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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything

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  • Shay Houston, Texas

    Amen. That is so true. Words of wisdom.

  • Queen Searles

    Wow, I just can't get around posting. Kept thinking I'll come back when I have more time after I complete my homework! The message here is Heaven's response to me! What an awakening, thank you for sharing JAH's Truth! Now I Overstand the happenings in my life. But when does it end? Sometimes I feel like I'm in a box with no walls and no rope. Love Peace & Blessings Queen

  • Ansionette Lewis Birmingham, AL

    I love listening to you speak your truth and I know those word come not only from the heart but from "Hashem" the mouth of God. I hope you will find the time to make more videos.

  • Matthew Sanchez Columbus GA

    But Mr. Perry were do i start

    • Geno Mckee in. Ohio at the moment #1868010

      I must say your story is very inspiring. I know I first hand what you're saying, and yes I am living proof the God is good and Jesus is alive and well. I would love for you to hear my story. DEFINITELY ONE OF A KIND. Thank you in advance. Signed: A Breath Of Fresh Air!!!

  • Darling Stockbridge, GA

    Mr. Perry, Thank you for willingly sharing your journey and lessons with the masses. I do believe our experiences at every level are designed to develop us, bless others and ultimately glorify God. Although there is nothing new under the sun, we are all in different places and stages in this life and often need to connect with others who can/will be transparent as confirmation or even new knowledge to aid one in taking that next step. To God be the glory for not just people like you, but men like you. Stay the course and I pray that when you are in your valley you too will have a place of inspiration to turn to like you have provided for so many. Be blessed!

  • Sky Banks Nc

    You're so right! Thank you for your time & inspiration! Look forward to working with you in the future ☺

  • Tonya Traylor Miami, florida

    All of your messages are now my favorite inspirational and motivational thoughts. Thank You Again

  • Mamie Smith United States

    I came to your site seeking help by requesting that you to send out an email to your newsletter recipients for the launching of a campaign for my book The Unfolding of a Rose--found an email address sent the letter to you, but it was returned. So . . . I searched your site for . . . more answers. It was then that I discovered the inspiration page. Something made me stop . . . watch . . . and listen. What did I hear . . . inspiration, sincerity and a deep sense of caring? It was all there . . . in your eyes, voice, timbrel of voice, mannerisms, etc . . . . I came away greatly moved by your words. I needed to hear them . . . right then . . . at that moment. The strangest thing is, I was listening to what I do, everyday as an inspirational writer, speaker and listener . . . except the positions were reversed. I took "to heart" all of what you said and am delighted I listened not only to you, but the mental voice that guides me every day of my life. I will leave now . . . because I believe you gave me what I was to receive by visiting you site. Some years ago, when I heard and read your story, I saw you as a person who had met and overcome adversity in the most challenging ways, not only with courage and strength, but also with humility. Today, you proved it!!!!! Thank you,

  • Rasheeda Stokes Murrieta California

    Mr. Tyler Perry, Your message on an appointed time is so true, i always thought it was the devil cursing me, but it could of been gods favor that he saw something i couldn't see, I thank you for this message it really touch me

  • Author Anita Graham Decatur, Georgia

    Tyler, I listened to all your videos. I must say they are confirmation to my writing career. I believe I will be writing songs for your plays. I need to know how can I set up an appointment with you. I would love to talk to you face to face. Please give me a call. May God continues to bless you. A poem for you follows: As I leave your website I will implant what I read in my heart. I Pray it will be the beginning of something beautiful right off the start. Nobody can tell me you're too good for me to meet. Only God know the time and hour He will stand you before my feet. I will continue to pray that you will call. Until then Tyler, I will stay humble and stand tall. Thank you for your greatness! Anita

  • Ms. Karen Scanie Cold Lake, Alberta Canada

    Dearest Mr. Perry: You are the most spiritual burst of energy.. that jut knows how to cheer me up on my cloudiest day... I had so many doors close. I have asked family for financial help in paying these fees for a legal documentation. Nobody will help.. Well anyways. your comment you said, that God will close all doors.. till you realize the one door that is not closed is his.. i realize..I need to ask and I shall receive.. Its his door I need to knock on... And another piece of wisdom you shared. about how he keeps us hidden till the time is right to open that door for us or the extradinary beginning. or miracle in our lives to happen will unfold. I have always felt this way in life. That he has kept me hidden. I have done many things in my life. working in jobs relate to a man's job. working in Pipeline Security, Train Derailments, Jail Facilities, Working with homeless woman on the streets trying to get off of drugs and get there newborn babies wheened from Methadone. Even worked in Stabilization youth facility for children coming off of the street life, gangs, homeless, sexual abuse. even crystal meth. All my life these are the kinds of jobs I have done. helping people. My life has not been an easy one. I too have been homeless many times raising my daughter alone. Many hardships and suffering. I guess what I am trying to say from all this. is Thank-you.. For sharing your wisdom. Because you are my inspiration to my successes. and believing in myself to be the best that I can. and I have God to Thank for helping help others. I would not have changed none of my past. I have learned so so much. God Bless you in reading my story. I have learned tonight. I just have to as my Creator for the help I need and he will grant my need. Love you for all you have taught me.

  • Lester Norton United States

    I thank you, I thank you, I thank you. I'm am going through this right now. And I had gotten frustrated because I was asking everyone to help me get a building to help kids in my program. And I was sure they would because of the work I'm doing. Each person said no. And it hurt me bad because all of them has money. So, I guess God lead me to this site this morning to hear this word. And that's funny because I was listening to the radio as usaul. And I told myself I don't won't hear this stuff this morning. Listen to someone is has inspirational words. And I typed in your name, and now I'm happy. You are my hero. Keep up the good work. Thank you again.

    • Dee Milwaukee, Wisconsin #1840655

      I always remember a speech that Tyler gave about being turned down 999 times, but it only takes 1 yes to began to make your dreams come true. I believe in waiting on the yes. I've raised a son on my own,struggled to work, involve him in postive programs, put him through school and college. Now he had graduated from college and has worked hard to attain the job the he truly wanted in public relations. He has now received his dream job in N.J. The last thing is to find a way to move his furniture etc.. to NJ. without any added expense in doing so. I have faith that God will make a way and I'm waiting on my answer. All blessings are worth the wait. Denise