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Madea gets coaxed into helping a friend pay her daughter a surprise visit in the country for Christmas, but the biggest surprise is what they'll find when they arrive. As the small, rural town prepares for its annual Christmas Jubilee, new secrets are revealed and old relationships are tested while Madea dishes her own brand of Christmas Spirit to all.

TYLER PERRY’S A MADEA CHRISTMAS is written for the screen, produced and directed by Tyler Perry.

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  • joyce tatney dallas texas

    when is medea get a job coming to dallas and where will it be played

  • tyler sprawling cool home

    madea christmas is going to be off the chain cant wait to see it

  • phyllisia irshad Buckhead-atlanta, Georgia

    Tyler, I have loved all your movies and all the television shows..Meet the Browns and the Payne shows.. you are so talented and a good mentor for the black and white men of America... you are lucky to have been born in New Orleans and being around the wonderful Creole people ..whom gave you an insight of both races..no one gave you nothing, and yet today. you are the one of the Greatest Director and Movie Producer ever..if only people of all colors would realize this and just be great at what they do best...the laughter when I watch your many movies over and over has been the best medicine ever...i see you are so hard working ..suppose this is the reason I have not met you yet...got a picture with Ursher..love you too keep up the good works God Bless and Merry Christmas,,can not watch until the 13th

  • carlos matos cleveland oh

    i know u from somewhere your fan carlos matos

  • Wanda Smith Cape Girardeau, Missouri

    I can not wait to see this movie lol and I am also looking forward to you in Gone Girl as well I love suspence movies as well. Can not wait to add them to my collection. Thanks Tyler keep up the good work !!!

  • Clover Taitt St . Michael, Barbados

    It was awesome. You are one talented fellow. Love you, so proud of you. Remember God's favour is upon you. Blessings

  • Alphrida (Freda) Wilson Long Beach, CA

    Mr. Tyler Perry, this movie coming on Dec 13th, 2013 I can't hardly wait. You have been an inspiration to me in all of your movies. Whenever my Church have us greeting the first time visitors I always quote you, "Helll-er" and they know who I'm talking about when I say this. Continue with the good work and the talent God has given you. Perhaps when you're in the Los Angeles, CA area you can visit our Church (B.E.F.I.C. - Bible Enrichment Fellowship Int'l Church. We would love to have you visit us. (Continue going to the bank:) Again, thank you for the good work and your talent - God Bless.

  • Joanne ANDA Fort Lauderdale FL

    Madea and Larry The Cable Guy? EPIC!!!! Cannot wait!

  • Falon Trinidad&Tobago

    I wait to see it keep up the good work I love all your movie.

  • Shleea420 columbus, oh

    Are you kidding me!!!! This movie looks terrible! I use to like Medea she use to actually be funny. Your taking it to a whole diffrent level with this one and Im out raged by the audacity of Tyler Perry taking the Black/white race stereotypes to the top! I can't believe people are actually gonna support Tyler Perrys low blows to both races... I just seen the trailor with Medea dressed up as Santa and I'm appalled... You got whites portrayed as stupid hillbillys and Medea takes this role out of control this time... You wonder why there so much hate and rasism in the world because even Hollywood won't let it go! How can I support you? The continued fueling of Racial Profiling and degridation on both sides is sickining, especially in Hollywood. Every joke is another low blow to both sides! The worst part is the blow isn't towards the rich or wealthy its aimed at the average american. Its like the big shots in Hollywood are laughing at us average folk, we just a bunch of unsophisticated, loud and obnoxious idiots.

    • Madea Westlake oh. #1893184

      Ok first off it is not his fault for telling the truth back in the day white never got along with blacks because of our race but black got along just fine with whites so for Tyler perry to say that it's fair not polite but fair second it's just comedy not everything has to be taking to the next level maybe if there wasn't any drama in the first place against blacks and whites MLK jr Wouldn't made the speech and we wouldn't have a history as in we I mean blacks it would only be white and that's not fair all races should have a equal to there own history so I think in my opinion calling the ones who made the movie idiots from Hollywood could of heard that and some could've been black or Mexican so merry Christmas halleluurrr don't hate

