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Work While It Is Day...

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  • Taniesha Usher Atlanta, GA

    This is some great advice Tyler. Thanks so much!

  • Carolyn B. Harshaw Roseville (Macomb County) MI

    And there's A Ribbon In The Sky For Your Love!!!!!...amen And Keep Working While It's Day!!!

  • Cy Maryland

    I would like to thank you from deep in my heart..listened to your inspirational corner, asked myself some real questions and answered them honestly came to the realization of why I've been invisible on purpose. So very much more to say but you get the gist of what I'm saying. I adore you and pray that God will continually bless and protect you. You are a blessing in more ways than you know., Thank you Tyler Perry, thank you!!

  • vanessa Seattle, Wa

    I am in a wilderness experience now and I know that my goals will become reality. God would not have impregnated me with vision and purpose if they weren't going to come to pass. I am committed to working while it is day and I like you and many others will experience that blessings that will come forth as a result of my efforts. With God I know ALL things are possible - I'm doing my part and waiting in expectancy that God is going to do His. I know His word will not return void. Thanks Tyler for your example - I admire and respect you. You will continue to be in my prayers Tyler Perry. Thanks for following your dream and sharing aspects of your process.

    • Twana AIKEN S.C. #1871834

      we are so bless n so r u. hope to see u soon i have faith that i will see u soon.

  • Uniqua Ratford NY, NY

    Deep...... and soooo true......

  • Yolanda New York, NY

    Mr. Perry we need more inspirational videos!!! It really helps! Thank you for all you do God Bless!

  • David K Owusu Scotland, UK

    Thanks for the post...it has done to me what several other words of inspiration has not done...'as a black man, I owe it to my ancestors to work hard & keep pushing it'. Thanks, Man!

  • Carolyn Harshaw Roseville (Macomb County) Michigan

    Tyler life is good ! Short Story to tell Titled, "Church Membership" In 2009 a Christian said Carolyn may I speak with you for a minute? My reply was yes' sure. This individual began to tell me that she was not prospering at her church. I said why not? She stated she didn't want to really get into church business, but would I just listen. She began to tell me that her Pastor did not want the members to visit other churches without his permission. What's wrong with the church you would like to visit and is the Shepherd of the house living the holy lifestyle God has commanded him to live? The sister said' Oh yes! I went to God in prayer and the Lord told me visit and don't join. So I stated what's the problem? My reply was how long have you been going to the other house of worship and are you being fed spiritually? So she said she's been visiting for over a year and she started to fast and pray to get a release to move forward and join the other church. But some members of the church she had been a member at for years was allowing things to go on for two or three years that was not of God. And two years had past with no change or respect to God. Now it's been three years and she went to the Pastor and wrote a letter concerning how even why the Holy Spirit told her I have better for you. They told her she was wrong and they mistreated her from that day on. The sister has been at her new Church now for 4 long prosperous years and is in training for teaching. This woman said Carolyn thank you for listening and interceding with me: and not judging me for wanting our Heavenly Father's best for my life. It's a very good day in the Lord when you prosper like Jesus promised! When I prayed with her ' I stated King Jesus is the One and only True King, Bishop,Shepherd and Crown Prince of your life" ... not your pastor. Mr. Tyler Perry it's in the Holy Word of God and she didn't even tell me how much she instantly started to be blessed after visiting this new church home. But the Most High God El-Shediah had already revealed to me that God would bring her out of bondage ... Because they were worshiping the Bishop at her former church and not God. Then she came to me and said no-wonder God stopped blessing that place after she went to the old testament in the book of the book of Isaiah when the Lord God said let the one you serve deliver you. Tyler' God said He's a Jealous God for his children...Now make sure you talk to the Father God to make sure you're still his friend. Because It's so easy to get off track. We love you Tyler and continue to seek the Lord Jesus like you did before Television...Shalom

  • Michaela Rena United States

    Hello there. Interesting post. I received this video by happen stance. I did not arrive at your site, neither by email or by text. I happen to open my FB and saw it scroll by. However, the person that posted you, I do not know. My intuitive guidance (Guide) tells me, "pay attention. The message was set up before time to be delivered to you at this moment. Pay attention." It wasn't the main message that I heard, however the secondary message that spoke volumes. "... If I listened to all the people that said I wouldn't...". It was what you DIDN'T SAY that I heard and with that, I am making application. I create the world that I want, not those that are chanting negativity behind me. If I LISTEN to them, I will chant what they chant, and then start the downward cycle of failure, thus manifesting their words into my reality. By constantly working on my goal, creating the work and the POSITIVE WORD 'S that shift the vibrational frequency and fill my world, I create the positive reality! My guides are wonderful and I am often amazed when I receive the next clue. I am publishing my 1st book, as well as Spiritual Holistic Ezine. I am in knowing that this is part of my purpose. The message you delivered was right on time. One day soon, you and I are going to chat about the complete fruition of this journey. Make me wanna cuss-that message was so D**n good ;-) ! ~ Michaela Rena

  • Melanie

    Tyler, It's generous that you share. Thank you for speaking into the hearts and lives of other dreamers. I have never seen any other person, be they a celebrity, or very successful in realizing their own dreams, reach down to hold the hand of others who are hoping. Thank you for keeping it real in all you do, by being man enough to give glory and acknowledgement to God. That is why you are running. Because you "say the name." Run on, Tyler. We are proud of you.

  • Kamalis GOnder Orlando, FL

    Hello Mr. Perry, have you every thought about doing a movie with Martin Lawrence (Big Mamma) & or Eddie Murphy (Resputia)? I think that would be an awesome movie. Madea & Big Momma in a movie together OML!lol

  • Andy

    Post more videos, they are good. Do not neglect this.