "MUST" See This!!! I Promise You That You Will Be Astounded !!! Go To youtube @ InsaneDwayne1 and See "The Story" Behind Divine In Nature & Believe..."This Is A "MUST" See !!!

  • B Anita God is ...

    Faith is a catalyst and it must accompany action. The Holiness of God the m***** of hearts have promised never to leave me. The word is my substance and courage. I find it my battle ax and cover. Death is real and so final but apart of the laws of the universe. Letting things go is not living safe, but realizing faith is a gift and trusting God s a choice. Okay... I realize the dangers of the time and my internship is not worth it, if death wins. Prayer and amen.

  • JolieEnCristo Arizona

    Hey! Tyler -- Blessings from above! ... I've NEVER written you but know of you ... I'm not writing for me, I'm writing for a girl I never met, a christian girl. Specifically, ex Amish Her name is Ester- You see, she left the Amish and wants to be an actress but, It seems that the "World" wants her to use her ex-Amish to her advantage but, she was raised acting was a form of vanity. Even so, she has this very dream. I admire her as she is following her dream (regardless of the costs of losing it all ....). She said, "I don't want to use my Amish background and exploit them like that, I don't know what to do..." Well, it was something like that? anyway, For some reason, I thought of you and thought to write you as you do Christian Movies and maybe you can assist her somehow? Again, I promise you that I DO NOT know this girl but, We are a family in Christ. I'm willing to be his hands and feet. I guess it includes using my hands to help a Sister ... Maybe God has a calling for her, he brought her this far ...like he's brought you. I'm including a link where I saw her footage .... God Bless and be well :) Linda (JolieEnCristo) means Beautiful in Christ .... Hey again, I'm posting this petition for this Ester Girl here? it seems more fitting (Gosh I hope you get this? ) .... The show I saw her Documentary on was: Channel: National Geographic Show: Amish Out of order- Her name: Ester

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    I'm thinking about you. How's work? One thing is for sure, you're the best, wonderful, outstanding, adorable, patient, caring, loving, thoughtful, one of a kind & such a hard worker. Thank you Tyler! Peace :-)

  • Lisa ca

    I know the thoughts he has for me, they are of good and not of evil to bring me to an expected end! (sorry I'm on my iPad and should have paid attention to what I typed-apologies)

  • Lisa vallejo, CA

    Thank you. I have to continue to pray and seek God in everything, II know the thighs h has forme, they are of good and not of evil to bring me to an expected end. He know, yes he know! I already know even this time on your website is ordained by God! Thank you!

  • Nicole Jordan Los Angeles

    Indeed! Indeed! Indeed! Amen!

  • Ellie Canfield Lansing MI

    Mr. Perry, I am a graduate student of theology at Regent University and I looked up your site for a paper on celebrity websites for a class called Digital Evangelism. After looking through your videos trying to determine if there was an evangelism component, this video became a kairos word for me. I want to thank you for you diligence and work for the Lord. God Bless, Ellie

  • Denee Tarboro, NC

    As painful as the truth is to hear sometimes... for those that are truly ready... we get it when we hear the painful messages. I am in one of those moments where I knwo there are those around me that can help me into a better situation and the doors are all closing and all I hear is NO... it hurts when you are homeless, hungry and do not have the basic things you need from day to day. I dont want a hand out... I need an opportunity to do my thing. I have asked God a million times what is this all about and I keep coming back to the same answer... its for someone, somewhere to hear it, be able to see it and relate to it. The same way someone's life story helped save my life, I know thats the purpose of my suffering this long. Doing everything I can to hold on for God's time instead of mine or someone else's. Thank You so much Tyler For these messages. They came right on time for me today. Someone was meant to hear them the day you posted them but I was meant to get my messages today!!! God Bless you.

  • ZRBoyd McAlester, Oklahoma

    Now as an expert, you learned that many folk will not and cannot share your faith. When GOD wants the Glory, He wants ALL OF THE GLORY.....but you get the Blessing! It's all set up by HIM....He blocks this avenue; opens that one; shuts down three; opens one; moves this person from wayyy over there to cross paths with you; cause you to do an about-face when you encounter this other person...........etc. Why? He has all of the pieces to you destiny, and you being a wise son, fine tuned your ear to hear and accept HIS guidance. Now, you reap the blessing! This is only the beginning. You are the a vessel of honor; one that knows how to open his hands and spread the goodness of Yahushua to meet the needs of others. By doing this, you create a HolyGhost vacuum...............you give, you receive. Many folk have never caught on to that law! Only the best for you is my prayer.

  • ian s United Kingdom

    Mr.Perry I am in the presence of a Gift of God. You! Wait until i come and tell you MY STORY...What God has shown me. His miracles. My faith is EXTREMELY STRONG after all i hail from two devout Grandmothers and parents...but Oh Lord, how i even got to your website was by accident. The server brought me here when i did not even type in your address. Mr. Perry I just know we have to meet. everything you saying is what my mother tells me and what i believe. God shows me some AMAZING events. We will talk. ian.

  • Sharda D. Murfreesboro,TN

    Tyler you are a wise man. I admire your ability to give back the wisdom that has been given to you.

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