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  • Sungyine Ababuh Amuntung Douala, Cameroon

    Wow! This must be the tap on the back, that sign that says "carry on with your dreams". It's amazing how in a few minutes one could inspire another so much. I've made mistakes in my life, I went off track a long time ago and since then it's been difficult to get back on track. For a while now I've being considering going on a retreat, talked about it to a few friends who for the most part thought it wasn't necessary. This is it.I'm going in search of answers, I'm going in search of my identity,rediscover my personality, leaving for a month; or 2 if necessary. I don't even know where I'll be heading to. Watching these videos has taken me to a whole new level of reflection, very inspiring. Thank you sir for using a few words to set me back on track..."A man, this rich and influential but yet God fearing" He is a living witness of God's grace.

  • morales Sacrament CA

    Mr Perry you truly are a good man and I want to say thanks for all you do may God continue to bless you. Through life their are many struggles being a Latin woman born in Chicago thank God that He has kept me all these years. I hope that one day I can be at a place where worries about financially hardship stop as far as I remember I've always been financially unstable always limited to things or doing stuff all pur kids are grown now and we still struggle I recent leafy my job because I got really sick in a spiritual hence and have been home now looking for work again my husbands been working tbsame place for 25 years its been 8 yes since he has gotten a raise we struggle a lot we are tied it seems we are in debt with IRS for over 17,000 and you know they will get their money I wish my husband can take a breather I feel bad for him he works out doors and.his job is taking a toll we bought land in Mexico about 8 years ago and all our saving went their but no money to build now so if you can keep us in prayer the worrying about money is a problem for us not one day ever goes by that we don't worry getting a job seems nearly impossible now a days stay humble don't change. If you can help us it would be a nice gesture but if you can doesn't change you your still funny Tyler :) God bless you very much and keep u!,Let no weapon formed against you prosper!

  • goldie baker Palatka,florida

    ,Mr tyler, l'm in need of dental work, i can' t even gat and appt. With a free clinic, it afecting my health, medicare woll not pay, and i can't aford to pay for them, your teeth are so beautiful, so i thought i wpuld ask, the bible say that u have not because u ask not, so i'm stepping out in faith, i'm praying that u would

  • iris mitchell miami fl

    Tyler that's why your so loved because of your heart. I'm the same way.if I see a homeless person on the street.and she's freezing. I would give her the jacket off my body.and the shoes off my feet.I wish I had the money to help my church and feed the homeless.I would .I have so much faith on god.I know he will provide for me.i have no doubt that God will provide for me.lord I'm going thru so much.I'm getting a divorce and my husband is planning on sale in the house.I have three sons.this man is so hateful.and trying to hurt me.because we getting a divorce.he has somewhere to go but what about my boys.I have a 18 yrs old a 7yr old and a five year old.jesus what am I go do.I don't want my kids on the street or a shelter.I will die if I loose my kids tyler how can people be do cruel my god.yesterday he got so angry he punched a h*** in the wall in front of my kids.I'm not working because I'm on disability. I only get so much.he have me paying all the bills with my little check.god I never ask for anything.I don't care what happens to me please watch over my kids.he have everything a truck a house.my name no where on the deed I got my last income txt check we was to split the down payment.he didn't do that.he kept his money and used all mine.and guess what my name wasn't put on the deed.sorry.for telling you my life story.I don't have any friends at all.I feel so alone.what to do.I'm scared.

  • iris mitchell miami,fl

    Hi sweatheart,I'm not asking for anything.just need a friend right now.don't know what to do.ok.my mom is 74 years old.my sister and her 3 grown kids.leave my mom with 6 great grand kids to keep bye herself.I'm scared of loosing her.the thing is I would love to go there and take them off her hands.I just don't have a car.I see my mom like once a month because she lives down north I live down south.but when I call her she's always yelling screaming,crying she can't take anymore.tyler please tell me what to do.and how can I get a car to see her.if I loose my mom because of stress.it will kill me.i love my mom,to the last power.and I'll do anything to be able to see her more then once a month.when I lost my two brothers and dad I couldn't be there because I had no way to get there.I've always been a dependent woman.I hate doing this.she just lost her oldest sister.lord jesus I need a car please,please help me.

