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What Are You Giving Your Children?

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  • Gloria Maine Maryland

    Tyler, Thank you for sending this message today. It 's a Blessing from God. I was reading my word and asking God what do you want me to do? I remembered I had a message from you on-line. I also remembered that every time I needed to read your message my speakers won't work. After I finished reading I opened your message with headphone on to hear the word that God sent you to give. Thank you it was everything I needed to hear and more. May God Bless You

  • YouthUSA Marietta, GA

    Your lessons learned have blessed me, my family and youth ministry more than you know. I too lost my mother - July 5, 2010. As an only child, she began to "water" my life while God was still developing my body, mind and soul. When I arrived, she sacrificed everything for me to have the very best that she could afford. She fought for my rights as a child and made sure that I knew my ancestry. As a young woman, my profession and business grew largely in part due to the encouragement and support of my mother, grandparents and Whole Village. Today, I thank God Amighty for her words of wisdom: Trust your instincts; Remember your manners; Never let possessions "own" you; Nurture Your Friendships; Keep your hands clean; Believe in yourself; Be grateful; Treat others the way you want to be treated; Always keep playing; No matter what, you will always be loved! R.I.P. Mom

  • Nancy Hawaii

    Wow Thank you so much for this wonderful message, I accidently came across this video when I needed it the most.....lost my job, my home and my husband, and I was thinking what's my next chapter in life? what do I need to focus on? and I got my answer... God!!! Thank you so much... Naneki

  • Ruth briggs Burbank il

    God be with you tyler, thanks for your powerful messege , it had opened my eyes to do what I really wanted to do and focus on it.

  • Liyu Bekele Seattle

    Dear Mr.Tyler Perry: First of all, I am sorry for you loss and your video message is very touchy and the same time it helps me to see myself on my children eyes. I am a mother of three beautiful boys. I don't have money to leave my children and the only thing that I can leave for my boys is love like your mother. I would like to thank you for sharing your thought on video clip. I watch and listened all of them. I reside to US 19 years ago and every single day is a learning moment for me. Especially from you and Oprah I changed a lot and I have so much strength and faith on god. God Bless You!!

  • Willie Hardy North Carolina

    Hey Man, I just want to say that I lost my Grandmother around the same time you lost your mother. I can really relate to where you are coming from. My mother and I are very close as well and I too dream to become a Mogul. All of your videos are Right on Time for me. Be Blessed Brother. God Will Supply Our Every Need!

  • CRYSTAL Ohio

    Heyy Tyler!, You know, I never thought about me instilling who GOD and JESUS is in my kids.......a "gift" from me. I know it's a gift from GOD but I've always felt it was my JOB to make sure my kids knew the "necessity" of knowing who GOD/JESUS are. When I first decided to believe in GOD/JESUS, I was 12yrs old. I picked up the Bible, read it (to the best of my ability lol) and (while everyone else prayed for success, big houses, nice cars ect..) I prayed to have as much (or more) FAITH than ABRAM. My prayers have been answered and now Im teaching my kids the IMPORTANCE of having GOD/JESUS in their life and I worry that they will deter from it later in life. Im literally worried about that because of the way the world is right now. I know all I can do is pray that it will not happen but after listening to your message, Im starting to believe maybe that's what Im here for, because I keep praying for success for myself (Im trying to write a book)... it's not happing and it makes me wonder what am I here for or doing wrong. Although, I become frustrated about me not finding success in my life, I ALWAYS come back to the thought of my kids BELIEVING and MAKING GOD/JESUS 1st in their life. It's really IMPORTANT to me that my kids UNDERSTAND this and YOU just made me realize maybe it is a "gift" that I'M giving them and maybe that's what Im here for :-))).

