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You Can Get Anything You Want


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  • Iradina Woodley New York

    What a word of inspiration? A change for many and direction for some of none it is such a blessing Tyler Perry has been to so many. I noticing people who struggle in the beginning do not give up. Thank you lord - I feel blessed and enlightened. I wont give up and I will not stop - let keep moving forward. Let your seed grow and let sunlight never stop shining. Love ya - Ira

  • Darlene Matthews Newark, N.J.

    God bless you, Tyler Perry. I believe in miracles, and I believe in dreams coming true. I believe in God answering my prayers, and I can have anything I want, because God's favor is on my life. I thank God for using you to confirm it, by my prayer's being answered. Love Always, Sis. Darlene.

  • Saquida thomas oklahoma

    Was about to give up on my production thank you

    • Lexie Haddley #2201391

      Anything is possible

  • Lexie Haddley Tupelo, MS

    That story was so inspiring. Being in that position as a little girl no older than 2 I know what its like. Even now that I'm seventeen I just figured out that when the whole world may seem like their against you there are a few that do and the one on top of the list is GOD. Never stop believing in yourself because God always believes in you.

  • Erica Nashville

    It's crazy that I've come across this because I was just talking about this a couple days ago. I remember as a kid growing up always thinking good will happen but I feel that because of insecurity and what other people would say, I kept my hopes for "good" limited. I knew that good would happen & I would be better than I was & would continue to get better than my initial state but I had no specific aim. I looked at people as if their life was so different and far from mine, especially celebrities. I thought that I could never become what they were but I'll be better than what I was one day. I remember being a teenager praying every night for confidence and as I grew older God gave me just that. I'm glad to say that I'm now 21 years old & the amount of confidence, ambition, and assurance that I have, of my greatness & the fact that I will be successful is more than I would have ever thought I could have. I know I'm going to be successful one day and my expectation of success is high but I feel that God's plans for me are still higher. It's just a blessing to know that God will push us to be great even when we don't know we're great yet!

  • Kari Cogan Station, PA

    Thank you for such an inspiring clip. I smiled when you spoke of the boy with the 2 shirts and how he finally grasped the he could have both concept. You have the ability to show laughter and I could hear the joy in your voice while you spoke of your time with them. I agree that many adults are jaded by life and I desire to be a part of shaking up their world through poetry, and through hands on sharing of joy and lifting up others. I like what you said "Think up, Think life, Think Joy" and I intend to write about it, that and how those of us who are up out of the muck and mire can help change the mindset from hinder to Hope in the minds of those we come in contact with. Too many try to limit Jesus. I (praise the Lord) have for most of my adult life had a massive faith in God's word, and I believed on Him and Him who sent Him. Too many limit by "do this, must do that" the Holy Spirit is 100% able to complete His work that began with our faith in Christ. The Spirit has started a fire in me that won't be soon quenched and I am on fire for the Lord and in being a servant of His towards others. Thank you for your inspiring words once again. I am going to continue listening to the other video offerings you have. In Christ, Kari

  • Angela N Raleigh, NC

    I too believe that I can have anything but, like those children, it seems impossible. I am a dreamer. I hope my dreams don't die with me and not come to reality. I'm believing and hoping.

  • Precious Hena Kekula Liberia

    I bless God so much for you Tyler. Your first movie I watched was the Dairy of a mad black woman which made me to know that God is my everything. It taught me to never give up in life no matter the circumstance. Thank u so much and by the grace of God,we will meet one day and I have a story to tell you.

  • Angela Verges Ypsilanti, MI

    Mr. Perry, I love your spirit. It is certainly a joy to see kids excited. I used to work in a community center located in a public housing area. I go back every few weeks or so to check on "my kids". During a summer festival a couple of years ago, one of the kids ran up to me screaming, "Ms. Angie" and hugged me around my knees. It was heartwarming. When the little boy left, my teen son said, "I guess people do like you." Be encouraged and keeping doing what you do.

  • Ivette Col√≥n Canton GA

    I will love to help!!! If you need help taking this year a group of kids shopping . I will love to be part of seeing the beautiful smile on their faces . It will be priceless!!! Thank you for being you!!! Ivette

  • lorie postlewaite Montgomery, wv

    God Bless you for giving to those children your story really wowed me I know it says in the book.of John to share your blessings and God will triple your blessings back but you can't expect the blessings just know he will and your message about positive thinking and having is so true and inspired me so much so thank you and God Bless you...always

  • Lljennings Washington Ga 30631

    Mr. Perry u r awsome. All the things you've gone through, from growing up 'til now. And all the inspiration, and jobs, and the help, the"giving giving back." I thought about emailing u several times but never did until now. Ask me what I need, not want.

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