  • Tekesha German Lauderhill, Florida 33313

    Very inspiring I will keep that in mind. Mr. Tyler Perry i love you and you are the best.

  • Ms.A VA

    Hi Mr. Perry, Im glad I found this site because when you are going though you need some encouraging word,but GOD IS GOOD and I know my BLESSING IS ON THE WAY. It help me a lot to watch your show THE HAVES AND THE HAVENOT and keeping my mind free from what im going though. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU AND USE YOU !!!! LOVE YOU BE BLESS

  • LISA JOHNSON Waterford, VA

    Hi Tyler, I am so blessed to have come to this site and read the encouraging words of wisdom. I've followed you way back maybe 2001, after seeing your 1st Madea play, "I can do bad all by myself," in my living room after church with my church family. I remember it being so refreshing and very much so entertaining to see someone play a role like the grandmother I grew up with. Since that, I've gone to one of your plays while living in St. Louis, MO at the Fox Theatre maybe in 2009 and purchased every DVD and now movies that's come out. Oh, I'm hooked on "The Haves and Have Nots and If Loving You is Wrong." All that to say, you have truly been an inspiration to me as I've suffered a nasty divorce with two young children, during the crash of the economy in 2008, loss my home etc.; but to come here to this site today during my transition has certainly given me hope and courage to keep moving forward no matter. In 2013, I moved to Virginia and have started a consultant business (still in the development stages). The video you made about being hidden for a purpose truly sheds truth about how God will hide you for a given period, while he's teaching you character and faith and then will release you to the world fully equipped to serve and fufill his will. Makes me think about John the Baptist as he was set apart in the wilderness but had much discernment about the coming of Messiah and his looks and thoughts were unlike the multitude but we all know how his life unfolds!!!! Thank you so much for allowing the Lord to use you in such a way.

  • tlaw winter park, florida

    So, Mr. Perry, I DO KNOW, THAT WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE,and I ALSO KNOW that there are people that HE put in place to help with those POSSIBILITIES. I Believe as long as God ALLOWS us to be in certain positions that there should be an understanding as to why that is so. So I do believe that you are ONE OF THOSE TO HELP WITH THE POSSIBILITES. Continue to grow in Gods GRACE & MERCY. Mrs. Law

  • Miss P. USA

    Hello Tyler...I love you so much...this message brought me to tears today because it seems to me as hard as I'm working to make my life and the lives of others better...I have secret haters that are trying very hard to keep me down...I need to get out of here and the first chance I get to leave I will...I don't know where I'm going but you can help me feel better by helping me get 3 good tickets to see the play in Cols. Ohio...I want to bring 2 individuals that won't usually get to come see you...they have handicap and not much money...I'm willing to pay for them...please get back with me asap. You will make my day...love the shows too...

  • Corliss Matteson, IL

    I listened and in retrospect; I think about how all too often my life has had limitations on it, don't get me wrong coming from a large family is not wrong but when you live with limitations, and always making the either or choices you tend to believe that you can only have some things not all things. It is only with my belief in God and having the courage to make a go at things that I realized as a person, woman that in giving it a strong effort that challenges can be met. It doesn't surprise me that the kids couldn't believe they could have everything because living with limitations and without certain things gives you the belief that, not having what others have is just the norm for you. Sometimes I still have to fight the notion that I have limitations; I out of habit choose (and I know its a choice) for example going to a second hand store to purchase a dress, looking at what I may have to work with and deciding the best value for me is second hand. But I work with women and their families because I want women to know that they are beautiful and important and they can have better than what they believe or even see! When I happens its not just a testimony for them it re affirms my belief that its possible to have and be all you can be.

  • Ertha Sams Tampa FL

    Your insight and words create a timeless and inspiring message . Thank you for sharing. What a blessing. I am sharing your message my family and friends. I know this message will bless them greatly.