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Sparks fly when Wade Walker (Craig Robinson) crashes the preppy Peeples annual reunion in the Hamptons to ask for their precious daughter Grace's (Kerry Washington) hand in marriage. Wade might be a fish-out-of-water among this seemingly perfect East Coast clan, but he's not about to let himself flounder. Instead, in a wild weekend of fun, dysfunction and hilarious surprises, Wade is about to discover there's more room for all kinds of Peeples in this family, no matter their differences. Writer and first-time director Tina Gordon Chism (writer of DRUMLINE) joins forces with Tyler Perry to present a laugh-out-loud look at the family ties that freak us out... but bind us together with love.

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  • Craig Delaney Sr Savannah Ga

    I am a SUPER FAN of your work MR. Perry an Peeples is the laugh I've long awaited for. All of your work is great in its own way but Peeples took your comedy work to a whole new sector . Will there be a sequel and if so when? This movie is off the wall funny and thanks for the laughs it keep my mind off all the pain I sometimes go through.

  • Janet New York

    I usually don't follow your work Mr. Perry. However I went out my way to see Peeples and enjoy it. The cast was great as well as the story line. It is only left at few theatre now.

  • Yolanda Jones cincinnati, ohio

    I enjoyed the movie Peeples. It's funny because families can be similar to the movie. All the secrets and the family not always getting along. I appreciate your personal witness about your painful past, and it took so much courage to face the world with your private life. Stay blessed, and keep sharing Christ with the world, I know that's the best thing any Christian can do, besides walk with Jesus and show God's love.

  • Karen Philadelphia, Pa

    I watched the show the haves and the haves not, I really enjoyed watching the show.

  • Ashley Inyang Huntsville AL

    I went to see Peeples and The Marriage Counselor I really enjoyed both of them. I cant wait to watch your new shows coming to own.

  • Tee NC

    I am trying to figure out why the movie theaters here only have one time they show this movie. I wanted to go Saturday and today (Memorial Day) but they only have one showing time. Why? I am use to at least choosing a referred showing time on any day.

  • WJoy Aberdeen,Maryland

    Dear Mr.Perry,First of all, THANK YOU for all your inspiring works! You are making a world of a difference....& anyone who says otherwise are just HATERS, who wish they invented Madea!!! (soooo good for you...Godspeed!) Secondly,my husband & I wanted to spend Friday night @the movies watching Peeple's ,but were shocked that the ONLY showtimes in our area were 900AM,10:00AM,& 1230PM!!!!!!! And my only question is....WHY????! Does this have ANYTHING to do with you,or is this a ploy by the movie industry to sabotage your viewership??????

  • ROBIN MATHIS miami florida


  • T anchorage AK

    I saw Peeples this weekend and I enjoyed the movie and the cast worked well together. I was suprised about Diahann Carroll and Melvin Van Peebles, since I didn't see them in the preview. Glad to see those who paved the way in the entertainment industry. Tina Gordon Chism you did well. And to see that Charles Dutton was also involved, kudos to all

  • TJ Chism Wetumpka,al

    Hi Tyler perry I'm TJ Chism and I'm curious to know if I'm related to Tina Gordon Chism

  • Clifton king Philadelphia pa

    Dear Tyler, I first want to thank you, for taking the time out of your busy schedule, to give your fans and associates the time to say what they feel, especially about your work. I have a different agenda, (I know your a busy person so please let me be brief) June 1st; marks a great milestone in my life. And I pray in the life of the woman I plan to Marry that day. It was by the grace of God, that. We are together, but it was by faith that, I found her. And your movie that gave me the inspiration, to marry her. I thank you, for "why did I get married 1 & 2", it was the performance, and a well written script, that gave me hope. I truly enjoyed all your movies, but it's these two movies; not to base my life off, but inspire and understand. I have known my fiancé for a very long time. Since we were teenagers, but after 28 years of separation. And to find her on a social media web sight. And now marring her. I thank you, especially for Medea, it's your divine inspirational words . Given in plays, movies, and at the end of live performance . That a person can realize, that there is a person out here for you, if you just have patience. Don't be eager to commit to something or someone, before looking at the entire menu(picture/person/situation). But I know I'm blessed to be with this woman. God has made a way that this union, should take place. But I do thank you, and your god given talent for inspiring me Mr. Perry. May God bless you... Truly Cliff

  • Debbie Polk md

    Hi Mr. Tyler. I went to see the movie Peebles today and for the first time I have to say I did not like it. I have seen all of your plays and never missed any of your movies. I have always supported your work. But today I was really disapodisappointed in that movie. Tyler for the first time I actually got up in the middle of that movie and my husband and we left the movie. That is some of your worst work! I always expected more from you. That was not worth the money we paid to see it. I have always left positive comments on your work but today I could not do that but that is my opinion. Your movies are starting to be boring and so predictable but today it just did not do it for me..

    • Debbie Polk #1829821

      By the way Tyler it was only 8 people in the movie theatre to see the movie only 8 and that is very unusual. It just did not seem right! So that must be telling you somethinI am use to seeing sold out movies.

    • Ken #1830093

      I woke up this morning and wanted to leave a reply and tried to think of the best way to put it and I say Debbie's reply and that hit it on the nail. My wife and I also almost walked out, but we kept hoping it would get better. It did not. The plot just did not do it for me. And also, the strangest thing is that the theater had it running every hour as they usually do when movies are so popular and the theater we were in only had two people in it ---at 7pm!!! I just cannot think of anything positive to say at all, besides the fact that it had your name on it and I do my best to support all that you do and have done. It is your fault (LOL) Tyler for setting the bar so high for yourself by the success of your other productions (movies and plays) that we all have come to expect better from you. If you were not so good in what you have done before, then that would explain this bad showing. But, let's move on to the next one!!! I am still a trooper and will be with you!!!

    • Tiffanie #1831669

      I agree with Ken and Debbie Polk. I was looking forward to seeing The Peeples and was disappointed from the start. I walked out of the movie and got my money back. The plot for me was lacking and I didn't like the song "Speak it. Don't leak it". I hope you can take this constructively. I think you are a talented person and I just don't want you to loose your focus. I am sitting write now and I am watching "I Can Do Bad All By Myself" as we speak and I think you did an incredible job with this movie. I am still a fan and like Ken said, let's movie on to the next movie!

    • DeMario Tribett Chicago #1945628

      Well if you've seen the movie then you will know that Tyler Perry did not write this movie, he only produced it and directed it I believe. He was helping a lady to get her movie writing job up to part. At least I understand you voicing your opinion, but you don't have to bring him down while you'r talking about it. Mr. Perry hasn't disappointed me yet, and I know he probably won't. But don't come at him as if he did something wrong.

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