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Work While It Is Day...

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  • M. Phillips wadesboro, nc

    Mr. Perry, I like that comment. Work while it is day. I use to work with the youth at the church my husband was Pastoring. During children period one Sunday, I shared that same topic with them. I use it in my life daily. Whenever things come about, that I don't quiet understand I keep moving on anyway. Because I want to do whatever it is that I am suppose to be doing. So when my time is up. I want to be caught with my done. and no regrets. I like the the inspirational comments, they are really helpful. Stay blessed

  • Miss P. USA

    Just writing you a note because I cannot sleep. My God...what is going on? I really need your help. I just need advice and guidance on something I'm going through...

  • Mechelle R. Stokes Tallahassee, FL

    Mr. Perry, This message has given me the revelation that I needed as a writer/blogger and working to become a film Editor!!! God bless you Tyler!!! I am Making moves to birth my dreams into reality; to work for my hero "TP" See you soon :) -Mechelle R. Stokes