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Work While It Is Day...

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  • andre boulware washington dc

    I am inspired

  • Camedian Will Little Raleigh, NC

    I am inspired by your message. At one time in my life I began calculating how long it would take for my dreams to come to pass. With wisdom, understanding and maturity, I now realize the importance of God's time. Though it may seem like a lifetime for us, God see's our preparatory stage as only a few short seconds. Seeing how God has enabled and blessed you to carry out your life's ambitions shows me that he can do the same for me. There is a distinct difference between a creator and an innovator; your work ethic shows your unrelenting tenacity and strength that makes you an innovator for other innovators' to model themselves after. Thank you for blessing others on and off stage.

  • Hunny Bee Brooklyn, NY

    Mr.Perry, no words, speechless... this message is from HIM 4 me.

  • Evangelist Ruth Byhalia,Ms.

    Hi Tyler, this "MESSAGE" is very motivating and encouraging, but the 7th day God rested. Keep up the good work. We love you!

  • Cherylene Dallas, Texas

    Thank you..... For this section, my eyes are full of tears as I write this. My heart has always been working with addicts and alcoholics. God has blessed me recently to move up in this area of my life and you are soooooo right, it is moving faster than me. I am at the business end of the overseeing others who provide direct care to clients. I know, to whom much is given, much is required so I am working non-stop. Sometimes it is so lonely. But to hear you and to see all you do. To see when you are faithful over a few things God will makes you ruler over many. Continue to keep it real and reminding us that God has so much for us. I too want to do all God has for me before I am put in a box! Thanks again!

  • Mrs. Hill Nashville, TN

    I've not worked a full-time job outside my home since 1996 ... but I've never stopped working! I came off my paying job to raise my own children, one of whom passed away at the age of 7. I was with him, and my other children every step of the way. During the years at home I also faced many other challenges - open heart surgery for one - at the age of 38. I didn't see any of this coming. While you are young and have your health and strength, I agree wholeheartedly with Tyler that you should work while it is day. I also figured out in the time that I've been at home what a true blessing motherhood is, how to pray, and get busy helping others. I believe this "down time" for me has been a time of great maturation and humility. I want to know when it's all said and done, that I've lived a life of purpose, service, and great love shown to and for others. If money comes with that... that'll be the icing on the cake!

  • Patricia Coleman Florida

    Thank you... I am in bondage beyond anything that you would believe...I feel like giving up sometimes, and I see no relief in sight...But I am encouraged...that this is another day that the Lord has given me, and I will Work...Work...Work... It is still day....and the F** Lady (whoever that is) has not sung!!!!

  • Perry Nazareth Seattle

    I still hear my Grandma, saying get your hand ouch ya pockets get you bag get out in the field and pick those potatoes. the work day was hard and long. but it made me who i am today. Perry, pushing true

  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    Hey TP! :-) Just came to speak. Ttyl... :)

  • Shalandra Collins Los Angeles, Ca

    That touched me. #motivated

  • Misty Miotto United States

    Love it! Thank you for sharing!

  • VivianL Sharp Cleveland, Ohio

    So true what you speak of. So glad I heard you say this word - hard. Althought I don't find work hard. I find that work is actually my play. I have a business opportunity with LegalShield and absolutely love every moment of it. Contact me anyone who is looking for a business opportunity. For me, I have found a niche that will last me a lifetime. Mr. Tyler, thank you for your insight. This is the second time visiting your website. My first time finding these wonderful inspirational messages. Thank you. Check me out on wwwyoutube.com/user/vivianlsharp