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What Are You Giving Your Children?

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  • Janel Michigan

    I sure look forward to meeting you mama in Heaven someday...I'm sure there will be a long line, but I'll wait :)

  • Tricia Kenya

    Tyler you are an inspiration, I am happy that you have Jesus in you and your mummy helped you know him.. I love your work always waiting for your next release, your plays and movies are amazing and very inspiring too especially about family.... Am a single mum(loved the single mums club) of a son 9 yrs and i am giving him the spiritual nourishment from Jesus... God bless you. You are an amazing man.. You should visit Kenya its a lovely place..

  • Dartrisha Wheeler Huntsville, AL

    Being a single parent of two boys was an experience. I did not have 'money' to give them nor did I have many to turn to when times of need knocked but I did plant that seed to help others. I was always involved in their school, church and community activities. I always had my sons with me during my events. Yes the community can be very negative to our black boys but I am at peace with the knowledge that a Christ loving seed has been planted and they will return to that foundation, for it happened to me. Yes, that's where my poems 'Sons' and 'Be A Fighter' came from placing that foundation down for my sons.

  • Tiqruita wilson vero beach fla32960

    I really can use your help can u plz email me.. thanks so much

  • Cynthia Smith Richmond, VA

    Love you, brother, keep letting God use you to bless the multitudes. I always find a life lesson and a spirtual hug in your talks and plays and movies. And I want to thank you for bringing laughter to TV again. God bless you always. Cee

  • Mike Batista Panama City, Panama

    Sincé I saw your first movies I has been allways impressed with the message in them and the quality of your performance. Now, just today I saw your message about how to be succesful and I was shocked and happy to know your thoughts about Jesús. And know this message about the best gift for your children, indeed is Jesús. Thank you my brother, keep doing what your doing, you have impressed me so much that in a momento when I am going through trials and pain you have recovered my faith and willing to keek trying. God Bless you allways

  • Kaylin London, England, UK

    Thanks for your inspirational corner. I am currently looking for work which in this economy is frustrating and slow, so I thought I would take a breather and read something to inspire and share some words of wisdom!!! I have one son who I believe has been on this earth before! But I realise the importance of what you tell, show and do with your children. I had a excellent childhood but not a good marriage which knocked me for six. However still keep in contact with my son's father for my son's sake. I remember one day we were meeting my son's father at a train station we were 5 minutes late and he wasn't there - when I call him he had left and went on to where he was going. I was so mad but my 11 year old son turned around and said take Dad out of your head and put God in it. I just stopped and immediately a complete calm came over me. We have to live by example, wake up with aspirations and the willingness to inspire.

  • Smitha487 USA

    I like the helpful information you provide in your articles. Ill bookmark your weblog and check again here regularly. I'm quite certain I will learn plenty of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next! kbccdagdddgacbed

  • Mamie Smith United States

    Hello Mr. Perry: I am a mother--a mother with three children--two sons and a daughter. I lost my daughter to breast cancer in 2005. This was a time of deep-seated pain, faith-challenging and spiritual growth. Every question was asked, motive analyzed and sense of guilt uncovered. In a situation like this, a parent needs to know why me? What could I have I done better? Am I being punished for something . . . on and on? When these were finally answered, I was able to do as you say, ask "What did I give my daughter and what am I giving my sons?" The greatest gift a parent can give a child, is a greater understanding of God, who He/She is and what is the child's relationship to Him? Being able to keep asking this question and hearing and implementing the answers, not only heals grief, but establishes a sense of peace and joy. Sound moral values, empathy, respect, love and spiritual demonstration are the fruits of one's labor. Thank you for your inspirational messages. They hit at the core of one's being, open up the carefully covered blankets of fear, pain and anger and become the purpose for living here or hereafter. I have admired you from afar and will transfer that admiration into writing a blog post about you in the near future.

  • Denise Bucks County, PA

    Wow, Tyler did your words ever hit home! I'm a single parent. I work full time & have a part time job 2 days a week & volunteer one morning a week. Lately I've been feeling very overwhelmed & like I've been a failure as a parent because I haven't been able to give my kids alot of the things their friends take for granted . It really hurt to think I was letting them down & that they wouldn't be able to go to college & reach their dreams because of me. That when I was gone their wouldn't be any fond memories of me because I was always working or rushing & that I had nothing to give them to carry them thru, then I watched your video & you reminded me that I already gave my children the best gifts any parent could give them: a belief in God, the knowledge that no matter what they had a mother that would love from here to eternity & back. I've taught them a strong sense of values & to always reach out & help others in whatever way you can as what may seem like a small gesture to you may be a life changing one to another in their time of need. So thank you for reminding me that I 've shown them by the life I've lead that even when times get tough you will always have your faith & your mother's love & they can get you thru anything this world can throw at you.

  • joni Macon,Missouri

    Thank you Tyler,I am a single mom,and when you speak of death losing a marriage is just as devistating specially when you get blind sided.If it had not been for my belief in God that my granny and grandma instored in me i wouldnt be here,even though i had a son to take care of.So many nights i would pick up my medicine and just end it all,there would be no more pain,worry about fighting for my son,we was left after 10yrs,with nothing,no job,no car,home or money i had to live with my mom,we slept in a twin size bed and im a big girl in 10 by 12 room,I was devistated,and if it had not been for the Blood and Grace of my lord,my son would have lost his mom to.I thank God everyday when i look back where he brought me from and where i am today,we have an apartment to some may not be much but its home,and I am so blessed even though I have RA and Osterperosis and cant work,im blessed.I love Tyler you are a God sent and when i listen to you talk about how some people are like roots and leafs on a tree,you talked straight to my heart and i have learned to let go.Thank you.I wish i knew that you were reading this so i would know these words are not in vain.

  • You speak SC

    so humbly about your mother. She truly was a precious gem full of wisdom. She gave you the best thing to sustain you throughout life. My mom has done the dame. She taught me from a child up to now. Plant the seed while they are young and even if they stray tjey will come back to it. You so right! I hope you continue to keep your moms love alive in your heart. John 5:28,29

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