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You Can Get Anything You Want

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  • jeremiah jackson boston

    hi mr tyler perry I am a big fan I have something on my mind i need to say a few thing to you I need your help please can you change my life I can sing and act and more at the end of your play madeas big happy family I cry like a baby cause I miss my family that is win I want to reach out to you I hope that you can help me please mr j jackson

  • Shaz Grenada

    Yes.... I believe

  • Danielle

    Hello Mr.Perry, I don't come here often, but every time I do I'm inspired. I just listened to your video, " you can have whatever you want," and the story about the little boy choosing between two shirts, what a great story. I'm an inspirational speaker to teen girls, and in order for me to be true, real and authentic, I have to stay inspired. Your messages help fill my cup, so I have something to give. Thanks for sharing. Who knows, maybe we'll do an empowerment seminar together, some day.

  • Carter Georgia

    Opportunity to visit your studio and be an extra in one of your movies.

  • Miss P. USA

    Hello... If I could have anything I want...I want to visit Atlanta.

  • Della Holman Orangeburg,s.c.

    Hi Mr.Tyler,my name is Della Holman, I'm not good with facebook,so I thought I would try looking for a website to talk to you. Just to let you know much I have enjoyed your plays and movies and how they have been inspiring to me in parts of my life. I have battle with depression for years, with the grace of God I have been doing better. I have learn to put my faith in God and not man, because you sure to be hurt and even destroyed if you aloud it to happen like I did. One thing you said in one of your plays was [if someone shows you who they really is,believe them]. I have 3 children,2 daughters & my son,who is the oldest, My children have seen me hurt,well they tell me I am to passive,or to forgiving to people. Well the botton line is, trying to keep my daughters on the right path of not getting hurt like me. But one thing I have learn, [is if it don't kill you, it will make you strong,]and sometimes very bitter. But I just want you to keep on inspiring us with your wisdom. Hope you will be able to talk back to me. Have quite a bit on my mind. Thank you for listening. 8-11-14.

  • Another wish...

    Mr. Perry, sharing pictures I am not allowed to post online...

  • U could have anything u want...

    If I could get anything I want, I would ask for a RESTRAINING ORDER so that ex-'friends' and psycho-lesbian women have no access to me.

  • Faye NY State

    Dear Mr. Perry: There are no words that can adequately describe the simple genius of your work. The universal truths of life which you cultivate and present in such phenomenal ways are true gifts from the heart. Thank you for your passion and your love for your work, your humble and natural integrity, and, in all that you do, I hope you continue to find fulfillment and love for there are few who deserve it more.

  • I just wanted lovebug SC

    To hear your voice. Wish to meet you one day! My favorite guy!

  • Faith

    Good Day Mr Perry After listening to your short video, a quote came to my mind "sometimes we feel like life is hard but there are people who has it harder" Thank you Mr Perry

  • Dontaveus Gulfport, MS

    Hello Mr. Perry its truly a blessing to see you and work from the other side of the TV screen. Your plays and movies have been a big inspiration to me and I learn a little from each. I look up to you as a mentor and role model. You motivate me as a young man that I get anything if I put my mind to it. My sister who is in rehab at the age of 17 for being mentally disable. I am 22 years old and trying to go out and get what life has to offer. But this video has given me a push. May God bless you and keep you. Thanks