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  • KB Wash, DC

    Thank you for the inspiration! Feeling bored with the process of pursuing my dream and ready to enjoy the fruits of my labor. Your words reminded me that it is a blessing to be able to work this hard. Hard work is a meditation, not a burden. Thank you.

  • Robin W Josef Orlando, FL

    We are working Tyler!!!!! We believe that 2012 is the year that God has divinely ordained that faith leaders and movements join with victim service providers to assist victims of crime and their families. Our goal is to mobilize 1 Million Ministries as they pledge to support local programs with PRAYER, PREVENTION PROGRAMS AND PROCEEDS by the end of 2012! Week of Prayer for Missing & Abused Children starts April 22-28, 2012 ~ PLEASE JOIN US IN PRAYER FOR THIS EFFORT. Check us out at www.MillionMinistries.org

  • Rosie M. Bruner-Finley Pensacola, Florida

    A "Well-Done" is better than a "Well-Said" Matthew 25:21 His lord said unto him, Well Done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. (glory to God) ***Act on your words, Stop talking about, but be About it*** Have a blessed day, Prophetess Rosie M. Bruner-Finley 4/17/2012

  • Gibraltar Moore Moore, OK

    Tyler, You are as real as they get. Man thank you for not letting the money change your Spirit which is the real you. Thanks for still being able to love all people, especially the ones that are in need, when I say in need I mean not only in money but the ones that just need someone just to smile at them and encourage them and let them know it's not to late as long as you are breathing it's not to late! Man that's what you do for me! I'll stop right here before I s**** my computer with tears. Thanks my brother. I love you man. I know God will always be with you.

    • Gibraltar Moore Moore, OK #1668351

      Tyler that word that didn't come through was stain, crying with tears in my earlier comment that I wrote you. Just needed to correct that, didn't what you to think I said something derogatory. Love You Doc! Gibraltar

  • Barbara St. Louis,MO

    HI again Mr. Perry. I am writing about your inspirational video, "Work while It's Day", and I want you to know that I just went back to work after being off for almost 10 months because my doctor just diagnosed me with Congestive Heart Failure. After all the hard work that I put into my job as a custodian, I still believe that the chemicals I was using caused my condition. They say that they don't know, but I think that they do. I will keep on working until I cannot work any more. I keep the faith and I know that my God will answer all of my prayers.

  • gm

    workin my behind off... turnin a deaf ear to the people who say i cant do this, wont make it... sometimes its my own mind... but yea if this is what God has for me, there is nothing too hard for Him, if i do my part. :) I thank God for people like you who make people like me, feel that nothing is too hard for God, and I just have to keep at it... :) ...time to get back to work:)

  • Brenda Murphy Milford,NH

    Am writing story line "Madea Meets Big Bern" AM 61 white sister who married Brother Murphy 25 yrs ago and rocked my Mom's world. I was a single parent for 6 yr. My ex left me for the 20 yr. receptionist.I was into Jesus and he was into making money. I kept praying for God so send me a Christian man who loved Jesus like I did. My prayer was answered 6 yr latter at the Black Church I was blessed to find in Mass. They saved my life spiritually and physically.Got turned on to Gospel music and was blessed with christian husband 12 yr older than myself and who looked so very much like Sammy Davis Jr. HIS whole life people called him Sammy and expected him to perform.My Dad commented of the strong resemblence the first time he met my soon to be husband.He was a bit rocked as well as my mom.She actually did not speak to me for over a yr.Not until we were blessed with a little girl I named after my mom sister,Ina Joy, did we become reconciled.Its a story line I pray can come to the for front as well for discussion.So many hardships when one falls in love outside your race and then has children. Would be great to produce a play exposing the lies of the enemy that we should not inter marry. I was left alone with 3 little boys and Jim was left alone with 2 little girls.Yours,Mine and Ours!!!!Thank God for the Holy Spirit and the daughter He blessed us with.It was the glue that kept us together.Yes with God all things are possible.Brother Murphy saw his Pastor and spiritual Father in the faith shot and killed on a Sunday morning in Cleveland,Ohio.He took the gun away from the man who murdered his Pastor.The church went through much. His marriage ended and he moved back to New England to be with his Father and get a new beginning with his little girls.We have gone through much with all 6 children over the past 25 yr.Jail time due to drug dealing with oldest son to everything you can think of to our youngest who introduced me to your movies. God is faithful and I am a living testimony that all things do work together for good. I have been a nurses aide for 29 yeas and cant wait to see your latest project Madea Gets a Job! God Bless you brother Perry.You are in my prayers.

  • GERA Georgia

    Thanks for all the inspiration you give us. We need more men like you.

  • Janice Virginia

    I get it! I got it! I look forward to seeing what you and your company put out there for the sometimes forgotten about community of people. I feel like it is just for me and I do feel good after I watch one of your movie productions. In fact, most of the time, I feel great! I have lost my husband and recently cared for and lost my father. They were both men who I both loved and respected. I listened to one of your comments at the end of one of your plays during the period of time when my father was on hospice and it was very endearing. I don't remember exactly which play it was, but I remember the message. Everybody has a story to tell, if they chose to do it. It's their story, it's your story. I am inspired by it, entertained by it, and enjoy it. I feel the substance from it and I feel like it bears fruit. Be blessed!

  • K. Neckles Tucker, GA

    Mr. Deeds, your undivided attention is needed. Hoping that this reaches you, I am open to talk. It's been 25 years of FAITH, LOVE, and the unstoppable hand of GOD through Jesus in my LIFE. As of last year the heavens, ANGELS and SPIRIT of the LORD has been permitting me to gain strength day by day, in ways to bring me to this point of contact. I am finally ready to talk, MY story needs to be heard a as a living testimony that will light my heart, mind, and soul all the days of my life. I want to share my message with others, to also light their life. Oprah's involvement would be greatly appreciated, as her experience is in journalism, and might have covered similar stories. Sharing my message with a neighbor, which began on horrible grounds with him telling me off and cursing at me, ended up changed his life forever. He thanked me profusely when he saw me weeks later. I want to help save lives , and FAMILIES. Please make contact, MY message is from the eyes of a child, to now a mother of two beautiful princesses. Contact has been made to additional companies, that would have interests in this message. However, I would prefer to talk to the m***** mind "Tyler", prior to any exchange!!! Thank you for your attention!

  • Elise Georgia

    You have been an amazing inspiration! I saw the title of this video and thought to myself...oh great I don't have a job right now! I'm a 27 year old hard working mother of 2 children. I've been running like Jonah for so long. I know without an ounce of doubt what I was born to do. When I was a little girl all I dreamt of being was a nun! Mother Teresa was my role model. I went to college and at the age of 21 had 2 children. I counted myself out and so did everyone around me. A single mom is a far cry from Mother Teresa...or so I thought. I'm tired of making excuses, I'm tired of running in the wrong direction of where God told me to go! So I'm declaring it here first...I'm no longer running away...but running full speed into this dream to help others! I will work as hard as I need to. Thank You for all that you do.

  • beverly Kaneohe

    Mahalo,Mahalo, Mahalo! Aloha Mr. Perry...you are truly a Godsend....I am so grateful.."Work while it is Day", been doing it, now I understand it...