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Work While It Is Day...


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  • Corliss Matteson, IL

    Tyler, I want to say that I have been digesting all of your video conversations and here's why. I like to listen to them and really take them in, apply them to what I am doing and being that its not critical but good sound information I pass what I hear on to my son, my daughter. I didn't have a father cause he died when I was five so only my mother was there and like most moms she worked the majority of my life so wisdom was given thru extended family and some moments with my mom. What was always missing was good sound advice on business, how to approach your dreams, task and taking nothing away from her and my father who where people of strong work ethics (my father died at work) I just always needed more in the way of seeing how other people approach things and applied them. I come from a generation of people that thought that a job or education was the way out and not being a scholar and always more happy creating my own thing didn't fit into those scenarios completely. I was a creative child, and day dreamed a lot, now I always did my job well but felt absorbed by the norm. When I created my own small business I spent hours building and making things happen, when the economy dropped out I went back to the norm. I am now re establishing my dream and working during the day to make it a strong reality. please continue to bring new information, especially for someone like myself who is in a later stage of the game but believes that it is still possible to achieve your goals. Thank you Corliss

  • Tunisia Brooklyn, NY

    Mr. Perry, I lost my Mother 6 months ago to cancer, although I've joined a bereavement group and have a grief counselor, I'm still having trouble coping, I know that you can relate to what I'm going through because you've lost your Mother a few years back. Will you pray for me, Lord knows I'm praying for myself as well. All the best. Tunisia

  • Oluwasola Nigeria

    Thanks so much Tyler. I've been greatly impacted. I honestly can't explain how I got to this page. You're God sent, my angel today. My husband had said this several times but dint just act for reasons I can't explain. Maybe I dint take him serious because of the closeness. I've done so many things without much positive result in any. I believe and now I'd focus on just one aspect/thing and patiently wait for my change and breakthrough to come while I put in my best effort. Love you brother

  • Ronnie pemberton, New Jersey ,08068

    Tylar I just want to say thank you for being the insparation as a black thanks for incouraging me.,

  • Sharon Childs 108 S. Oak St.

    We're having a garage sale in October to help our Helping Hands Ministry feed the community the first Friday Monday. We are also brain-Storming and praying for ways to help rebuild my church, Bethany Chapel Baptist Church, in Ottawa, KS.. Our church was 147 years old. If you would donate 2 items for our garage sale, we would be so grateful. The address is 108 S. Oak St., Ottawa, KS, 66067. God Bless you❤️

  • LaHazel Dallas,texas

    Thank you so much Tyler. Something that I needed to hear from someone else other than myself. Thank you

  • Cilk Byers Calabasas Hieghts, California

    That was very good of you to basically let everyone know that if you got energy to push it, then PUSH on my friend. I like it. Listen, it's often discouraging to see the other side of the rainbow, but like martin Luther king said ' take the first step, because you never know where the staircase will lead you to..' and you must have listened you talented visionary extraordinaire. It's a funny thing too, how when you have a dream, there are always people who don't believe in you, but they s**** around and check in every now and again just in case you do make it. LOL, Thank you for being that a true inspiration to all who know your story.

  • Tabitha Livingston Greenville, SC

    I won't give up on my dreams...... I have great sons who watches my every move and that alone is enough to make me FIGHT to get where I know God wants me...... Thanks, Mr. Perry

  • linda west palm beach florida

    wow your words are very inspiring to me ,I love your work ,Your a great mentor ,can't wait for your next video. May god continue blessing you ,may he use you as a tool to spread his word. bless you and yours.

  • Leon Washington, DC

    Thanks for being a great inspiration to millions and for being up close and personal with your fans. There are no words to explicitly convey the hope and joy your movies, tv shows and social media do people. Your faith is evident and I look forward to seeing your next /new motivating show. This video message here is old but, new to me. It confirmed for me what I am doing where I am now. Not looking good at all, but God has it under control. Thanks for being that godly voice and inspiration.

  • Bernice McTier Portsmouth, VA

    This touch my heart, people told me that I would never be anything. But to God be the Glory I know I may not have much but God!!!! That's all I can say. I, living, I'm healthy ,I'm eating and sleeping in a comfortable be at night. I know God will make away out of know way...I love you Tyler and I enjoyed this video and to see you two years later is a blessing, just look at what God has giving you and placed in your life...

  • Taniesha Usher Atlanta, GA

    This is some great advice Tyler. Thanks so much!

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