    • Shleea420 cbus, oh. #1894097

      Your just another fine example, speakin like that! You make yourself sound so completely naive to the fact that this behavior is not acceptable and equallity is irrelivant at this point... We have reached equallity and still we are unhappy, unsatisfied! Can't you see that you are exactly how they want people to act! I belive zimmermin should have fried but they blew that so out of proportion with the fact dude wasnt even WHITE, HE WAS HISPANIC!!! but yet they turned around turn it around to a race-hate crime, nah dude was just a profiling idiot due to the black white sterotype that he probobly learned watching garbage like this! The jews have been persecuted for thousands of years (not defending jews either no offense) but you didnt hear their ppl going on and on about it! If it wasnt for my roots I wouldnt be the person I am and I'm able to thank God every day for that! We can't keep holding on to the past if we want to forward, we have to let it go and be greatful we were able to come so far from the dark days! Yes we have endured a lot of hatred and prejudices but a lot of ppl have overcome them only to succeed past the biggets! We are all People, we all have a life to offer this world and if the only thing your worried about is a skin color than I dont expect u to have too much worth worrying about! What does this movie really teach our kids? I can't believe how many people are completely oblivioys to this and actually support movies like this! Nothing is ever gonna change if we dont let it! Are youth are gonna continue trying to think ghetto fab is the new classy!!! Its disgusting how ppl eat it all up, just to leave a movie theater just a little more ignorantly each time! This is not the behavior I would like to see my brothers and sisters condoning! Get the H*** out the Ghetto, Hood, Gutta! Its time for us to let go and move forward not backward! We have so much oppurtunity, let's take it!

    • tacy Sch special k #1894364

      its not making fun of white/black. making fun of Larry the cable guy is what you're supposed to do since we laugh at his expense. this movie is comedy not biography,taking things to far there.

    • kque Baltimore #1899979

      First, in the words of Uncle Joe, "Calm the h*** down Big Bird!" Second, have faith in Tyler Perry. He and Madea are m***** teachers. Reserve judgement (and comments) at least until you've seen the whole movie! I am confident once again they will hold up "the mirror" for us to take a look at ourselves and then throw us a line to help guide us to a better place. Just wait.

    • arieal goldsboro nc #1903913

      this movie is the best movie so quit saying its not if you don't like it keep it to yourselves not put it up here so shutup im still trying to finish this movie

    • Dolores Virginia #1904109

      If we are unable to laugh at ourselves, we have lost a lot in life. Laughing at and with ourselves is wonderful, and laughter does good like a medicine. We are all so tired of being politically correct! In your face, stark truth, is sometimes just what we need. We love you Madea and we love you Tyler Perry for being a creative genius!!

    • ken MS #1905627

      wow! seriously. I think it was genius. Switching the racism around. Tyler always make it real. It make you think and re evaluate yourself. If you are black or white. Good deal Tyler. That was so your type of writing. I LOVE IT WHEN MOVIES MAKE YOU THINK LIKE THAT. and very few do that.. That comment from this woman she obviously have deeper issues that she need to discuss with her therapist. ..really... because all we can give her here is love. Peace & Love To all ;-)

    • Tam NY #1913484

      Shleea420, if you honestly believe that equality has been reached, especially by the black population, you are seriously deluded. No disrespect or negative attitude intended. Although there are many successful blacks, they are always considered the "exception", not the rule. Although there are many opportunities open to blacks that were at one point "unimaginable" in this country, the number of blacks eligible for those positions are limited. Those blacks who actually utilize or fill these positions are considered, (once again), the "exception". I'm sorry to say equality among the races is just a façade. For blacks, they start off behind the power curve. Sometimes because of the circumstances of their birth, their surroundings, their financial situations or myriad of other things out of their control. It continues as the education system in this country fails them more often than not. The quantity of absentee parents, by choice or circumstance (job responsibilities, abandonment, incarceration, etc) makes a huge difference in the outlook of our children and their level of hope for their personal success. The ones who overcome and succeed ARE the "exceptions", even to those in their own race. On a personal note, I don't judge people by color, but I am not colorblind, nor am I deaf to the cries of those around me. Please reevaluate your assessment of equality having been reached. If it was, we wouldn't still be struggling to arrive. T

    • C arch Mount Vernon #1932542

      Thank you for that.... Shleea420. Calm down ..it's just a movie......And trust and believe there is some education in there to be learned........ Stop hatin....you are offended ...I see that ..but why......keep and open mind....Stop judging unless you be judged....

    • tinkerbell3830 Indiana #1946258

      It is a movie and if all you see is the race then maybe you should take a step back and reflect on yourself. It is a movie no one is forcing you to sit and watch it it is called free will. You seem to think that this is just because of race when there is much more to his movies you better open up your mind because the only one who is having a huge problem with this Is you. Sorry you was offended but once again it is a movie!

    • s #2007538

      Why are you pretending to be "black"? Are you possibly angry because your Caucasian and live in a trailer park. Your anger is deeper than a movie!! Get some help!!!! And quit being angry with a successful black man.

  • darnel cleveland

    madea clause christmas opinion of title. can i see woman we r here next.

  • Lucas Allison Rochelle, GA 31079

    As usual Madea is "off the chain", when I saw the preview for the 1st time I couldn't stop laughing. Madea is great, then you add a sure enough goof Larry the Cable Guy,,AWESOME.. Keep Madea alive and well for years to come..

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