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Work While It Is Day...

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  • Carol Ohio

    Hi Mr Tyler I love your movies and plays very much. My dream also is to become a writer. At first I didn't realize my talent but eventually I did. You inspire me to write, write and write. My dream one day is to work for your studio and tell amazing stories like you have. And I know that my dream will come to pass because I believe. I am also trusting and relieing on God to bring it to pass. Thanks for those incredible words of wisdom. Love your work so much. Keep up the great work.

  • Stacy Hamilton Ontario

    Tyler I want to say thank you so much for this messege. Today was a horrible day for me, I am a christian and at times it is so hard to keep fighting when you feel all odds are against you. For what ever reason I decided to read your biography and then check out your website for the first time today. Your words of encouragement has lifted my spirit. I have been fighting a loooong battle of so many things and at times it feels it will never end. Torment is what comes to mind and at times I feel trapped in my situations. I have such big dreams and listening to your story helps because seeing your success and knowing you had your own struggles leaves me with the hope that I will achieve my dreams. Thank you! Keep doing you do and may God continue to bless and prosper you!!

  • Anita B. God is love

    Good morning, Work while it is day! Working at night is dark...Thanks for this message. Amen.

  • lisa griffin st louis mo

    i want you to know that you really inspire me alot keep up the good work and god bless you lisa.

  • Noelle Dale bridgeport, connecticut

    At 24 yrs old am stil asking GOD to help me to see things through his eyes, its not easy thank you for your words of encouragement.

  • Alicia Scott ATL

    Love it. God BLESS you real big. Praying for you - you sound like a mix of Joyce Meyer, T.D. Jakes and Beth Moore. :-) Teaching the TRUTH - and laughing a LOT. I have been a fan and have been encouraged a long time. Awesome stuff, brother. From one 42 year old white girl to you, brother. Keep going. Keep on doing your great work! Keep passing on GREAT messages - The GOOD News. :-) Blessings! That is all! PEACE and GRACE. CHEERING you on!

    • brenda milford nh #1660411

      Alicia Loved your comment. This is one 61 yr old tired white girl. I have just become a fan of Tyler.My daughter Ina Joy 23 introduced me to this movies.Been on web all morning listening to inspiriational messages by Tyler. So fullof god. Be Blessed.

  • Sharon Best Fayetteville, NC

    Mr. Perry, Thank you for Inspirational Corner. It is both uplifting and enlightening. Until now, I did not realize what a Blessing we have in modern technology. In that, your Testimonies can be shared with the world. My Prayer is that you continue to be guided by God's Holy Spirit and used as an Instrument of His Love for us all.

  • Morine' Perry Detroit, MI

    Thank you. God knows what we need to hear. Not giving up...not turning back. Thanks

  • Regina Y. Favors Dallas, TX

    Mr. Perry, hi. God bless you sir. Thank you very much for this message. I listen to it over and over and over and over. Just before God ushered me into a new season, which became about testing and retesting, He sent me a tape from Jakes on business planning. Now, five years has passed, and I have passed my tests. My faith is complete; God can trust me with instruction. I am about to enter into the next level of my development, which is implementing the vision God gave me. To encourage myself, I listen to "Work While it is Day" because it helps me to remember that no matter what I need to prepare and be prepared. I will never forget what Terrell Owens said on his show: "I don't know where I'm going, but I'm going to be prepared no matter what." He's an athlete who stays prepared. So, thank you very much for this message!!! Please post more. Stay cool! RYF

    • Latoya Sada Smith Perry fl. #1621829

      Im claiming everything GOD has for ME!!!!!AMEN *THANKS MR.PERRY*

  • M. Phillips wadesboro, nc

    Mr. Perry, I like that comment. Work while it is day. I use to work with the youth at the church my husband was Pastoring. During children period one Sunday, I shared that same topic with them. I use it in my life daily. Whenever things come about, that I don't quiet understand I keep moving on anyway. Because I want to do whatever it is that I am suppose to be doing. So when my time is up. I want to be caught with my done. and no regrets. I like the the inspirational comments, they are really helpful. Stay blessed

  • Miss P. USA

    Just writing you a note because I cannot sleep. My God...what is going on? I really need your help. I just need advice and guidance on something I'm going through...

  • Mechelle R. Stokes Tallahassee, FL

    Mr. Perry, This message has given me the revelation that I needed as a writer/blogger and working to become a film Editor!!! God bless you Tyler!!! I am Making moves to birth my dreams into reality; to work for my hero "TP" See you soon :) -Mechelle R. Stokes

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