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What Are You Giving Your Children?

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  • Sheneith Hawkins Dallas,Tx.

    A Mother's Love. :-)

  • Delphine McElveen United States

    Tyler, I just lost my Mama this past 5/18 and I just wanted to thank you for the words of precision you spoke. Jesus became her entire life line and I was honoured that she absorbed His Word as if they were life to her very bones. Your Mama gave you a Gift that keeps on giving and your very existence beyond the books, plays, movies and the like is only the beginning for you. Much continued peace to your heart and mind. Thank you. Oh, as for the Kim K. issue? Thank you for that! Jesus came for those that are sick, not healthy. I cannot wait to see what God has placed within you to come out through her!

  • Syreeta Jones California

    I feel as you do Mr. Perry, my story is a tab bit different, but the exact same concept is there. At the age of three weeks old my mother was gun down, my father immediately after my mother my passed, my father took me to his mother asking if she would help him to raise me, she agreed, sad to say T years later we buried my father, he too was gun down. My mama/grandmother was 54 years my senior and taught me everything up too and icluding what side of the sidewalk to walk on when passing people, I get and understand how it feels to good from talking and learning from someone EVERYDAY, to not hearing that love flow through the phone into your spirit anymore, but you are right a smart person will take that with them for the rest of their lives. You ask what do I give my children, everyday my children after prayer speak a qoute that I specially wrote for them, with it beginning with "I Am A Born Leader," and it ending, "I Am Somebody,"! My daughters and I are going through it right now due to me not pursuing my education, but me late blooming in my educational career is actually a blessing, now don't get wrong I am a true believer in getting educated, however I am an example of what not too do when it comes to handling business in school, when my daughters want something and I tell them with a broken heart, we don't have it, I also remind them that this is the ouycome of not doing what is needed in school in order to get the things that are needed and some of the things you want. My daughters are 13, and one of the things that I tell them is that they have a god giving right too hold everyone including their parents in high expectations, and nothing else is acceptable! Another parenting skill that is above ALL is LOVE, love is the foundation first food, the first water, the first sleep, the first bathe,and the first rearing. Thanks for allowing my to share my story. Yours Truly Syreeta Jones

  • olabisi Dubai

    Mr Perry, Reading your inspirationals have really blessed me. i love and enjoy watching anything Tyler Perry but until i went through your post about what we can give our children, i understand why am hooked.. you see, for some i felt i have failed my kids because i could not provide the right education for them, i now realize that part of the legacy i can give them and most valuable is the knowledge of Jesus and accepting him in their lives, which am glad they have done.I really understand that i have been measuring my success with my children by the world standard, comparing their levels with whatever others especially extended family members and friends are achieving with their kids now.. I refuse to see what the Lord has been doing in the lives of my three boys.. They have dreams but i have my own different dreams for them and have been so unhappy because they are not achievable now.. I want to thank you immensely for helping me to understand the important things and change the way i think... Thank you

  • marlene osullivan bowie,md.

    Mr.perry im very impressed to see how sensitive and commited you're to the memories of your mother and to share it with us.my mother is still alive and i thank her all the time for giving me jesus .raising 3 boys took all the jesus i had and more.i must say i enjoy your plays ,your gifts has taken you where your heart and passion is .keep up the good work tyler!

    • Dwayne Ayres St.Louis,Mo. #1695316

      Attention ; Mr.Perry, "You Must See This"...Divine In Nature On YouTube , Michael Jackson's Face In The Clouds 6 Days After His Passing , Read Story Under Video , "You Gotta Believe"...

  • A. Simmons Georgia

    Mr. Tyler Perry, Your mom sounds just like my mom. Caring,loving, understanding, patience, most of all a God fearing mother. God call your mother home 2 years ago because He know she had already prepared you for manhood. The qualities she instilled in you are breath taking. You are a God fearing, motivator, spiritual adviser, wise, intelligent, humble, caring, funny, and most of all a child of the King on high. So always look up and see your mother smiling down on you saying how proud she is of her baby. God Bless.

  • Miss P. USA

    Hello Tyler: Just a quick note to say I love You and Happy Fathers Day. I need you.

  • B Anita Jeusus Wept

    This week in my internship I had kids who had been molested and abused. I know you help children and you pray for them. Thank you. God bless you.

  • sweetestdivine georgia

    I am so inspired and encouraged by the relationship you had with your mother. I desire so much to have that but know it will never be. So I rejoice that you got to experience a mother's love and pray that you will continue to glean from this experience.

  • tanaynia bryson new york

    You are such a Blessed man of God and I love you very much. May Gods Grace , Mercy and abundant Favor always be upon you.

  • Antonio London, England

    Thank you so much for your Inspirational messages. This one has touched me because following the breakdown of my 23 year marriage I have returned to my mother's home.....a safe haven. It is where I can also entertain my children and continue to instil in them those loving Christian qualities that I learned from my mum. I am a man of faith but the breakdown has tested me greatly and in all honesty if it wasn't for the loving arms and wisdom of my mother I don't know where I would be. Maybe my being there at 52 years old was part of God's bigger plan because when she got sick recently and had to be hospitalised, God saw it fit to place me there with her at that very time!!! I could have been many miles away! My mother is very special and I love her very much. I am truly sorry that you have lost your mother and i know I wont have mine for too long, but God's ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts! Its taking a long time for my heart to mend and to be more positive in life, but its nice to come home to my mum. God continue to Bless all of your endeavours. Antonio

  • Christie Richmond, Va

    Oh my goodness!! You are not only describing your mom, you are speaking of my mom, Nina Wallace. She passed away July 24, 2011. I miss her dearly every day. Not only did she instill faith and a spiritual way of life in her 7 children, she passed this on to countless foster children, friends children, church family. We use to have bible studies in our home. My mom is (was) and awesome cook, she use to cook for dozens of people and some how it always was just like the 2 fish and 5 loaves of broad. She was truly a miracle. I wish I had the time to introduce you to my family, the legacy she left, she left a teacher, an EMT worker, a nurse (my sister that was murdered in 2008), a writer (local author Gloria Taylor-Edwards) I could go on and on how her faith kept us. Thank you Tyler, thank you. I passed your message on to as many people as I could, especially young mothers.