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There Is An Appointed Time For Everything


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  • hanna Maulseed Canada

    TP this is so true

  • Mike USA

    You sir, have obviously been blessed through adversity, as I have also been blessed by the same. It's not an easy road to walk but I am grateful to have ultimately come to the understanding that during my worst moments I was loved the most, and that I have never been truly alone. God bless...

  • Jamila Majesty Hollywood, California, U.S.A.


  • Carol Kent, Ohio

    Mr. Perry you are so right. I turn to God for everything. I am an aspiring writer as well. I have gone through the things that you have. homelessness, struggling financially, people telling me what I can't do. But I believe that God has an appointed time for everything. I don't listen to any of them. I just keep pushing and staying positive. Because I know that all things work for your good with God. Because God can open bigger wider doors that man can't open. So I keep trusting, believing that God is working things out for my good. God is an on time God indeed. Thank you for that inspiring message indeed.

  • WtVblessed London

    Thank You Tyler for this 'in season' message. I am just starting an business and I feel there has been so much blockages but just at the beginning of this year it was like God just released everything standing in my way to get the business launched. Now launched it has gone quite again and just today the Lord revealed that he is still 'hiding' me for the appointed time, so I must just stay in position. Just lie yr message was saying put away yr business card, I feel like I have been trying to promote the business but nothing iss happening and I have definitely felt discouraged at many stages but I know this business is good and more importantly it's the entrance to my Ministry, and knowing this threw me even more as to Lord why does it 'appear' not to be working. The Lord answered and has been revealing everything is for an appointmed time; Kiros time, Stay in position and just keep focusing on Him. It all shall come to pass IJN.

  • milli long island ny

    Thank you for such an inspirational word! I really needed to hear that today!!! And Thank you for hosting The Passion! We watched as a family and was moved! God bless you on your journey as he continues to guide you !

  • Kaydean Toronto

    Profound message of inspiration Tyler. I am moved and feel blessed by this word. God has a mark on you. You are indeed an inspiration to so many people. Keep on doing what you are doing. God bless you

  • Hazel Lykens New Castle, In.

    You truly are an inspiration to so many people! Myself include! I loved all your video's and really listen to the message, you give in each o e! Makes one, want to be a better person, and believe in themselves. Thank you, Tyler Perry, and God bless you!

  • aaron MD

    Truth. thank u. u r helping alout of people yo. tyler GOD is going to bless u... i mean even beyond of what u have now yo. its crazzy how much lov u r still showing to people, but its not krazzy cause we show or we can only give what GOD gives us to give , this is how i know u r in Christ Bro. i am going to pray for u, and ask GOD to please keep doing what he is doing with u cause aint nobody else out here really doing it any more bro ( as in like a leader ) stay cool yo, im off to look at madea goes to jail for the 5 time this week ... hey shouldnt have made it so good . lol peace

  • karleatha jackson 4127 4th avenue south

    ( " Blessed ; ~ L * || U * || V * || ; ~ #1ONETYLERPERRY ; ~ ONECE YY ~ UU ~ ( R**.. ~ INN ~ TH~Y ~~ SUNSHINE STATE ~ VS ~ ST. PETERSBURG FLORIDA PLEASE COME VISTED !!!! << !! >> ( & **.. BRING ~~ #2TWOTICKETS JUS~T ~ FR **.. #1ONEKLJAYJACKSON ; ~ ( " W** ; S ~~ LOT ; S ~~ OF __ L*|| O * || V * || E * || ; \\ // ~ ( * ) ( * ) ; <

  • Brenda Indianapolis

    You have no idea how much your inspirational messages are blessing my life. I just finished self publishing my book, She Had to Die, So I Could Live. I believe God put it on my heart to write it to help women who have experienced some of the things I've been through in my life. I've written the book. it's on Amazon and now I'm not quite sure where to go next with it. My goal is not to make money but to get the message out to as many women as I can. But you have reminded me that God will direct my steps. I am soooo inspired by your messages. Keep being a blessing and God will keep blessing you.

  • Thelma Strickland Mechanicsville, Maryland

    I just finished listening to your speech on there is .....for everything. Thank you . I just have to open my heart and mind and listen. God Bless