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Sparks fly when Wade Walker (Craig Robinson) crashes the preppy Peeples annual reunion in the Hamptons to ask for their precious daughter Grace's (Kerry Washington) hand in marriage. Wade might be a fish-out-of-water among this seemingly perfect East Coast clan, but he's not about to let himself flounder. Instead, in a wild weekend of fun, dysfunction and hilarious surprises, Wade is about to discover there's more room for all kinds of Peeples in this family, no matter their differences. Writer and first-time director Tina Gordon Chism (writer of DRUMLINE) joins forces with Tyler Perry to present a laugh-out-loud look at the family ties that freak us out... but bind us together with love.

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    05/09/2013...Just returned from seeing "PEEPLES" movie screening @ Atlantic Station in ATL You guys must go see this movie, it is hilariously funny. I really thought it was going to be like the movie "Meet the Flockers" nothing like it. The entire cast will have you laughing, Congrats. to Tina Chrism on your first hit movie and thanks to Tyler for blessing someone else.

  • beloved marion

    sometimes your work frustrates me other times i love it but i guess thats what makes you a good movie producer is the diversity. well love you and peace and many blessings be unto you. always keep god first in all your decisions no matter what or whom

  • Ena Forbes

    Usually I run out of tissue from drying my eyes And having to pull my cheeks back in place from laughing so much. I caunt wait to see what's w

  • Barbara Ray Miami, Florida

    You been a blessing in my life. You keep my spirit up. I been homeless a year. My kids are hear and here. But I know God got my back. Then I got sick again. I could work. I have sicell. I tried to keep up the my strength for my kids. But couldn't do it anymore. Isleep in motel sometime or on bus stop. I call the homeless shelter evert day for a year. No room. I tried to kill myself. But God not ready for me. Thank for players you made. That all I have to keep me strong. God blessed you and your family and the cast. I really thank you this keep being a spirit and pray if things get better can have my kids home

  • george robertson Scotland Glasgow

    Love madea love your work need to see more madea should come on holiday to glasgow it would be a scream

  • Sully Blanco Belize City Belize

    Looking forward to seeing this. Mr. Perry you always have excellent work

  • Nikia Atlanta, GA

  • Mark R Moss sicklerville nj 08081

    Excellent work always stay blessed Mr Tyler.

  • clydell banks Arlington tx

    why is your movie on bootleg now in Texas

  • appiah ma

    hay good work!

  • Lil-Rev Chambers Auburn Al

  • Sarah Augusta

    any room for me cleaning, cooking, or just anything. I am hurting so badly. I still do not believe that this happened to me I have tried to get help in every way that I could but all doors seem to close in my face. Do you have any suggestions for me. I know that I will be moving from the Augusta area as soon as I graduate. My boys even managed to stay in school as well. I build up a collection of all of your movies because that was the only thing I could afford at the end of the month for my entertainment. Walmart and I are good friends with you and Madea. I will not buy a boot leg movie because I remember what you said about how we help with the Katrina incident when we purchase the movie at our local stores or Walmart. Please pray for me that I can just get over all that I have lost. I will someday start my collection all over again. Be blessed and I am praying for you and is very proud of you.

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