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You Can Get Anything You Want

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  • Zoe Terry Tampa, fl

    Thank you Mr. Tyler Perry. You just gave me the answer to something I have been struggling with.

  • Lizelle South Africa, Knysna

    Dear Mr Perry, i thank you for your inspirational words. U are what you same. I thank God for all the blessing and do know this what you say will be. If you are positive about your life it will attract positivity. Not so long ago i was a housewife with no income facing divorce, now i own my own law-firm in my hometown. I am happily divorced with a beautiful son and an income that makes our living comfortably . This is truly an example of how God work. This is all thanks to God! If a person looks around you one can witness how bad things could have been but through HIS Grace he bestowed his blessing upon us because we believed and asked. So many times I speak to God's Angels and they always guide me on the right track. Thank you Mr Perry for reminding me that you are what you speak and think. Hopefully one day you will visit us in Knysna, South Africa.

  • Donna Dyar Fort Worth,TX

    You are an amazing person!

  • Anna jacksonville, FL

    Thank You so much for this video.

  • Neli Mhlongo Durban,South Africa


  • Tekesha German Lauderhill, Florida


  • Monique Atlanta, GA

    Would love to see new videos:-)

  • Helen Hegedus Maine, NY

    Hi Tyler, about a month ago I started reading the bible. i have a friend who lives in Holland and she has kept talking to me and how I need to start thinking. with listening to what you just said is so true. think positive and keep thinking it, even when the enemy is trying to keep you off the right track. I can honestly say the word in the bible is so true and you can even see things either that you have gone through or realize what is going on. I honestly feel it is helping me read the bible and keeping GOD first in my life for me to move forward where he wants me to be. sometimes we do what we think is best, but then we end up getting back on track where god whats us. I hope that makes sense to you. thank you for everything you do. You words have so much meaning and understanding for me, you will never realize. Thank You Again. Helen

  • jeremiah jackson boston

    hi mr tyler perry I am a big fan I have something on my mind i need to say a few thing to you I need your help please can you change my life I can sing and act and more at the end of your play madeas big happy family I cry like a baby cause I miss my family that is win I want to reach out to you I hope that you can help me please mr j jackson

  • Shaz Grenada

    Yes.... I believe

  • Danielle

    Hello Mr.Perry, I don't come here often, but every time I do I'm inspired. I just listened to your video, " you can have whatever you want," and the story about the little boy choosing between two shirts, what a great story. I'm an inspirational speaker to teen girls, and in order for me to be true, real and authentic, I have to stay inspired. Your messages help fill my cup, so I have something to give. Thanks for sharing. Who knows, maybe we'll do an empowerment seminar together, some day.

  • Carter Georgia

    Opportunity to visit your studio and be an extra in one of your movies.

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