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Brought together by an incident at their children’s school, a group of single mothers from different walks of life bond, and create a support group that helps them find comedy in the obstacles of life, as well as their inner strength to overcome their personal challenges.

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  • Wanda Major Cambridge, Md

    Excellent play. Just wished Madea would have made an appearance. Tears came when the Pastor sang to Anita & when Grandma Hattie spoke & sang to Anita.

  • Eutropia Michigan

    I went to see The Single Moms Club last night by myself. My son is now 28...a college graduate...serving in ministry and married. The movie was very heartfelt...but humorous. Terry Crews is hilarious. I would like to see a sequel. Seeing how their relationships with their new men ...their children and their careers pan out. Start brainstorming Tyler.

  • Reverend James Lilburn, GA

    TP, I am grateful that you took the time to lift some of the voices of single mothers. As a theologian, I realize that when words are heard or stories are retold many look for it to be a reflection of their lives. However, there is no possible way for you to convey the story of every single mother, but by combining as many stories as you could and allowing characters to live out the life of single mothers, you created a space for the community of single mothers to be seen in a way that they have not before. I appreciate that your characters are always multi-racial and multi-ethnic. I was glad that you showed that not all single mothers are poor and not all wealthy women have the husband and kids. You tapped into everyday lives, into the insecurities, the hopes, despairs, and dreams of people and charged us to look into the lives of others and offer aid. Movies that display a glimpse of reality are not always popular but they create space for people (who really live the reality acted out) to be valued. Thank you and continue to do the work your soul requires.

  • Cocoa USA

    Can u show the full movie please

  • sabrina United States

    Went to see Single moms club this past weekend, with another single mom. We laughed and cried during this movie. I enjoy all your films, but this one I could related too. Raising an African American son, who father chooses not to be in the picture and having to be both mom and dad, I could relate especially to the characters played by Nia and Cocoa. I have had first hand experience with my son waiting for his father to come or call and never does. Too many times I have had to see my son cry because something his "father" did, didn't do or said. So thank you for making a movie that was funny and inspiration! Keep up the good work!

  • NeCole Baldwin United States

    hey Tyler this is Nicole I went to see single moms club it was a wonderful truthful and uplifting movie I can't wait to part 2. I was a single mother not by choice but by a bad divorce because my husband he got on drugs and he basically tried to destroy our family he almost broke my back and through the grace of God he was able to get out of the house along with that demon that was trapped inside of him I am now happily married again and my children are grown they are both in college through the grace of God and through my hard work and perseverance I love life no matter what has happened I feel like all the things that have happened in my life and my childrens life lessons learned so that we can be better and stronger people today I thank you Tyler for the movie I thank you for even thinking about making a movie for single moms because it is what's going on out here today and most of the women have the attitudes today because of what they have been through . My life is about six books or more. Lol. Tyler just call me sometimes and I could give you a whole bunch of ideas and stories that come from the heart of a person that's been through a lot at 43 thank you again I love you I love your work um I love your your heart .. 678) or just leave a messag, talk to you later

  • Angel NY

    Why be in search of a hit when you have a hit? The Haves And Have Nots is a hit!!!! The show is on fire, it is what we all want to see, what we love, and what we can't get enough of. Cultivate it! Ride the wave of it all the way to the beach while the tide is high!!!! Keep it going, increase episodes, increase season length and consistency. Give the fans what they want!!!! "The Single Moms Club" from Lionsgate grossed a disappointing $8.3 million, missing expectations of around $18 million. That marks Tyler Perry's lowest opening ever as a director, debuting weaker than 2007's "Daddy's Little Girls," which launched with about $11 million in ticket sales." Latimes.com

  • Ms Proverbs NC

    Hi there Tyler, I went to see 'The Single Moms Club" Saturday evening I enjoyed every bit of this movie. It hit home for real. All of the single moms had different situations but one thing in common being a single mom with children. Truly I can relate to some of those situations. It was really hard for me being a single mom because I was raised by my mother and father. Tyler, ultimately God had given me the strength to endure hardships that my children and I had to face but you know what also there were times that my children were my strength :-) They both are grown now doing well. They will always be my babies no matter how old they are....LOL! Thank You Tyler for understanding and thinking about Single Moms. It is so important as a Single Mom to take time out for yourself to help keep you"Sane In Your Mind" Your message from this movie was refreshing because I know without a doubt it has given single moms hope and strength to keep going Never Giving Up One of my favorite scene was Coco kissing Terry smacking him all upside his ballhead...LOL! Too Funny Tyler you are so crazy Love your Sense of Humor...Kudos to you Tyler Two Thumbs Up!!!! Ms. Proverbs :-) :-)

  • Marsha KY

    Kudos for uplifting the single mother (parent) in their struggles. Movie was a little slow but overall well done.

  • Linda Texas

    This movie was different and refreshing. I definitely related to the movie as I am a single parent who raised a successful young man of whom I am proud of. Thank you for recognizing the many worries, stresses, hopes and everyday challenges a single woman faces. How knowledgeable you are!!!

  • Debra Metellus Chicago

    Went to see the Single MOM's Club this weekend I enjoy. thanks

  • Sarah Gautier Ashburn, VA

    Just went to see the Single Mom's Club - great heartfelt movie. I wish I had that support when my boys were smaller. I'm looking forward to a part 2!

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