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Academy Award®-winner Kathy Bates (Lead Actress, Misery, 1990) and Academy Award®-nominee Alfre Woodard (Supporting Actress, Cross Creek, 1983) star as the matriarchs of two very different families being torn apart by greed and scandal in the contemporary drama TYLER PERRY’S THE FAMILY THAT PREYS. The sixth feature film by Perry chronicles the inner workings of two families—one upper-crust and the other working class—that become inextricably linked by scandal.

Wealthy socialite Charlotte Cartwright (Kathy Bates) and her dear friend Alice Pratt (Alfre Woodard), a working class woman of high ideals, have enjoyed a lasting friendship throughout many years. Suddenly, their lives become mired in turmoil as their adult children’s extramarital affairs, unethical business practices and a dark paternity secret threaten to derail family fortunes and unravel the lives of all involved. Alice’s self-centered newlywed daughter Andrea (Sanaa Lathan) is betraying her trusting husband Chris (Rockmond Dunbar) by engaging in a torrid affair with her boss and mother’s best friend’s son William (Cole Hauser). While cheating on his wife Jillian (KaDee Strickland) with a string of ongoing dalliances with his mistress Andrea, William’s true focus is to replace the COO of his mother’s lucrative construction corporation. Meanwhile, Alice’s other daughter Pam (Taraji P. Henson), a kind but no nonsense woman married to a hard working construction worker (Tyler Perry), tries to steer the family in a more positive direction.

While paternity secrets, marital infidelity, greed and unsavory business dealings threaten to derail both families, Charlotte and Alice decide to take a breather from it all by making a cross-country road trip in which they rediscover themselves and possibly find a way to save their families from ruin in TYLER PERRY’S THE FAMILY THAT PREYS.

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  • Vicki Marietta GA

    The line that stays with me is - you can't find happiness if you bring so much misery to other people - we al know people who do that. This movie had so many powerful messages.

  • Christaneka Massillon, OH

    My like for Tyler's movies started many years ago with the play Madea Goes to Jail. After seeing that I had to find all the plays I could of Tyler's to watch. I liked them all. It wasn't until Tyler started doing the non-Madea movies that my like turned into LOVE! I loved Why Did I Get Married 1&2, The Family That Preys, For Colored Girls, Good Deeds, I've yet to see Alex Cross, but I plan too. I can't wait till Temptation comes out! Even with so many that I love, I still think The Family That Preys is one of my favorite movies of all time! It's always the first movie I recommend to anyone, especially if they've not seen any of your movies yet! Thank you for all the great movies & great story lines. God bless you now & always! Have a great 2013, Happy New Year!

  • Raymond Philadelphia, PA

    This movie is 'in my opinion' sets the bar very high for future works. It is one of my favorite films of all time. The actors, production and screen play are excellent. I have to say enjoying it again and again is my reasoning for purchasing a blue-ray player. Thank you!!

  • Dominique Dulaney Oklahoma City, Ok

    Love The Movie.....Watched It Many Times.....Where Is Charlotte's Estate At...Would Like To Know...Very Beautiful

  • Tony

    I really would like to know what color blue was that in bedroom scene with Sanaa Lathan and Rockman Dunbar.

  • Paula Davis United States

    I just saw this for the first time on LIFETIME!! OMG I never would of thought it was going to be this good. I was almost going to change the channel. Now I want to see all his movies/shows!!

  • Cheri Ft Jackson SC

    As Always I love your movies as I can relate to at least one scene in each movie. I must say that the music in all on the movies always keep me singing which brings to mind certain scenes associated with it. Just wanted to know would you ever put together a soundtrack for this movie. Stay Blessed

  • Nekita Georgia

    One of my favorites. Beautifully written and directed. Each time I watch it, it is as if it is my first time viewing it. There is just too much to write about it. I love this movie!!!!!! The song I Hope You Dance, OMG, gets me everytime. God Bless you Tyler

  • Flychick86 Minneapolis

    The slap scene! There were, of course, other things I thought about as well.

  • Kel Lee Ohio

    "Are You Living or Just Existing?" Every time I think of this quote, from this movie, I tear up. Why? I'm not sure. I KNOW "I" do LIVE and not only exist, because I am a very lively person. But, there is something bottled inside of me that has yet come to life and needs to. Therefore...it exist...but it does not live. Is it the change in my career that needs to be made? Is it my creative side that only seeps through the cracks when I allow it, but I never bring it into full existence? Is it how I feel about a certain person or multiple people that I have yet to express; although, I'm a down-to-earth person? What is it about this statement that just touches me so? I LOVE THE MOIVE!!!

    • Angel Canton, OH #1736653

      Your thoughts are mine one hundred percent. I was trying to find her exact words with this statement.... Before the song.... It's amazing..

  • missy mhlongo Ithaca, New York

    Wow, everytime i see a tyler perry movie i know that there is a God. where i come from hope is something we need to pray for, but your movies give me endless hope in all that our father God is still to do for us. Thank You



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