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Madea gets coaxed into helping a friend pay her daughter a surprise visit in the country for Christmas, but the biggest surprise is what they'll find when they arrive. As the small, rural town prepares for its annual Christmas Jubilee, new secrets are revealed and old relationships are tested while Madea dishes her own brand of Christmas Spirit to all.

TYLER PERRY’S A MADEA CHRISTMAS is written for the screen, produced and directed by Tyler Perry.

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  • Maykel Miami

  • sharon United Kingdom

    How about letting us lot in the UK buy these dvd's? If ya don't I'll just have to send Mavis to deal with Madea, you hear??

  • sagar ghimire Nepal

    love Madea character

  • Dan M. Pittsburgh

    Tyler, I'm so happy that there are movies that I can watch with my wife and daughter that are humorous and relevant. We giggle like fools -- but in a good way. Keep up the great work!

  • Kathy willams 20430 ned de tree Dr tampa Florida 33647

    Madea is so funny

  • Janet Sevier County TN

    We watched Madea Christmas last night and loved it!!! The movie was inspiring and we were so uplifted by the unifying message. If we could only get to the point of reaching out to others and truly understanding that we all "bleed the same color" and we all have beating hearts so many problems would disappear. God bless you for trying to help us heal!

  • Toyra Minnesota

    Hali, I have not seen the movie yet, but between you and Bobby, You both have seem to be speaking the same language that Tyler Perry is always trying to get across to people. Hali your statement to Shleea420 was on point!!! Shes just seeing to much and not getting the message that is trying to be represented like Bobby's post "See the Heart not the color " Shleea420 must of been talking through the movie. I cannot waite til my blueray arrives.

  • Janet baird

    Funniest one liners. Great movie

  • Hali Hilaman Carrollton Georgia

    I swear lord how mercy. I just read Shleea420 post after watching the Christmas movie. I didn't see anything wrong with it. And what part of the universe are you from to not ever have seen a black man or woman in a Santa suit it happens all over around the Christmas season. Santa Claus is a made up character that has been around for decades and the last time I was in Alabama there are country people along with upper class too. If you hadn't been so judgemental and hypocritical you would have heard the true message of what Tyler Perry wanted to get across. I am a white 39 years old female with mild cerebral palsy affecting my right side been born like that, but guess what I poke fun at myself all the time because life is too short to not in joy the gifts and talent everyone has and Tyler is just one of these gifts God has put on this earth. We should be adults and accept that we all have grown enough not to take things to heart. I also am a poor country girl and proud of it.

  • Bobby United States

    Tyler, this is one of your best Madea Christmas movies. It was funny, serious and some great lessons. The best thing I liked about the movies, was the lessons that was taught. My favorite quote from the movies was when Kathy Najimy said that they taught their son to see HEART and not COLOR. That is the best lesson we need to learn. I thank you, especially for teaching that lesson. That is the way we all need to look at life. Thank you for being who you are. God bless you and heaven always smile upon you. Thank you for all that you do. Be blessed and be encouraged.

  • Joe Maroney Niagara Falls NY

    Love Tyler's films and plays.

  • Hali Hilaman Carrollton, Ga

    I have not seen this movie yet but I know that I will love it.