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What Are You Giving Your Children?


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  • Sharon Brister Irmo,South Carolina

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  • Sharon Brister Irmo ,south Carolina

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  • Sharon Brister Irmo, SC

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  • TC Hartly, Delaware

    I am the mom of a now 19 year old son. When he was 9 years old, my son was taken away from me. I was in a bad marriage and to get out of that marriage I made a big mistake. I no longer had my child, who I raised for 9 years, most of them as a single mom. My son went to live with his biological father. I was so devastated and blamed myself every minute of every day. My family turned their back on me. My family gave their support to my son's father. They said that he could give my son so much more than I could. They said I was not a bad mom, I just could not give my son what he need. I had very limited contact with my son for a few years. We pretty much lost contact for about 5 or so years because his heart and mind were turned against me by his father, step mother and my family. Through events in life, I regained contact with my older sister. In August of 2011 she become very ill. My son was one of the family members who came to see her in the hospital. My sister passed away. It was an extremely sad time for me but also joyous because through her being sick and passing I regained contact with my son. He asked me to move back home. He wanted me back in his life. I moved back to the east coast in November 2011. February 2014 my son said he needed to talk to me. He came to visit and told me that his biological father had been sexually molesting him since he was 11 years old. So many emotions happened then and have happened since that day. Life is still an emotional roller coaster. We go to court on February 23, 2015 for the trial. Regaining a relationship with my son has been challenging but simply wonderful. For his graduation from high school my sister asked him to tell her people who made an impact on his life and how. I was one of those people. He told my sister that I taught him to care about and take care of other people. We talk a lot about what he remembers growing up with me. I am always amazed what he remembers. So many positive things I taught him and he saw in my life. It taught me that your children learn just as much by your words as your actions. Sometimes you don't know the full impact you are having on their lives. I have had my words thrown back at me by both of my sons. They speak my words and show me my reflection in the mirror.

    • Camika United States #2085936

      Sorry to hear that devasting news.. I'm glad we have an awesome God! I hope that all is well with you and your family. Hopefully, you're reunited with your son and having happy family times as I write. May God continue to bless you!

  • BA God is..................

    This is righteous....just imagine if all mothers would give children the knowledge of The Christ! God bless you

  • Fab Atlanta, GA

    Good evening Mr. Perry, I am responsible for hosting a fundraising event for my church this year. I know you have a very busy schedule and may not be able to honor the request that I am about to make. However, I will still make it because God may work things out where it seems very unlikely or even impossible. Since the theme of the fundraising event is "The future of our children is never to be broken", I think it would suit the attendees well to hear a short 15 minutes speech from you. Given your background and where you are now, I think you would be a great example for the young people in our community. Please consider this request, and let me know if you will be able to assist us.

  • Janel Michigan

    I sure look forward to meeting you mama in Heaven someday...I'm sure there will be a long line, but I'll wait :)

  • Tricia Kenya

    Tyler you are an inspiration, I am happy that you have Jesus in you and your mummy helped you know him.. I love your work always waiting for your next release, your plays and movies are amazing and very inspiring too especially about family.... Am a single mum(loved the single mums club) of a son 9 yrs and i am giving him the spiritual nourishment from Jesus... God bless you. You are an amazing man.. You should visit Kenya its a lovely place..

  • Dartrisha Wheeler Huntsville, AL

    Being a single parent of two boys was an experience. I did not have 'money' to give them nor did I have many to turn to when times of need knocked but I did plant that seed to help others. I was always involved in their school, church and community activities. I always had my sons with me during my events. Yes the community can be very negative to our black boys but I am at peace with the knowledge that a Christ loving seed has been planted and they will return to that foundation, for it happened to me. Yes, that's where my poems 'Sons' and 'Be A Fighter' came from placing that foundation down for my sons.

  • Tiqruita wilson vero beach fla32960

    I really can use your help can u plz email me.. thanks so much

  • Cynthia Smith Richmond, VA

    Love you, brother, keep letting God use you to bless the multitudes. I always find a life lesson and a spirtual hug in your talks and plays and movies. And I want to thank you for bringing laughter to TV again. God bless you always. Cee

  • Mike Batista Panama City, Panama

    Sincé I saw your first movies I has been allways impressed with the message in them and the quality of your performance. Now, just today I saw your message about how to be succesful and I was shocked and happy to know your thoughts about Jesús. And know this message about the best gift for your children, indeed is Jesús. Thank you my brother, keep doing what your doing, you have impressed me so much that in a momento when I am going through trials and pain you have recovered my faith and willing to keek trying. God Bless you allways