  • billy turner arlington texas

    I love to hera you say she gave you Jesus....I miss my mama aswell like yesterday.I know time take care of everything even though i didnt think it would make it Jesus promise did.I just kept repeating to myself you said you would never put more on me then i could handle Amen.Remember her voice

  • Julia Burnaby, British Columbia Canada

    WOW, as a Mother NOTHING is sweeter then to hear that our children appreciate and love us. Becoming a Mom meant that I had to say goodbye to many parts of my life and many of the parts I said goodbye to I could never get back. The blessing in that is that God gives us these wonderful babies to raise, to teach, to love. The greatest joy is to hear what you just shared about your Mom. No gift or even a hug can out do the words "well done good and faithful servent"...that is what that verse means to me. If my child can say that I showed her Jesus, and how to love herself the way He does then my job as a Mother is done. The greatest love is to lay down your life for your child. God layed his life down for us, and what a gift to lay it down for our gifts of children. Tyler when you get to heaven, and you see your Mama waiting there for you, I hope you spend eternity putting on Madea shows for her to laugh and cry at. I know God ran up to her with the biggest arms wide open saying "well done" she gave you the greatest gift in knowing Jesus, and smiling on you every step you take. You are special and choosen and beautifully and wonderfully made! Keep growing in Him:)

  • LaShonda Pierce Houston ,Tx

    Tyler, Thank you again for sharing yet another phenomenal message. As I raise my thirteen year old son,I'm constantly encouraging him to ALWAYS depend and lean on the word of God, when he can't reach me, his father, or any other family member or friend for that matter, I want him to know that the prescence of God will see him through. So to hear you today ,tell the world what your mother left you, wasn't money in a will, a big house,or any other material object, it was simply the word of the Lord, I'm reminded of why I'm so fond of you. Not only are you creative, compassionate, extremely talented, but you too, are just as normal as the rest of us, and it's very inspirational, to know that you too lean pn the word of God. Thank you for sharing your brief but POWERFUL conversations with myself and so many others. Your words are definitely encouraging and reassuring. Be blessed, LaShonda May God bless you and Keep you.

  • Franz Wagner Nashville,TN

    My children were always my greatest priority. My ex-wife essentially walked out on all of us. My daughter, the eldest, was in college pursuing a Bachelor's in Health and Nutrition. I was so proud of her. I was raising my son alone. He had behavioral and emotional problems and remained a constant trial for me. He stayed in trouble....a compulsive liar and thief. He has been in prison since he was 18. He is now in a recovery, rehabilitation, and reintegration program called DC-4. Recently he wrote me and told me he was sorry for all the heartache he had caused me. Partly, because it's part of the program, but also because of the many things he has learned. He has furloughs and we hang out; talk music and movies, oddly there is no generation gap there, we both like a lot of the same things. He did tell me, just out of the blue one day: "I know I gave you reason to be stern with me and I don't resent you for it." "I know that you did the best that you could, and if I didn't have your example I wouldn't have an ounce of kindness or compassion in me and never would have realized that being slow to anger is the greatest strength of all." Most of my friends told me that eventually he would "get it", but their forcasts were many more years on. I feel that he can salvage his life...that maybe he's getting to see the bigger picture. I am cautiously optimistic and pray daily for his continued success. Back to my daughter...no worries....Right? Not really. Drug and alcohol abuse has just about destroyed her. She dropped off the radar for nearly two years, a semmester shy of her degree and I don't think she has the brain cells left to do it. Her liver is down to 25% function and she won't stop drinking. She' 26. She is also on probation for larceny and DUI. It's hard not to be angry and frustrated. I never thought she would become like this. Anyway, my point being: If you let your guard down... evil can take what you cherish most. I felt that my daughter was the "safest; sanest of us all." I don't know how many times I said that. I thought I had it easy with her...the low maintanence "good kid." Parents... never for one moment let your guard down. Be fair; be strong; be the example that they'll cherish someday even if they don't "get it " right now. It seems like not so long ago tiny hands held mine and looked to me for all the "why" questions. I wish I had known more. Thank you for inspiration corner. I appreciate all that you do.

    • Cheryl NJ #1620103

      Tyler, what a beautiful message. It is vital for parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles to give the gift of Jesus!!! Franz, your life sound like the biblical version of the book of Job!!! Thank God for praying mother's and fathers!!! May God continue to strengthen you as you 'stand in the gap' for your children!!! I pray your daughter will recover and change, even as your son seems to have turned from his 'prodigal' life.

  • Debra Farris Sparta, TN

    Very touching, thank you for this message. You're so right!

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