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Madea gets coaxed into helping a friend pay her daughter a surprise visit in the country for Christmas, but the biggest surprise is what they'll find when they arrive. As the small, rural town prepares for its annual Christmas Jubilee, new secrets are revealed and old relationships are tested while Madea dishes her own brand of Christmas Spirit to all.

TYLER PERRY’S A MADEA CHRISTMAS is written for the screen, produced and directed by Tyler Perry.

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  • SHERRY PARKER United States

    Dear Tyler, I went to see your new movie Friday and when I left the movie my stomach and jaws were hurting (in a good way). Larry the cable man is one of my favorite comedian and actor and with both of you in one movie I could barely stand it. Thanks for a great movie and lots of laughs and lessons learn. Always a fan! ♥ ya

  • jillwafer lamarque tx

    tyler perry madea Christmas is off the chain there were a message there to be learn about Christmas . and it left me in good spirit I never laugh so much in my life you and that horse and larry the cable man wow so awesome . once again thank tyler perry for make me laugh again. tyler this movies is just in time for Christmas because you never know what people are going through yhe movies will uplifted there spirit.congratulations tyler perry .

  • Danita Akins

    Hello Mr Perry, I haven't went out to see your movie yet, but I will. I wanted to know if you are still doing plays because I saw a play posted on Facebook called "Tyler Perry's H*** hath a women scorned". I wanted to know when you was bringing this play forth. And I hope that you bring the play to Baltimore. May continue to bless you and happy holidays to you.

  • ELAINE BRITT United States

    Well Tyler, you did it again I saw a Madea Christmas last night great humor, and a positive message along with the script. I'll always be a fan, I'd love to meet you one day and embrace you with a big hug of love, and appreciation for being consistent with your production of such great work. Happy Holidays to you & yours enjoy and may the Lord continue to Bless & keep you in his bossom now & the years to come!

  • Shawn Thomasville,ga

    Mr. Perry I want to thank for all the great work you have done and doing. I have followed your work since the beginning from the Fox Theather in Atlanta to the Dvds right to the big screen. So many of your plays and movies leave a great underline of story telling of a message. I try to immulate your teaching in everyday living but it so hard sometimes especially when I put my life on hold to become a single parent of teenagers from my late sister. I try to give them great moral teachings as if my sister was still here but the conflict comes in when other family members try to instill their old ways and eighteen hundred upbringing. I try to be liberal and respectful but I feel my mother is about to come out and say what I got to say and tell them to backout.{mom died 2010,dad 2011, and sister2012) In need of a word of encouragement.

  • Jeryl Clemons United States

    You are always giving your viewers the best. The movie was great! It gave us many laughs as well as a lesson. Keep up the excellent work. Love you Tyler.

  • Gwen Louisiana

    Tyler - I watched the new movie -A Madea Christmas. I must say first of all that I love Madea and the movies you have made. But this movie, to me, is not nearly as good as the others. I felt that it was not as family friendly as the others. With the inclusion of Larry the Cable Guy, it contained quite a few off color jokes and suggestive themes that I didn't care for at all. I have loved the other shows so I hope you will continue making more about Madea without all the suggestiveness and off color jokes.

  • Christopher Williams phila pa.

    Hi Tyle, once aagain u strock Gold!! God bless,thank u & happy holiday.

  • nomveliso mthini S.A Johannesburg

    Mr Perry ireall love your work it is a m***** piece,ilive in SA I get your work late but I have most I have most of your movies especially stage play and icant wait to watch Madea's christimas the movie I have watched the Madea christimas the play,and for you to come to S.A.may God Bless you beyond your imagination.igot saved by watching your movies Thank you so much

  • Darryl

    Worst Madea movie ever very disappointed! I should have never paid to see a movie like that I just miss how Tyler used to make his Madea movies :'(

    • johh VA #1900917

      your comment is horibble it was a great movie your just a b**** thats all

  • Jeannette

    Great movie Tyler Perry! I took three pre-teens to go see it and they loved it as much as I did. A lot of interesting themes in the movie. I especially like how you brought bullying in the mix, it just made sense. Very funny and kept us laughing! Loved it!

  • Alinda Va Bch, Va

    Merry Christmas Mr Perry, I fully enjoyed Madea' Christmas and laughed the entire time. I couldn't hear the next line as I always do. From the beginning to the end. I thought Madea might or I hoped she slap that man sitting on the curb sending her to the bathroom where the KKK were. She ran as if she was in a marathon. Getting to the farm, when she milked the cow I just assumed she would show the son and not actually do it herself. I enjoyed when the kid and his mom still up to dad if only for a moment. I can't wait for the Single mother' movie and you are coming to Norfolk, Va in January 2014 I'm about to get my tickets. Thank you for all the laughter you've given me over the year. This is my first weekend off in a long time and I have every movie and play that you've done and it will be Tyler Perry day with f** food and since I don't drink, here come the wine cooler. LOL

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