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Madea gets coaxed into helping a friend pay her daughter a surprise visit in the country for Christmas, but the biggest surprise is what they'll find when they arrive. As the small, rural town prepares for its annual Christmas Jubilee, new secrets are revealed and old relationships are tested while Madea dishes her own brand of Christmas Spirit to all.

TYLER PERRY’S A MADEA CHRISTMAS is written for the screen, produced and directed by Tyler Perry.

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  • Linda

    When will A Madea Christmas the movie be out on dvd ? I cannot wait PLEASE RELEASE IT SOON PLEASE.

    • Kelly Rossi #1932688

      I just found A Madea Christmas on Amazon and it's for rent or sale.

    • Kelly #1932691

      Nevermind...it's the Play :(

  • Vanessa philadelphia

    When is Madea Christmas coming out on dvd

    • Martha United States #1923976


    • Martha United States #1923978

      When will Madea Christmas come out on DVD. I have all of your Movies including the Plays on DVD. Await Madea Christmas.

    • Nadine Seymour houston tx 77023 #1928311

      When will the Madea Christmas movie be out on DVD

    • R Luna SA, Texas #1937290

      Is someone ever gonna post an answer to this question? Please!!!!!!!!

    • gloria alba upland,cal. #1975372

      mr. tyler perry..I am a great fan of yours and also my family members....I am waiting for your movies to come out soon..madeas Christmas and Addicted...I have all your movies...I love what god has done in your life...keep up the good work...god bless...gloria

  • JoAnn PA

    I keep looking for Madeas christmas but apparently has not been released to purchase yet...Let us know when.... I buy all the movies and plays... Thanks Love ya

  • Dawn England

    Can't wait for A Madea Christmas to come out on DVD. Not shown in the movies here, also not released on DVD in UK format. Have to wait for them to come on DVD, and then get them from the US forces base. Please hurry up and release it on DVD, can't wait to see it. Own all Tyler Perry movies, absolutely love them. Love to you Tyler Perry.

  • dianna United States

    why is it taking till November 2014 for the release of a Madea's Christmas DVD or Blu-ray?

    • Metra0205 MS; USA #1923539

      I like the Madea's Christmas play better.

  • donna Belvidere, IL

    cant wait till madea christmas comes out. I LOVE your movies.They all have a message.Keep going........i will watch them all. i keep checking comcast on demand to see if its out, and do hope its soon. I AM A MADEA FAN FOR LIFE. Love you Tyler Perry.

  • BARBARA ny

    Mr. Perry this is rediculous let's get that dvd out a madeas christmas. What's the problem? I have all your movies, come on Madea!!!!! thanks, Barbara P.S. I'm an old lady, need to see the movie before I die. lol

  • Mike Markham, Ontario Canada

    When is Madea's Christmas going to be out on DVD in Canada? My wife loves your movies. I really want to see this movie. Please let me know when it is on DVD in Canada. Thank you

    • Tina Dodd #1933563

      I just found out tha Madea christmas will not be release until november 2014. ?. Why so long

  • Sandra H. Riverdale, GA

    Hi Tyler, Today, 2-8-14, I went to see A Madea's Christmas; Fayetteville Cinema, and I love it. You touched on so many different points...like these heathens, uncircumcised philistines, satan lovers and satan worshippers ATTEMPTING to take JESUS out of the Christmas season which is the reason why there is even a Christmas!! Your points and voice was loudly heard!! I thank you for that because JESUS/YESHUA is truly the reason for the season. He, JESUS/YESHUA is my Lord and Saviour and I'll scream it from the mountain tops! Another point that you so graciously touched upon is interracial marriage. Yes, it's 2014 and the ignorance that lingers about interracial marriage and dating and interracial children is still prevalent. Tyler, I'm about your age, I have 8 siblings, I grew up in the 70's and 80's and man-oh-man, did I have it rough being multiracial/multicultural as I like to address it....not to mention the gift of a very pleasant shell...well that sent the black girls and the white girls into a frenzy, acting as if I owed them something for who I was, how I looked, my very being, my beautiful, silky, long hair....um-um...the list is endless. Shoot they never took time to find out that the real treasure lied withing; their loss. Truly, I enjoyed the movie and will add it to my Christmas collection of movies that I watch each and every year. The Sandra Hornsby

  • adam home

    will fame change you i love madea

  • marie my home

    My name is marie heisch I live at 95 charter st. #1Redwood city,ca94043 I was hopping you or your family could send me a cope of madea chrismas movie for free. I just lost my job and my husbond went to person for the rape of my little girl markinna . I was not able to get my kids aney thing for chrismas. But they wonted that movie and I still do not have the money to buy it for them can you please help me out Mr. tyler Perry. That would mean the world to me and god be with you and your family.

  • Samantha Virginia

    This movie was terrific. I took my mother to see this movie for her birthday. We laughed from the time it came on until it ended!! Can't wait until it comes out on DVD!! Kislek

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