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Brought together by an incident at their children’s school, a group of single mothers from different walks of life bond, and create a support group that helps them find comedy in the obstacles of life, as well as their inner strength to overcome their personal challenges.

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  • cynthia Anderson elements Boston Mass

    Advice to Myself Leave the dishes, let the celery rot in the bottom of the draw of the fridge, leave the black crumbs in the bottom of the toaster, throw the cracked bowl out and do not patch the xcup, Do Not patch any thing do noy mend, buy safety pins. Do not even sew a botton. Let the wind have its way then the earth that invades as dust and then the dead foaming up in gray rows underneath the couch. Talk to them tell them they are welcome do not keep all the peices to the puzzel or the doll's tiny shoes in pairs do not worry if any thing matches at all. One word to anouther. or a thought pursue the authentic-decide first what is authentic then go after it with all your heart. Your heart, that place Tyler I am HOLDN ON TO MY HEART AS WAS Suggested PEACE TALK Soon

  • sharon South Africa

    Wow Tyler you are a really inspiration to us the black women it's actually the life we as black women we live even though it's hard for us and pray every night that god give us power to work hard for our children.thanks keep on telling us the good stories.Sharon

  • Dell SC

    Tyler I thank God for you and the Christianity way you write and produce your thoughts and ideas. It gives us as a whole. (people) a lot to think about. These are things happening in our lives now. Single Mom's Club was Fantastic.

  • Priscilla Hill Williamstown NJ

    I have a good story for you about a local black an whom grew up loving trucks and wanted to become a truck driver and raise a family. He endured his first task of life but it was short lived by a traject accident . Kevin D CARR Died aged 42 in Carlise Pa from a truck accident. Maybe this is something you can come up with for a movie one day. Put it together in thoughts and Prayers of Kevin D Carr of Williamstown NJ. I huge funeral is being put together for him on April 16,2014 at Saint Matthews Baptist Church in Williamstown NJ. The Pastor there films most of his preachings maybe he can send this one to you.

  • Shouneez northern cape

    I am a huge fan of Tyller Perry.i have watched all his movies and enjoyed each n everyone of them.i would appreciate it very much if I can have all his movies replayed for me in 1 disk

  • Ty Syracuse, NY

    I went to Landmark Theater in Syracuse, NY with my dad, stepmom, sister & neice and saw play H*** Hath No Fury... what an awesome play. Hilliarious!!!! Cast all had a beautiful voice, felt like they took us to church.

  • Nechawmaw Earth

    I'm seen playing the role of a "single house mom", and yes it was hard, but some bits of fun raising 7 children, but their Father was there all the while, helping them thru,. He was unseen by others, which made me appear 'single' but his superb handling of the babes was unforgetable. He especially stopped storms, in their tracks, headed our way, at 400 miles an hour, and 2miles wide. His awesome control and command of Tornadoes, has us bowing and standing in praise to the Highest Father GOD, OUR LORD MAGNIFICANT, YHWH, YAHWA signed Nechawmaw Yisrael

  • Trawonda Camber Syracuse ny

    I dont know if my first comment went through or not,If not I wanted to say good job to the whole Tyler Perry cast you did a wonderful job. I enjoyed it and I know my mom and the rest of the world will. I hope it will be out before mothers day because my mom love you. I feel she was the Madea in my family. Thank you Mr. Perry Hopefully one day I will be on your cast. your fan Trawonda.

  • Tiffany Johnson City, Tennessee

    Mr Tyler Perry, I am not asking for a handout....I just NEED HELP! I am writing in securing a Habitat for Humanity Home ( Habitat doesn't normally help with previous owners of homes, so I was thinking maybe you could help me with this problem). I am a single mother of two sons living in a 64 year old home. I have endured and overcame many struggles and hardships through the years, one of them being cancer. I battled breast cancer in 2007 and other major health issues following. During these times I also had to contend with large amounts of medical bills and high cost prescription drugs. Recovering from my illnesses and paying medical bills made it virtually impossible for me to make all necessary repairs to my current home. Regretfully, the home is now beyond repair. Termites are eating at the foundation. It is in need of a new roof and electrical wiring. Black mold is also evident in the basement (dirt) and with poor ventilation; I grow increasingly concerned about the quality of the air my asthmatic son is breathing. He also suffers from allergies ( which he takes shots for weekly). I worry that my home is causing continuing health issues for me as well. A new home would have a large impact on the health and vitality of me and my son's. It would be a blessing to not have to worry about my home falling in due to termite damage and a leaky roof. I work full time and take care of my boys to the best of my ability. I would like to provide them with a home that nurtures their future instead of one that is possibly making them sick. A Habitat for Humanity home will allow me to do this. Thank you for your time and consideration.

  • Tasha Mackey Albany New York

    H*** hath no fury like a woman scorned , was excellent the entire cast was hilarious I really enjoyed myself , May God continue to bless you on your journey while your visions and dreams are being fulfilled .

  • Devona Thomas Chicago

    I went to see your Play, Friday Night = H*** has no Fury like a Woman Scorned and it was great Mama Hattie was hilarious. Keep up the good work you have a beautiful cast in your Plays and your Television Shows. I'm not going to even start about The Haves And The Have Nots, I would be typing forever...... Thank For All The Great Work You do!!!!! May God continue to Bless You!!!!!

  • Carolyn Burton Bridgeton͵Mo

    I know have faith but it is very low and I feel a little like Job in the Bible ͵when He asked God ͵why was he born?

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