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What Are You Giving Your Children?

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  • robert milling fredericksburg,va

    my wife tracy is dying of chrons disease. she has had her colon removed. and has a iliostomy bag. but its done got the best of her. she found faith tru you. if you could find it in your heart, please make her wish come true and call her. please. that would be the greatest give anybody could get. please. robert and tracy milling. thank you

  • C Washington, DC

    Hi, I am going to take a chance this gets to you Tyler! I would like for you to do one Good Deed for me. I would like for you to call me. It will only take less then 5 minutes to tell you what Good Deeds did for My Life! If you have 5 minutes please give me a call. You can and I know you will BLOCK YOUR NUMBER. (LOL); I just want the opportunity to tell you in person. I will keep the Faith and Hope you will do this one Good Deed for me. I have come in contact with Star's before but; this time I fill different about saying something to you! You think about it and God will will give you confirmation that's it's ok. Just a call !. Thanks, C

  • Abigail Persaud Guyana

    As a single mother of three i realize that is important to talk to my kids, bring them up in the right way by going to church and being involve in the things of God, which is very important to they life, we are on this earth for one purpose and is to fulfill the plans of God. And we always have to remember that with God all things are possible......Thank you Tyler Perry continue doing God's work...And always remember to put God first and men will follow......

  • Ericka West Palm Beach, FL

    As a single mother of 2 children, listening to this today gave me some clarification that I am on the right track. Thanks Mr Perry, I needed to hear this!

  • Nichole Thibodeaux Houston, Texas

    This is so true. I didn't have the consistency of "church" when I was growing up and I told myself when I was 16 and my father gave me a car, that I would visit different church(es) until I found a good bible base church. And when I did I must say, I enjoyed it. I lost my pastor back in October of 2001 when my father was in the hospital fighting for his life, which also ended October 26th 2001 and if it wasn't for the Lord, I don't know where I would be right now. I must admit that I have fallen off from going to church, not believing BUT attending and as a mother, I tell myself everyday that I will find another church, and as we often do....we procrastinate. After listening to you, I must say that you're right, nothing or no amount of money could outlast GOD....Well said, SMH, well said. I will find that home for my children...I have 3 and at the age of 38, it's not to late...It's NEVER to late, especially when YOU KNOW...AMEN....Thank-you Tyler....

  • Lakisha Troy, Alabama

    Mr. Perry, you are such an inspiration to me. I too understand what is is like to be motherless. I lost my mom to Lukemia at the age of 6. Not only that I have a son that has Autism and it is not easy. I decided to write a book about my life almost 5 years ago, but I have not been brave enough to publish it. After listening to your videos, I have decided to take what I have and publish my book. I hope that it is an inspiration to others like you are to me. Be blessed and continue to uplift others.

  • Tammy west virginia

    Mr. Perry, just a note to let you know that your messages are helping people my husband walked after 28 years of marriage. The stress of his actions and the fact that I am now raising an adopted child from his side of the family alone. Along with my job working with special needs children tha stress level can reach the moon. But I have found if I watch or listen to your plays my stress rolls away. your words of wisdom and laughter has been a great insperation not only for me but my 10 yearold son. He also loves them as much as me. So, for all stressed people thank you and may god bless you and your messages.

  • K. Neckles Tucker, GA

    Mr. Deeds, your undivided attention is needed. Hoping that this reaches you, I am open to talk. It's been 25 years of FAITH, LOVE, and the unstoppable hand of GOD through Jesus in my LIFE. As of last year the heavens, ANGELS and SPIRIT of the LORD has been permitting me to gain strength day by day, in ways to bring me to this point of contact. I am finally ready to talk, MY story needs to be heard a as a living testimony that will light my heart, mind, and soul all the days of my life. I want to share my message with others, to also light their life. Oprah's involvement would be greatly appreciated, as her experience is in journalism, and might have covered similar stories. Sharing my message with a neighbor, which began on horrible grounds with him telling me off and cursing at me, ended up changed his life forever. He thanked me profusely when he saw me weeks later. I want to help save lives , and FAMILIES. Please make contact, MY message is from the eyes of a child, to now a mother of two beautiful princesses. Contact has been made to additional companies, that would have interests in this message. However, I would prefer to talk to the m***** mind "Tyler", prior to any exchange!!! Thank you for your attention!

  • Linda Cooper Prichard Alabama

    Hi Tyler, I am one of your biggest fans,your plays and movies are so inspirational to me. I can see a lot of my family situations. I am married with 6 kids, 5 grown and an 11 yr. old. The 11 yr. old has big dreams of becoming a pro football player and he is adamant about it. But he has the youngest child syndrome (SPOILED). Since Medea is so wise maybe she (YOU) can give me some advice about how to handle him. Now don,t get me wrong I put my foot on his neck because he gets to the point where he thinks he can whip me, so that is when Medea comes out of me and my husband has to get a grip on me to get me off of him,because I have almost choked the life out of him a few months ago. I don,t want to disable him that is why I would like for you to give him some advice so I won't hurt him or possibly kill him.

  • Kayla Davidson Jonesboro, AR

    I am 48 years old and I am a single parent. I grew up in a broken home. My mom raised me. My birth father was an alcoholic and my stepfather was not honorable towards me and my sister. I owe everything to the determination of my strong mother and her Christian Faith. We did not have much but she worked hard and sacrificed to raise me, my sister, and my two brothers. She lives with hepititas C and even though she has good and bad days, she is the rock of my family. I went on to marry and have two children with a man that was so unfaithful and selfish. I married another man who could not love my children because they had a different father. I now have a daughter who is married to a wonderful man that loves her and their three children unconditionally. I also have a 16 year old son that gives me joy and love each day. It is hard to manage everything alone but God gives me strength and I move forward. I have to thank you for giving me some wonderful movies to lift my spirit. I have watched Why Did I get Married Too so many times and each time I cry. Sheila is me. I relate to her so much. Then I wish I was Helen in Diary of a Mad Black Woman after she gets some strength and takes up for herself. You have helped me and you do not even know me. I am trying to leave my son a legacy just like my mom gave me. Thanks for this video of advice.

  • Patricia Warren.Ohio

    Hello Mr.Perry I am a senior, that is a student at Kent State , I would love for you to send me something that I could use for my speech on you , I hope you can help me out. Thanks so much, my speech day is Feb.23,2012

  • Tracy Greenville, SC

    Thank you for sharing your life! I've been so worried about my Son since I caught him using drugs. He's such a wonderful person...beautiful young man. Just the thoughts of him going in that direction in life, even if it's only temporary, gives so much pain to my soul. I've been feeling like a failure as a Mom. So I decided to get him in my time and space as much as possible again and pray WITH him every day...Praising God like I did when he was a little boy. I'm glad I saw your video today. It's good to hear you talk about how your Mother gave you the gift of Jesus. God Bless you always!

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